Why you don’t need powdered cleanses to detox and lose weight

Lots of people wanna grab for another magic powder to detox, cleanse, and lose weight.

But what you've gotta understand is that your body is naturally equipped to cleanse itself.

It poops and pees out waste.

Heck, your liver's JOB is to detoxify what comes into your body!

When you give it the right natural tools it's already designed to thrive on, and you stop giving it crap, it will automatically detox. You basically can't stop your body from detoxing!

Now, does that mean your body can keep up with everything you're doing to it (even unknowingly)?

No, it can't. It'll do its best to detox, but if you insist on constantly eating and drinking what your body considers a toxin, it'll reach a point where it can't keep up.

When that happens, you start getting (and staying) fat and/or sick.

The idea with juicing, magic powders, and detox pills is twofold: one, that your body “needs” them to detox; and two, that they will offset decades of filling your body up with toxins, and make it so you can keep eating toxic “food” with no negative consequences.

I know this isn't what you wanna hear, but no. A 30-day supply of some gross powder isn't gonna magically fix your body.

Your body's really resilient. It can come back from a LOT.

But if you're continuing to pummel it with toxin-containing “foods,” even a magic pill, powder, or juice can't help you keep up with that.

It's like putting the completely wrong fuel in your car, then thinking a fuel-enhancing additive will compensate for the fact your car's getting the wrong fuel.

Nope. It probably won't hurt anything, but it does NOTHING to change the fact your car needs the fuel it needs in order to run as it's meant to.

Same deal with your body. Your body needs the fuel it needs.

A magic detox elixir won't change that.

If you're wanting to detox and drop some weight, skip the magic pills and powders and just work with your body's natural detox systems.

To learn how you can do that, check out my 7-Day Total Body Reset at the link below.

It's REALLY easy, and you can lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days by detoxing naturally and safely, no magic detox powders, pills, or juicing needed.

Join the 7-Day Total Body Reset at www.coderedlifestyle.com/reset. Lose up to 10 pounds and detox naturally and safely without pills, powders, juicing, or eating like a rabbit!

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