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Most of weight loss boils down to this

“You mean I can't have __________???” 😭

That's a mindset some people bring with them when they dip their toe in the Code Red Lifestyleâ„¢.

With how people react, you'd think someone was gonna hack off a body part!

In any new nutrition plan you start, you're re-wiring your body to operate at a different level.

And you can either look at it as “I'm ‘sacrificing' X-Y-Z to get to my goal,” or you can look at it as “I'm letting go of old habits that don't serve me, in order to start an amazing new life.”

Which of those feels better to you?

The second one, right?

One very empowering mindset I teach my Rebels is, instead of saying “I can't have that,” say “I can have that…but I choose not to.”

Again, which of those feels better? Which leaves you feeling empowered, instead of deprived?

Are you “sacrificing” cupcakes, or are you choosing fajita meat and veggies because you're tired of being the fat mom with an embarrassing waddle walk?

Are you “sacrificing” wine and popcorn at 10 p.m. on a Friday night, or are you choosing to shut your phone off and go to sleep because your doctor just diagnosed you with Type II diabetes?

You're choosing what you put in your mouth. ALWAYS. Ain't nobody got a gun to your head!

You're here because know there's more to life than this, and you're ready to take your life back, instead of settling for more pain, more misery, and more hopelessness.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Weight loss all boils down to mindset.

My video below is packed with tips about the mindset for successful weight loss. Click the image below to check it out.

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