Weight Loss & Maintenance Coaching

Get the accountability, training, and support you need to lose the weight and keep it off for GOOD.

What's Eating You


Is eating self-sabotage keeping you overweight and miserable? The What’s Eating You program can help!

From The Couch To The Gym

Now that you're at Goal Weight, it's time to start building muscle! But first we’ve gotta make sure you’re READY for the gym, because if you’re not, you could end up seriously injuring yourself!

Grief, Loss & Code Red


Grief, Loss & Code Red will teach you the tips and strategies to stay on track while you’re going through a loss, whether it’s losing someone you love or losing something like a job or a relationship.

Loving the New You

Loving The New You is the next step in your journey. It will give you tools, strategies, and understanding to help you embrace and enjoy the incredible person you’re becoming.

Weight Loss Surgery Survivor's Guide

Weight Loss Surgery Survivor's Guide reveals how to survive and lose weight on the Code Red Lifestyle after weight loss surgery.

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