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Watch your language!

“I can't have this on Code Red.”

“Why is this food bad, Cristy??”

People new to Code Red say that kind of stuff a lot.

But one thing we do on Code Red is teach you to watch your language.

What I mean is, instead of saying you “can't” have a certain food, we teach you to say, “I can have that, but I choose not to.”

And instead of labeling food as good or bad, we say food is either fuel, or it's not. Why?

Because your words matter! They have a HUGE influence on your thoughts, which determine your perceptions, which determine your reality.

For example, saying you “can't” have something is very victim-y. Ain't nobody FORCING you to eat a certain way, including me! YOU are the person choosing to adhere to Code Red-approved foods…or not!

Saying “can't” also feels very restrictive, doesn't it?

That's why Rebels say, “I can have that, but I'm choosing not to eat it.”

That choice of words is a LOT more empowering. It's also the truth. You can eat whatever you want, so long as you're willing to accept the consequences of that particular food…

Which brings me to thinking of food as fuel, instead of as good or bad.

Food, unfortunately, comes with a whole lotta baggage, including heaps of guilt and shame.

Calling food “bad” only makes that worse, and leads to even more emotional eating. It's a vicious cycle.

For that reason, Code Red Rebels are taught to move away from seeing food as good or bad.

There's food that'll nourish you, and food that won't.

There's food that'll help you lose weight, and food that won't.

Food is fuel.

It's not a punishment, and it's not a reward. It's not a way to cope with boredom, and it's not a way to manage stress. It's fuel.

Doesn't meant you “can't” eat food you enjoy. The food we eat in weight loss mode on Code Red is rich, filling, and delicious!

But the emotional baggage we've got all wrapped up into food has GOT to go.

And it's time to take ownership of our food choices, instead of saying we “can't” eat something.

You can have that, but you're choosing not to.

And food is fuel.

Start implementing these mindsets. Start watching your language.

Do it consistently, and you'll be amazed at the affect it has.

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