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87: Goals Don’t STOP On The Weekends!

What Is This Episode About…

You wonder why you can't lose weight when you're eating clean Monday through Friday and then going OFF THE RAILS on Saturday and Sunday! That's not how this works. Goals don't stop on the weekends. If you're serious about your weight loss and health, you commit to a healthy lifestyle ALL 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK.

Often a time, we see people commit halfway to a healthy lifestyle. For some days, they are committed to eating real food, water, and sleep and exercising but fall off the rails during the weekend or during a vacation, or during some other time.

That's now how living a healthy lifestyle works; you need to remain fully committed all the time. Your health goals don't change based on how you feel. Lifestyle diseases don't take a break during the weekends. People try to justify this by saying it's just a cheat meal once in a while or during the weekend.

The problem with this mentality is that once you get used to it, it becomes easier and easier to keep cheating on your health plan. This mentality compounds itself, and eventually, you are completely off the track.

You have to get past the mentality of earning the right to cheat if you are to remain healthy. You'll always be finding an excuse to have something that you know you shouldn't. Weekends, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc. are not excuses to go off your health plan.

Listen in to this episode as Cristy and Cari explain why you need to be fully committed to a healthy lifestyle no matter the day of the week.

Key Takeaways

  • Goals don't stop just because it's the weekend (03:02)
  • Staying on track even during your vacation (05:26)
  • The big problem with having cheat meals (06:12)
  • Getting past the mentality of earning the right to cheat (11:11)
  • You don't cease to be on a health journey because of an event (12:11)
  • How you feel right now doesn't change your health goal (16:08)
  • No more games guys, it's time to put your health first (19:59)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released November 18, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

Let me tell you something, it First of all, it turned in went from a cheap meal to a cheat day to a cheat weekend. And then they took the whole look, if any of us could really just have one slice of pizza and none of us would be in this mess like that. People don't have any control. They don't have moderation. They can't just have one slice of cake. They have half the cake. So then it would take the whole following week to get people detox from the crap they went. They did over the weekend. What's up with the weekend says Why did they do this?


Intro  0:31  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food holds the power to heal or poison. And we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:58  

And a very warm welcome to you rebel weight loss in lifestyle. I am your host Cristy Code Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. And I'm here with like my favorite person.


Cari  1:08  



Cristy  1:09  

Hi, Chrissy. Got some fun to talk about today. I gotta tell you, it is so much fun to go on vacations with Cari. It's just she and I.


Cari  1:18  

Because we don't want any of there.


Cristy  1:21  

We get at the same time we work out the same time. We eat the same time we everything is the same and we go to bed at the early.




Cari  1:28  

hey y'all when we were in Turks and Caicos hashtag pre COVID. Um, it was like, I don't know. 630 and we're like, everyone's like lulla lulla lulla lulla. Hey, down by the beach and you hit it. And Cristy's like, are


you ready for bed? And I'm like,


and I'm out. And like we are legitimately have the ocean view curtains closed. And we're asleep by like, 630 I kid you not. And then we would wake up, go to the restaurant like in five and they'd be like, Hello. Are you in your are you and your wife here?


Cristy  2:08  

I'm like, Yes, we are. We're here. My wife is coming.


Cari  2:17  

That not the truth, Cristy. Oh,


Cristy  2:20  

great British baking show. We fall asleep watching that.


Cari  2:24  

Night or diners drive ins and dives. Yes. And she's like, I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the TV. I'm like,


Cristy  2:32  

Oh, you guys. Okay, guys, we did have fun on vacation. We want to go again. We need to go again. I have another idea for us. By the way. I just haven't told you yet. So well. Pause the video, I'm deciding whether I want to do it. pause the recording the podcast, let's talk. Alright, so guys, all this to tell you I of course. We love having Cari as my co host on the show. And we do have a good Wow, we have a good subject for you that some of you are going to be like, when you hear this like? Well, let me tell you what, well, let me tell you what, goals. Goals don't end goals. Don't stop. Just because it's the weekend.


Cari 3:12  

Boom. Reload.


Cristy  3:15  

Somebody say it again.


Goals don't stop just because it's the weekend. And yes, ah, wow. Because we have seen people screw themselves up over the weekend now, and then have to take the whole following week to get messed up from what you just did to yourself. So truth be told when I first started Code Red  years and years ago before it is what you guys know it is now before all this. It was I used to let people have one cheat meal per week because that's what I've always been taught. That's what you do. But let me tell you something, it First of all, it turned into went from a cheat meal to a cheat day to achieve a weekend and then they took the whole look if any of us could really just have one slice of pizza and none of us would be in this mess like that. People don't have any control. They don't have moderation. They can't just have one slice of cake. They have half the cake. So then it would take the whole following week to get people detox from the crap they went. They did over the weekend. What's up with the weekend says Why did they do this?


Cari  4:16  

I don't know. And Chrissy It doesn't matter if you're saying goals don't change. I like to say something else that is on the same line goals don't change because it's your anniversary. Goals don't change because it's your birthday. Goals don't change because it's the weekend or because someone's getting married.


Cristy  4:35  

When it's


Cari  4:36  

all said and done. When Friday and Saturday and Sunday are in the books. You still have to face down the Monday and how you chose to handle the weekend determines the rest of your week. We have seen so many people get off track just because they're like, well, it's the weekend. I have had people countless people say to me Oh Your calories don't count and get the cheese. I'm like, No, I'm fine with what I ordered. It's like this pressure, oh, it's a Friday, you're out with your husband have a glass of wine. It's the same idea. My goals don't change, just because it's a Saturday or a Sunday, because guess what, folks? the proverbial or the real Monday,


Cristy  5:23  

it's coming. Oh, it is done. And, you know, speaking of Turks and Caicos when we were there, I don't know we were there. But 10 days, maybe not, maybe eight days, eight nights. Cari and I stayed on track. We didn't have any, we really didn't. We had two meals, sometimes that we had a big breakfast, and then one smaller meal. In the afternoon, maybe one o'clock, two o'clock. And we did not go off track. We didn't go down to the cabanas and drink and dance and bring guys up to our room being stupid. We did not go to the grocery store and bring chocolate back. We just didn't we didn't sit and binge on on popcorn. And Twizzlers. Like we did not do that. We stayed on track the whole time because we don't feel because the Mondays come in, we wouldn't pay the price, I got the price.


Cari  6:12  

It doesn't matter if it's your anniversary, it doesn't matter if it's your daughter's wedding, it doesn't matter if it's the weekend. Because here's the problem with this mentality, guys. It's not so much that you got off track for a few days because people get off track and then they spend a week honestly losing the weight again, and they're back on track. It's not that it's that if you do it, it's so much easier to keep doing that. So for instance, you've heard the term and sorry for any kids listening, but once a cheater, always a cheater. And you know, oh, well, it was just that once Well guess what? If somebody has that mentality to practice infidelity? Oh, it's probably so much easier the second time, and then it's so much easier the next time and then it's so much easier. The third time. Same thing with cheating on your your health plan is that it's Oh, well, it's Saturday night with the girls. Well, the next weekend, it's well, it's just Friday, and I'm driving to the Taco Bell. And then it's like, well, it's Tuesday, and I don't want to cook this mentality of well, it's just or Oh, it's just the or it's his, this mentality compounds itself. If you want to have an unapproved food and you are not in weight loss mode, have your unapproved food, but don't make it about something because then that meant Do you know what I'm saying? Cristy? that mentality gets out of hand.


Cristy  7:40  

Yeah, and for me it takes it a step further. Okay, so then if you're saying that just because it's your son's wedding, that it's okay to put toxic levels of sugar and copious amounts of wine right into your body that that poison that poisoning or overloading your liver like that and poisoning your body with all that sugar that that is that why would you want to do that? Anyway, you understand the dangers You understand? It's going to hijack your brain, you understand? It's going to put you into this perpetual cycle of craving the sugar now you understand it does that so you're still okay with poisoning your body because that's what you're doing. That's what I it's not just the one piece of cake. It's that it's poison, right? I mean, I hate to sound so dramatic but and you're okay with the poison going in? Well, Chrissy,


Cari  8:25  

I've honestly never done illegal drugs, but don't they say something like the first ones free?


Cristy  8:30  

I thought they said the Well yeah, I think that that's what's it like on National Geographic. I've watched a lot of drugs ink. And so you would know, they'll give you that first one for free to get hooked.


Cari  8:41  

That's why that is why your first weekend of Friday, the first time that you say Ah, you know, screw it, I'm gonna do what I Why is the weekend. Margarita was what's girlfriend The first time you do that? The next one is so much easier to do. And that is why we know sugar is an addictive drug. So when you get yourself back off track, you have to re detox from the sugar. And it's just that much easier to go. You know what I just you know, that's how people regain their weight. Cristy, it's just getting sloppy, and always having a reason of Friday, a birthday husband got a raise. Oh my gosh, so one of my family had surgery and I didn't have time to cook.


Cristy  9:30  

That's how you get off track. It's always something and it's one right after the other. It's never just one. It's a bunch of just ones. Yeah. Another thing I talked about, I think I talked about this in the Code Red  revolution book. And I talked about this in, in all lots of different areas is people it's not just the one slice of pizza that's gonna get you in trouble. It's not just the one glass of wine. That's not what's gonna make you fat. It's the fact that it's going to make you free of your inhibitions and then you don't care and then you'll have three more glasses of wine. or sleep of Ritz crackers and go ahead and slice up some cheese to go in between there. And then you don't even care, you're getting the cocoa puffs and you're you're eating out of the box, I get to the big mess. So nobody gets fat off one slice of pizza. Nobody, nobody gets in trouble off of one glass of wine. But nobody ever has just one. I was just telling the people in maintenances, we were having our maintenance q&a every Tuesday morning at 10. I have a maintenance q&a. And one girl said, I would like to know how I can incorporate red wine back into my diet. I said back into my you know, whatever. And I said, Yeah, that's fine. We can talk about that. I said, but the American Medical Association says that one four ounce serving of wine, red wine for a woman. So you got to measure out four ounces. And you truly can only have one. Can you do that? I've never seen anybody who can.


Cari  10:50  

Unless you don't like wine. I would be


Cristy  10:53  

that I would like carrying around the whole night. Yeah, I don't like wine either. I'm not neither of carrying our drinkers, we don't care.


Cari  11:02  

I'm just saying if they had some coffee. They had some coffee, I'd be like,


Cristy  11:11  

yeah. Oh, but people don't get themselves in trouble over one four ounce glass of wine. It's never just one and it's never four ounces. And and that's the thing, you're not adhering to the rules. It's just a hot mess. And so the goals never change just because it's the blank. And you can fill in crews, you can fill in your son's wedding, you can fill in your daughter's Bar Mitzvah. And I mean, there's, there's all kinds of things that you can fill in and it's just, you have got to get past that mentality of earning a right to cheat.


Cari  11:42  

Either you believe what you believe or you don't, so you don't? Yes,


Unknown Speaker  11:45  

you don't.


Cari  11:46  

So what's the difference between and I'm not putting down but I'm going to use our religion as an example. But having a men's conference in Vegas and have them go out and you know, are talking strippers, what? Well, did you cease to become a Christian? When you came to Vegas? Well do so the trip makes you less believing what you believe in is not the same consequence. But it's the same idea. Well, it's Friday. Well, did you cease to be on a health journey? Because it's Friday? Did you cease to be on a struggle not to lose the feelings in your hands and your feet and your kidney function? Just because it's Friday. So did you cease to get healed from your fatty liver disease? Are we not worried about


Cristy  12:30  

fatty liver disease? Because it's Friday? Exactly. You


Cari  12:33  

are still on that same journey? Yep. Are you tired of being a size 26 and being crying when you go into Lane Bryant and I walked by Elaine Brandt the other day and almost started crying for some reason the memories just hit me it was terrible of trying to find something to wear in lane Brian. Well does that


Unknown Speaker  12:53  



Cari  12:54  

because it's your son's birthday, or because it's your anniversary or because it's a cruise. Your journey doesn't stop your goals don't


Unknown Speaker  13:03  



Cari  13:04  

just because it's a day of the week or an event that somebody wrote on. I don't have my schedule. I was gonna hold on my schedule. As I say on your schedule. It doesn't change. It doesn't change. What's your alternative to go back to where you were? No.


Cristy  13:19  

It's not like the calories become they don't count on that day. And I think that's what people think they think they don't count or they do this YOLO baloney where they don't care. And then they're like worth it. I'll tell you what you want to you want to watch me lose my mind. Let me see or hear see on a fish see on the post or hear of someone that says worth so glad like went on to Margarita Mondays with the girls. And furthermore, it's okay to go out to Margarita Mondays with the girls and drink your your water drink your icy but just be there with them because you're missing the point of Margarita Mondays with the girls. You being together being with your girls, no kids, no husband's just you girls, gossiping about your kids and your husband's and like I don't know why you have to try to throw a wrench in the whole plan by having to just shove margaritas and like for four or five keep them coming one by six of chips down your throat.


Cari  14:14  

I believe Christie I believe in relationship and you believe in relationship. And we believe in celebrating the Fridays and the weekends. And we believe in celebrating your son's wedding and we believe that you should do Margarita Monday just like Christie said we believe those things exist. We just believe that you should love yourself enough to not make it about what you're shoving your piehole and make it about the event itself because you can leave that event having fuller relationships having had those experiences having had that connection and not gain two pounds on the scale in the morning and still be on the right path for your health goal.


Cristy  14:57  

Yeah, not even the weight. The weight is So far down, you know, the way you can get right back off. Well, a lot of people, if they get on it, they can. But the problem is it hijacks your brain, it sends you and chemically changes your brain makeup to where the only thing that will you will crave. It's awful. It truly is like an addiction. It hijacks your brain and then puts you on the cycle. It's awful, and then you you're bloated and your joints hurt and your head hurts and you have foggy brain. All these things happen when you abuse food and alcohol, then you are forgetting that on the weekends and you're forgetting it at your son's wedding. You're forgetting it on the cruise, you're forgetting it during I mean, come on out or Al Gore, may we have a partnership with outer al gore may and they're a they make the sandwich thins and they make the cauliflower pizza crust. And for a cinco demayo. I did the tacos with sandwich thins. By the way, if you want to get a discount on outer aisles, or maybe you can enter the code Code Red  and get a discount on those. So try those out. But there are ways to do it to keep it healthy. Why


do we feel like


we have to keep it? Why do people do this?


Cari  16:08  

Chrissy is stood. And it's so hard to admit, but I have stood in front of my pantry open. I've stood in front of my refrigerator open. And I have said you don't need to eat just because of how you feel right now. It's not you know what I mean? How you feel right now doesn't change your health goal. Cari, so you're feeling anxious? It doesn't change your health goal. It doesn't change your rebel lifestyle. I feel stressed. I feel overly hungry. Cari, does that change your goal? No, no, it doesn't. So it doesn't even have to be an event guys. I stood in front of crackers and cheese. And I said, Oh, that would be so good. And then I say, Well, I'm sorry, Cari, did your health goal change? And we didn't know about that? No. Did you not go to the gym this morning? Yeah, no, I did. Did you not pre planning pre log your food for today? No, I did. So your goals haven't changed. Just because you're standing in front of this food right


Unknown Speaker  17:15  



Cari  17:16  

Just because it's a Friday. My goals haven't changed.


Cristy  17:20  

I was reading on someone's paperwork. She was saying I make deals with myself. I make agreements with myself as I'm standing in front of cheese and crackers as I'm standing in front of the bottle of wine which by the way, this is why we don't keep that kind of food in our houses guys. You cannot have it in the house. But you make deals you start to justify as you're staring at it you start to justify and that is a dangerous spot to be in. You have got to turn and get out of there. Get away from that. Because guys, goals don't change because it's the weekend and the weekend. Insert whatever it is here.


Unknown Speaker  17:51  



Unknown Speaker  17:52  



Cari  17:52  

that is good Cristy.


Cristy  17:53  

That's good stuff, man. Oh, reminder for all of us myself, too. You know, even though Cari and I don't need to lose any weight we don't. It's so much not even about the weight it's about performing is showing up are for our best selves, are we being our best selves for our kids and for our spouses and for our community? Are we putting our best foot forward we won't be if we eat Cocoa Puffs out of the box. We won't we won't be tired will be grumpy or face is going to break out we won't wear clothes, you're gonna fit tight. I mean, it's just gonna be a mess. And that's not we believe we believe food holds the power to heal or poison. So deep down inside, that's what keeps us going. Nobody's gonna say anything if we were to, to, you know, to sit with the pizza box balance on our chest. But we're not going to do that. I was hoping I'd make you laugh on that.


We don't put it on Instagram.


I tell my coaches, I say I better not ever catch you guys on Instagram, doing polling any of this baloney, you know which they just you can't stay as small as those coaches do and know they know pizza boxes on their chest. No. All right, well, those


Cari  18:57  

people are tiny. But I will say that there are days part of my health journey is going to the gym and it has been for the last two years and it's I lost my weight. It has really changed the way my body is composed. It's very fascinating. And that's been all under the tutelage of Christie and Christie has programs to help you once you reach go away, you can move on with your health journey to do the things that I've done. But I want to say that there are days when I do not feel like putting my tennis shoes on and I put my workout clothes on first thing for this reason, because just because I have a lot of emails from Code Red  or I have a lot going on. My goal of building muscle and being strong and trying to lean out and really going into middle age being strong. It doesn't change based on how I feel. So I have to tell myself that but there are days I know there are days when you don't feel like pre planning and pre logging and eating off the list. That is true but your goals haven't changed based on your feelings or the day of the week


Cristy  19:59  

and commitment doesn't care how you feel goals don't care how you feel so make it happen like look it's time to pay the piper and some of you guys have been sick for years and decades and it's time to pay the piper and a time that you spend the next half of your life healthy and being able to play with your grandkids and go to Six Flags and fit into the roller coaster rise. You know, we're done with that. No more games guys, it's time to put your health first. So we hope you really loved this in your face episode of goals don't change because it's the weekend. I might name it something else I'm liking that I'm gonna give it a shot. I like to


Cari  20:33  

it doesn't matter what it is, but I loved it. Cristy I think every once in a while it needs to not be about bucking hay bales and greensmart it needs to be a little bit more direct. So


Cristy  20:43  

I think it's great. Yeah. 10pound akedown  is the best place to get started. We have rolling monthly challenges so you can always join us learn the foundational core beliefs. Learn why we believe food holds the power to heal or poison for $47 you can come and join us lose at least 10 pounds in 30 days and figure out if Code Red is for you. Of course Cari and I believe that the proper human diet is right for everybody because that's what we were created. That's what our ancestors ate, but you need to believe it to so joining a challenge helps you learn if this is for you and we sincerely think that you're going to feel that way after the challenge 10 pound take down Calm Cari thank you so much You guys. We will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.


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