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“How much more weight are you going to lose?”

“How much more weight are you going to lose?”

A lot of Code Red Rebels get that question from “concerned” family, friends, or co-workers, including a Rebel named Lisa.

I met her summer of 2019, while touring Oregon's largest correctional facility. A few staff members, including Lisa, had been super successful with Code Red, and invited me to come by, get some footage for my Code Red Protocol program, and speak to all the staff about nutrition and health.

Lisa and her husband had lost weight following my book, The Code Red Revolution. Lisa later got a custom program, and is now down 160 pounds.

Like many Rebels, she got flack from people she knew for losing more weight than they were comfortable with.

That flack often came in the form of asking how much more she was gonna lose.

If people in your life ask you that, don't let it derail you, okay?

Obesity is so common now, most people have no idea what a healthy weight actually looks like.

This is especially true if they've only ever seen you fat. They're likely just weirded out seeing you so different than they're used to seeing you.

Your friends and family who are critical of your weight loss probably mean well. They're just worried and uncomfortable (and possibly self-conscious about themselves).

Even so, if you're bombarded with their “concern” all the time, it can really wear you down…UNLESS you've got a community of like-minded people to offset it.

I'm talking about people who know drinking your a gallon of water a day is not only safe, it's helping you lose weight.

I'm talking about people who aren't gonna tell you you're “too skinny” when you finally reach your healthy weight.

And of course, people who know you'll be “done losing weight” when you reach your goal, not done when your mom or whoever wants you to stop because they're uncomfortable seeing you at a smaller size.

Community is a HUGE deal. A lot of people who are shy, or who struggle with confidence, also struggle to accept how important community is to their success.

If you don't believe me, ask yourself this: Has going it alone gotten you anywhere?

Or do you keep fizzling out, no matter how excited you are at the start?

Get connected and get the support AND tools you need to get your weight off once and for all.

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