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Jealous of people who “get” to eat ANYTHING?

I bet you've done this a thousand times.

You go on a diet, and sooner or later, start feeling jealous of people who eat “whatever they want, whenever they want.”

Sound familiar?

It happens even to Code Red true believers. It's pretty rare, but sometimes that feeling can sneak in when you smell freshly baked donuts, watch your family eat Domino's pizza, or see someone walk out of Baskin Robbins with a huge ice cream cone.

With Code Red, you get to eat a lot of rich, filling, delicious foods. When you're eating in a sustainable way like we do, and don't feel deprived all the time, it's definitely easier to put up with seeing other people eat that stuff you used to eat.

Plus you don't have the sugar and insulin spike onslaught kicking up sugar cravings. Sleep and water eliminate them, too.

But if food jealousy still pops up for you sometimes, consider this.

The problem with food jealousy is the perception you're missing out on something, when in reality, you're not.

Like the Code Red Mission Statement says: We believe food holds the power to heal or poison. We choose foods that heal.

When your family and friends are eating “whatever they want, whenever they want,” which foods are they usually choosing?

Odds are, it ain't the foods that heal, which means they're choosing foods that poison.

Soaking your body in processed grains, chemicals, additives, and mountains of sugar isn't an admirable quality. It sure as heck isn't something to be jealous of, anymore than watching someone pour gasoline over themselves and light themselves on fire is something to be jealous of.

If anyone's gonna be jealous, the people eating what they want, when they want should be jealous of YOU for taking your life back; and especially, for doing something millions of people on the planet believe is impossible: Losing weight and keeping it off in a sustainable way.

I'm not saying you should lord it over anyone, or be obnoxious. That's not gonna inspire anyone to join Code Red.

What I'm saying is, instead of being jealous of “them” for eating whatever, be proud of YOU for choosing foods that heal, and taking your life back.

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