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The surprising thing causing your weight loss stall

IF your weight loss stalls while you're following the Code Red Lifestyle™, the first thing most people go to is the food.

Food quantity, nitpicking the foods you eat – things like that.

Yeah, food can absolutely be a factor if you're stalled.

But some people get so hyper-focused on food, they miss all the other factors.

Lack of water and lack of sleep are the two biggest causes of stalls. By lack of water, I don't mean you should drink more and more and more. I mean you're not getting in the amount I tell you to drink.

Being sloppy with your food is the third biggest cause. Sloppy means being lazy or mindless, instead of meticulous and mindful, with every drop of every gram of every morsel that goes in your mouth.

Eating the meat you pick off your Thanksgiving turkey to save for leftovers is an example of what I'm talking about when I say sloppy.

There are other things that may cause a stall, including one thing almost no one thinks about:

Your mindset.

“What, Cristy??”

Yep. I've seen it a million times.

Somebody who starts at 250 pounds gets to 200, then “suddenly” starts stalling and “can't” figure out why. She just “can't” get below 200.

What's really going on is that the thought of being below 200 pounds freaks her out. Maybe she hasn't weighed below 200 since eighth grade, and the thought of going below 200 is so freaky, she starts sabotaging herself in ways she doesn't even realize.

I've also seen people stall out right before they hit a weight where something traumatic happened.

They were sexually assaulted. They got divorced. Someone they love died. They lost everything and had to start over.

Some people stall right before goal weight, too, because the thought of being at goal is suddenly intimidating. “Now what?” they think. “I've been this person with a weight problem for soooooo long. When I hit goal, that's not me anymore.”

If you're weight's suddenly “stalled,” check your mindset.

What are you afraid of happening? What are you afraid of being?

What are you afraid of NOT happening, or NOT being?

Your mind has WAY more power over your body than you think. It's not as quantifiable as the food you eat, but that doesn't make it any less important.

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