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Yes, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without going off the rails

“Cristy, how do I stay on track through Valentines Day??”

People new to the Code Red Lifestyle™ ask me that question all the time, and with Valentine's Day coming up, I wanna share some tips.

My best tip, by far, is to make your freaking mind up that you're gonna stay on track, no matter what.

We've all got that little voice in our head that tries to talk us into caving to temptation. After all, we've spent years doing exactly that, so if you're mind's not made up, you'll start making excuses about why you SHOULD go off the rails.

“Oh, it's just the once. It won't hurt anything.” That's the sort of bullcrap you'll say to yourself.

And giving in often feels good in the moment (even if we end up hating ourselves later), doesn't it?

Making your mind up that you're gonna stay on track takes all the wind out of that little voice's sails.

It may still squawk at you, but it'll be powerless to influence you.

If you're gonna be around chocolates and candies, make sure you get your water in. Dehydration increases your appetite.

Salt your food, because lack of sodium can cause sugar cravings.

If you're planning a romantic adventure with your partner, keep the food you consume Code Red-approved.

Or, better yet, do something that doesn't revolve around food. Pick something fun that you'll both enjoy.

Staying on track is part mindset, and part having a plan.

Make a plan to ensure your success. Plan something different to do, and have plans in place to circumvent temptations.

There are tons of Rebels every single holiday and special occasion who stay on plan, reach their goals, and feel good about themselves.

If they can do it, there is ZERO reason you cannot do it, too!

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