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A lion doesn’t look around when a dog barks

Let this one sink in… 

“A lion doesn't look around when a dog barks.”

Seriously, think about that. Why would a lion concern himself with a barking dog?

It's not worth the effort to turn its head, or even think about the barking dog.

“Okay, Cristy, but what does this have to do with me?”


There's so much crap in your life that's distracting you – stuff that doesn't make a hill of beans difference in your life. (Or at least it shouldn't.)

So what kind of “barking” are you you turning your head for that's not worth your time and energy?

What are you worrying about that really doesn't matter? 

And what can you do to stop “looking around when the dog barks,” and start focusing on what DOES matter?

I'll tell you in my video below. Click to watch it.

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