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What about desserts on Code Red?

“What about desserts on Code Red, Cristy?”

Here's the problem with “desserts.”

Desserts–even made from Code Red-approved items that do not spike insulin–are sweet.

For a LOT of people, that's enough of a trigger to keep them craving more and more sweets and desserts, feeding into their sugar addiction and still not addressing the real problem.

That's especially true when you're just starting out. It may be okay later on for you, or it may not. (Don't worry – when the time comes to decide that, you'll know.)

That's also why I discourage Rebels in weight loss mode from going out of their way to make “treats.” It feeds into the diet mentality and bullcrap like cheat days.

So all that being the case, why the heck do I have a desserts section in my Code Red Cookbook?

And why does my video below talk about three sugar-free dessert ideas for Code Red?

Because, in the vast majority of cases, Code Red-approved desserts will move you in a direction of better choices and better health, and you'll realize that eating for weight loss can actually be delicious and satisfying.

Plus they can be a way to get your kids and spouse on board if they're rolling their eyes because you're trying to lose weight again.

Check out my video below about three sugar-free Code Red-friendly desserts.

But still remember: 

If you're bound and determined to get your weight off as quickly (and safely) as possible on Code Red, my recommendation is that you don't spend a lot of time or energy on desserts.

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