Active duty military, down 58 pounds!

Becca told me she’s wearing the same shirt in both of these photos.
You can see how much better it fits after she lost 55 pounds on the Code Red Lifestyle™!
Becca told me she would have worn the same pants, except those black workout pants are way too big to stay up.
➡️ Becca’s active duty military
➡️ Becca’s a mom of 5 kids
And even with all that going on, she’s been able to make the Code Red Lifestyle™ work with her schedule.
“I’m so thankful to have my body back!” she told me.
“You can’t lose weight after having kids” is another bullcrap weight loss myth that’s been debunked thousands of times on the Code Red Lifestyle™, including by Becca.
Whatever weight loss myths you believe…like age, genetics, childbirth…they’re no match for real food, water, sleep, and a few simple rules.
Experience Code Red for 30 days and see for yourself, by joining the 10 Pound Takedown. Here’s where to learn more and sign up:
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