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Where’s the best place to start with Code Red?

Code Red has a LOT of options to help you reach your goals, and sometimes people new to Code Red aren't sure where they should begin.

The reality is, there's no “wrong” place to start with Code Red. But I'll go over the options, and you can pick which ones apply to you.

Watching my YouTube videos, reading blog posts like this one, following me on Facebook and Instagram, and listening to my podcasts are all ways you can dip your toe into the Code Red Lifestyle™, and get to know what we're about.

If you want to try eating the way we eat on Code Red, you can grab the Code Red Cookbook at

Just know this cookbook is simple and to the point, like me. The recipes are delicious and filling, and there's something for everyone.

If you want a deeper dive into the lifestyle itself, meaning to go beyond just the food, and you want to go at your own pace, my book, The Code Red Revolution, is a great choice.

It'll walk you through the program, including why we believe what we believe, and show you how to implement it in your everyday life.

For access to meal ideas, an even deeper dive (including stuff not covered in the book), accountability, a shot at prizes, and connection to a community (which makes a HUGE difference for most people), then definitely check out a 10 Pound Takedown Challenge by clicking the red button below.

Finally, if you're someone who knows what you want, and wants to cannonball into the lifestyle vs. dip your toe in….if you want ALL the tips and tricks so you can get your weight off sooner (plus learn how to keep it off)…and you're serious about taking your life back, then definitely check out our coaching options at That page explains the options, including what you get with each one, plus pricing.

A custom program is one of those options, and it's for people who want the guesswork taken out. You can read more about it at the link above.

So there you go. Different ways to reach your goals with Code Red. Pick the ones that work for you, and don't be afraid of investing in yourself with a 10 Pound Takedown or a custom program. Taking your life back is MORE than worth it.

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