Use this simple word swap trick to help you get and keep the weight off

Try a little experiment with me.

First, say out loud: “I can't eat that.”

Then say out loud: “I don't eat that.”

How do you feel when you say each of those statements?

If you're like most people saying, “I can't eat that” makes you feel deprived and helpless.

But saying “I don't eat that” leaves you feeling confident and in control.

As our little experiment here just showed you, the words we choose have a lot more impact on us than we realize.

It's one of many reasons I encourage my clients to NEVER AGAIN say “I can't eat that.”

First of all, saying “I can't eat that” is a lie. You CAN eat whatever the heck you want. You can eat pencil erasers and dog poop if you really want to!

“I can't eat that” is also a helpless, deprived victim's mindset, and if you run around saying you can't eat certain things AND you still have a weight problem, it's not a coincidence.

Can and can't are weak words in most contexts, especially when it comes to what you eat.

That's why I can't stress enough how important it is to swap out can and can't for do and don't when you're describing what you eat.

If you're a Code Red Rebel, you DO eat meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds, seafood and dietary fat.

Also if you're a Code Red Rebel, you DON'T eat sugar, grains, certain starchy veggies, and some other foods we remove in weight loss mode.

Let's do our little experiment again. First, say “I can't eat sugar.” Now say, “I don't eat sugar.”

Feel the difference?

I sure do!

Eradicate “can eat” and “can't eat” from your vocabulary FOREVER, and start saying “do eat” and “don't eat.”

Stay consistent with this simple language trick, and watch as your commitment to getting and keeping this weight off for good gets stronger and stronger.

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