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47: It’s Not A Weight LOSS Problem; It’s A Weight REGAIN Problem

Weight LOSS Problem

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Cari and I discuss the fact that there is n number of ways to lose weight. You can lose weight on the cayenne pepper and lemon diet. You can lose weight on Shakeology or Isogenics. 

You’ll lose weight on the phentermine pills. You won't sleep, but you'll lose weight on those. You can exercise yourself to death six days a week doing an hour of CrossFit. But so many people regain their weight.

And that's the thing. People gain it back. In fact, every single person, every single leader, and coach that's ever left Code Red has regained their weight.

Even the best of them fall and if you are not adhering to the rules, you are going to regain your weight.

So how do you keep off the weight? It's all about accountability. It's about staying connected.

Cari and I are accountable to each other every day. I tell her how I slept, I tell her how much water I'm drinking and what my weight is or if I'm fluctuating or how I'm feeling.

Accountability and sustainability indeed are keys.

The first rule to keeping your weight off is you've got to stay on that scale every single day. Number two, you always drink your water every day. And the third rule is you don’t allow sugar or junk food to stay in your house.

Stay tuned for more.

Key Points of Discussion

    • Keeping the weight off after you lose it is the real challenge (3:23)
    • It's all about accountability (5:59)
    • You will regain your weight if you go back to your old ways (9:27)
    • Everybody's got a set of rules to adhere to (9:36)
    • Besides, accountability, sustainability is a key (10:36)
    • Among founding members of Code Red, they’re now regaining their weight… (11:24)
    • If a coach regains their weight, it's going to be harder for you (12:05)
    • If sugar is within your proximity, you'll eat it. And it hijacks your brain (12:54)
    • The three basic rules to keeping your weight off (15:05)
    • If you want to come back to Code Red, just join a challenge (24:14)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released February 12, 2020

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Cristy:             00:00 You can lose weight doing anything. You can lose weight on the cayenne pepper and lemon diet. There is no shortage of losing weight. You can lose weight on Shakeology or Isogenix. You can lose weight on all kinds of things. The phentermine pills, I mean, geez, you'll lose weight on those. You won't sleep, but you'll lose weight on those. I mean, you'll lose weight. All kinds. You can exercise yourself to death six days a week doing an hour of CrossFit, but so many people regain their weight.


Cristy:             00:32 I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to Rebel Weight Loss and Lifestyle, where we believe food holds the power to heal or poison, and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight-up truth because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy:             00:59 Welcome to Rebel Weight Loss and Lifestyle. I'm your host Cristy Code Red, author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. If I had, if I had room, I would like to do this. I would do my normal like you know, I'm here with Cari, my sister, and second-in-charge at Code Red. Hi Cari.


Cari:               01:14 Hello. Hello. Happy day to everybody. We are super excited to be together again. It is my favorite thing to do. I'm trying to talk Cristy into letting me pass off all my other duties and we just podcast all day. I'm not sure how it's going over. We're still in the negotiation phase.


Cristy:             01:34 Okay. Okay. When you said a happy day, I was thinking, Oh, happy day. Oh, happy day. That's right. Oh, happy day. Oh, happy day. We could keep going but come on. You get it. Does anybody want to sing with us? Yeah, we would just do a whole podcast on CD.


Cristy:             01:53 So thanks for tuning in you guys. I wanted to read a quick two-sentence rate, a review from a wonderful, this just happened on Sunday and this was a Haggen Barth and thank you for the five stars at the top. She writes obsessed so in love with this podcast. Thankful for each and every episode. And I love how you are so bold to share your faith.


Cristy:             02:15 Thank you and I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. You have no idea how much that means to us. Cari. I don't think I've ever done a review on a podcast, so I know how to, if I even know how to do it.


Cari:               02:26 I only did one on one once and it was to complain and now I feel badly about it because I feel like now looking at your reviews, I'm like, Oh, but it was the person was talking on top of the other person so badly.


Cari:               02:41 I had to unfollow them like it was so annoying and I maybe they were having audio problems, but I was like, yeah, episode 21 fixed. And then I was like.


Cristy:             02:50 I don't like that either. I can't stand being people interrupting other people. And so thank you, Anne, for taking the time to do that. All you guys, I sure appreciate it. I try to read one new one every episode, so if you want a shout out possibly, please leave us a rating and review. We thank you so very much. Now, I realize I say this on every episode, Sis, but I'm so excited about this one because it is so true and I wish, I know there are no original ideas and so I heard this from someone and I can't remember who or somewhere or someone at some time, but this is what this person said.


Cristy:             03:23 We don't have a weight loss problem in this country. We have weight regain problem.


Cari:               03:30 Oh, that's excellent. And that's very insightful too.


Cristy:             03:33 You can lose weight doing anything. You can lose weight on the cayenne pepper and lemon diet. There is no shortage of losing weight. You can lose weight on Shakeology or Isogenics. You can lose weight on all kinds of things. The phentermine pills, I mean, geez, you'll lose weight on those. You won't sleep, but you'll lose weight on those. I mean, you'll lose weight. All kinds. You can exercise yourself to death six days a week doing an hour of CrossFit. But so many people regain their weight.


Cari:               04:03 And you know what I think is interesting is I just had a family member visiting and this person was complaining about a, a, a lab level that indicates that they are not very healthy. And the person said to me, they don't do Code Red.


Cari:               04:16 They said, why know how to lose weight? Okay, well, clearly, clearly, I mean, you could starve yourself. You can participate in anorexia. That's something you want to do. I mean, I'm not making fun of eating disorders. I'm just saying like, you could go on the Daniel diet, you could eat an apple a day, you could eat, you could take a rubber band around your wrist and snap it. Cristy. Every time you think about food, you could do a lecture of shock therapy. I mean, it's gonna work. You're gonna lose weight. But I wanted to say this person, I almost wanted to say, yeah, but you don't look like you kept it off.


Cristy:             04:55 Nope. And that's the thing. People gain it back and Cari. I'm going to say it. I'm going to say something that you're going to go like this. Oh, okay. Every single person, every single leader, and coach that's ever left Code Red has regained their weight.


Cari:               05:11 Now I do want to say this. Not all of them have regained all their weight.


Cristy:             05:16 No, I didn't say all their weight. I just in case somebody like I was stopping us. I'm telling you, I have looked into it before I made that statement. I actually looked up these people and you might think, are you kidding me? A coach? Yeah, because even the best of them fall and if you are not adhering to the rules, you are going to regain your weight. I mean, I saw Cari, I saw a former coach, she was off of coaching for two weeks and she had a big picture of a sandwich. It's just like yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. It was a joy. The bread was the size of my head and it was two big huge slices of bread and of all the things she knows about the damage that does to our body, and you know what?


Cristy:             05:59 It's in there. You go right there. So you're thinking to yourself if a coach can't keep off their weight after they leave Code Red, how am I going to do it? It's all about accountability.


Cari:               06:11 It's about staying connected, and I don't care what form that takes for you. If that is three, and I don't even want this to be a money thing, Cristy, I want to make that clear upfront. This is not a money thing for Code Red. It's you and Betty and Jill and y'all turn your ways into each other every Friday that's free. Do that. If it's like my husband and I are having a fun little weight loss, a contest right now, it makes me accountable. Yes, and I don't care if it's your taco Tuesday group and now you go in and have a naked taco at our house. Everything's naked.


Cari:               06:47 My daughter complains. I don't like naked things. Well, you're not having the tortillas, but if it's your naked taco Tuesday group and you guys are just calling each other every day and reporting how you're doing, everybody has to be accountable to somebody. Nobody gets out of it. Nobody.


Cristy:             07:05 And Cari and I are accountable to each other every day. I tell her how I slept, I tell her how much water I'm drinking and what my, and what my weight is or if I'm fluctuating or how I'm feeling in that particular. And so when you hear, ah, I can lose weight, I can lose weight. And I've heard people say, I know what to do, I know what to do. Well, number one, you're not doing it, but number two, it doesn't matter. Can you keep it off? I know that Oprah has you know, she bought weight watchers and she bought into weight watchers and now she's big, she's into that now advocate.


Cristy:             07:34 Yeah. Advocate. And I saw her and one of the commercials, she's drinking wine and I'm just kinda like, you know, that's fine, but is she able, she's still 40, 50 pounds overweight and so, and I know that she's gotten small in the back in the past and she's gained her way back. Right. The problem is not Oprah losing weight. The problem is that she's not able to keep it off or, and then she continues to gain it back. And so I just go, well, golly, I mean that's just a serious problem in our country.


Cari:               08:02 And you know, one thing that WeightWatchers does do right Cristy, and we may not agree with the eat anything you want. You get so many points a day, whether that's Twinkies or you know, [inaudible]. So Twinkies or green beans, like it doesn't matter. So we don't agree with that because we know the damage those things do.


Cari:               08:18 But I will say one thing that weight Watcher does is they make you accountable. You have to come and you have to turn in your weight. It's accountability, folks. And if that's what's working for Oprah, then great. I mean, you guys, I want to make this really clear because I think that sometimes people think that Cristy because you are who you are, and I am who I am on a much smaller scale, but like that, we don't struggle with this. But if I stopped talking to Cristy tomorrow and I got out my yoga pants and wore them every day and you didn't put on a pair of jeans, it's really easy to let slide and it's easy for Cristy and I, we're no different than you guys. We safeguard and we'll talk about safeguarding, but being accountable is key and safeguarding and we're going to talk about that too.


Cristy:             09:07 So no, and please make no mistake about it. This is a daily recommitment for both of us daily recommended. Does it play Gar every day thought no, because we have like she mentioned the safeguards in place and we have our schedules and we know what we already have our plan, but I am all for whatever helps you keep your weight off? I never, never want to see someone regain their weight, but you will regain your weight if you go back to your old ways. I don't know how much more clear we can be. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're Barack Obama or your Larry terrorist or your Cristy Code Red or your Oprah, you guys, everybody's got a set of rules to adhere to. Nobody gets out of rules. It doesn't matter how rich you are or what status you have, it's rules. It's rules to not regaining your weight. Cause that is our biggest problem.


Cari:               09:55 It is. And for those of you losing weight right now, I want to reassure you of two things. Number one, it's not always going to be like it is right now and there will be a day when you probably won't want to, but if you want to have a bite of this or that, you can do that. So I'm not, I think sometimes it feels very hopeless for people that haven't shifted their mindset. Cristy and this doesn't make sense to you and me, but necessary because we've shifted a little bit, you know what I mean? But it's that idea is, you know, one of our family members who's lost 80 pounds with us, it was like, do you mean that I'm never gonna? Well, yeah, it's okay. You're eventually going to be able to when you get to where you want to be.


Cari:               10:36 So I want to reassure you of that. It's not always going to be like it is now, but number two, we teach you, and this is the keyword, folks, accountability, keyword number two, sustainability. Because it does not matter that you can buy a Porsche if you can't afford to keep up the Porsche. It doesn't matter. It's the same thing with weight loss. Good job on losing a hundred pounds, but if you can't afford to keep up your a hundred-pound loss, it doesn't. I mean we're proud of you, but that's the key. Just like that family member said, I know how to lose weight.


Cristy:             11:12 [Inaudible] Well, and I've seen people on my Instagram live. I do Instagram live every morning at 7:00 AM and people always, and I just hear this all the time anyway, I am never going back. I am never going back. You are never getting rid of me.


Cristy:             11:24 And I told somebody this morning, I was like, I have watched the best of them all. Believe me, I have seen people leave the code red lifestyle and completely vanish that I thought would never, I thought they would stay with us forever. Like they were one of the founding members of code red and they're gone and they're regaining their weight. It can happen to the best of them. And we, we see people, you know, they're in our paid coaching groups and they have one, three or six month increments that they buy in as they approached the end of their paid period. We always them, okay, so what's the deal here? Are you going to re-up with us or are you going to re-up somewhere else? What's your plan moving forward? Not because we need your $64 a month. It's because we want you to stay connected to something.


Cristy:             12:05 What's your plan? Oh, I'm going to be good on my own. No, you know what I like to say you don't got this and nobody got this. You don't get this. If a coach regains their weight, believe me, it's going to be harder for you.


Cari:               12:18 And it makes you wonder, Cristy, like it makes you wonder if the, and this is just, I'm just, you know, being philosophical is the pull of the food even though you know it's damaging your gut lining even though it's pushing more towards being diabetic than away, even though you know it interrupts your sleep and it makes your face not look good. And I mean they know these things. Like trust me, the coaches had been trained, trust me, our leaders have been trained. Trust me, our rebels have been trained. But what is it, Cristy? Is it the I-can't-have-it attitude. I mean is it just that they didn't get it in their brain? What do you think? I mean, what do you think?


Cristy:             12:54 I think that the sugar, two things that, that if it's in within proximity, you'll eat it. And, but number two, it hijacks your brain. So once you start to have, once you have just one piece of people say, well, you can just have just one piece. No, you really can't. I can't. Then it hijacks your brain and you start thinking about carbs and sugar, bread, pasta. And, and whatever your weaknesses, Doritos, Hershey's kisses, and it just, it starts this loop of the cycle of, I know it happens to me when I go to Europe. NID, they're really heavy on the carbs in Europe and then their carbs everywhere. And if I have a croissant for breakfast, I can't stop thinking about bread.


Cristy:             13:32 It hijacked my brain, me, and it's all after one croissant. So I think it's the pull of the, it didn't use to be this way, but we just chemically processed our stuff and we genetically engineer, we engineer addiction right into our food.


Cari:               13:46 And the other thing for me, Cristy, is, and we've talked about this on other podcasts, but just in case people are new, I want to bring this up because this is frustrating for me. There's food everywhere. Cristy, I went with my daughter to Lowe's. Lowe's. Okay. And it's not just Lowe's, it's Lowe's home depot. It's the place where you get your nails done. It's the place where you pick up new earrings. It's everywhere. You can't go into Kohl's without Linda or chocolates at the checkout. Food is everywhere. So I go into Lowe's to buy something quickly and we're standing in line and of course, it's probably getting close to mealtime.


Cari:               14:19, Of course, my daughter's hungry. She's like, can I have some licorice? I'm like, no, you don't need licorice. And you know, and she was like, but it's all at eye level. I mean guys, I'm 45 and I'm like maybe I can't have some licorice. It's like it pulls you in. It's everywhere. So you feel like you're fighting a battle constantly. And the only way, the only way to keep yourself from falling into that big bag of Swedish fish face down, cause they always have Swedish fish and why? Why are they so squishy? I'm just saying the only way is what Cristy and I are going to talk about is safeguarding. So part of safeguarding is being accountable. You have to set measures in place so you don't end up with a handful of gummy worms and your car driving down the road.


Cristy:             15:05 There really are only three main things. Three basic rules that I know that everybody who has slipped has let these three rules. The first rule to keeping your weight off is you've got to stay on that scale every single day. What gets measured gets managed, and that scales the first line of defense to tell you whether you are getting, people want to ignore, they just don't want to know what it's like somebody carrying, I know she won't go to the doctor and we're like, please get screened for cancer or she doesn't want to know. And it's so frustrating for us, you know, number two.


Cari:               15:36 Can I say something about the scale? Every time I get off track, Cristy, I can tell because I go, Oh gosh, I started drinking my water first so I can't weigh. And I like, hello. I'm making excuses to myself. Are we serious here? I mean, or Oh, you know, I haven't gone, I haven't had a bowel movement.


Cari:               15:56 I haven't gone PO, so I'll just wait for a Morrow. That is a big wake up call that Cari is ignoring what's happening with the scale. Go ahead, sorry.


Cristy:             16:05 Exactly. And anytime I've ever done a check-in with somebody, I made the mistake of saying, how are your weights? And they would go, Oh good, everything's good. No, I never say that anymore. I made a mistake once. I say, what is your weight? Oh, I haven't weighed myself and I bought a weak man. Red flag, red flag, red flag show you get your head in the sand when you won't get on that scale. So I that is, that is rule number one.


Cari:               16:30 Just laughing. Cause every time you ask me, I'm always like, Oh, I know what the number is. But sometimes I don't want to say it.


Cristy:             16:39 Or we don't want, we're the Cari and I are just like, you guys, we get up. But I'm telling you, you have to face the truth. Number two, you always drink your water every day. Whatever water amount is right for you, which for the most part across the board, we say a gallon. That's pretty much across the board. What's right for almost everybody in a given. You know, there are a few exceptions. Drinking your water every day is going to keep that hunger away. It's going to keep you hydrated. It's going to help you digest food. It's going to help you sleep, give you energy. So many things happen. When you're dehydrated, you're going to get signals that you're hungry and you're just thirsty.


Cari:               17:14 Even if you screwed up, even if you went face down at Burger King, still drink your water, like don't let that slip. So if you messed up and you're like, Oh God, Cari, I fell off the train.


Cari:               17:27 We get that. We're not saying it's okay, but we get that. But what I'm saying is keep drinking your water. Don't abandon all hope ye who enter here, like don't go grab four monsters and down those on your way home. Like please just say, okay, I screwed up, but I'm going to keep drinking my water. That's just something I wanted to, that has helped me. If I've gotten a little off track just to keep drinking my water, it just resets your brain.


Cristy:             17:49 Oh, totally plush. I mean forever. Grandma carb, it hangs on to 3.7 grams of water. So you're going to be bloated and you're going to be retaining water. And especially, it's important for you to drink that water so that you can get that body flushed out and get back to normal. So totally I mean, hands down without a doubt. Got to keep drinking that water.


Cristy:             18:07 And it does not pretty. It's not fun. It's not. It's sometimes it's ugly, but keep drinking that water. And the third rule is you never, never, never, never allow junk food to stay in your house overnight. And if you have a five-year-old that's having a birthday party and you've got cupcakes from the birthday party, the last four that are leftover need to go with you, the last kid. Or they go to your neighbor, John, like, or they go in the garbage. If you don't, you've got to get that cause you cannot turn it down.


Cari:               18:34 Cristy, I just had to bake something for something and I had to bake something for something. Wow. Thanks for being specific. Anyway. But I literally had, it was banana bread, so I had two little loaves leftover. I put them in the foil and folded it. So I'm not gonna eat it cause it's in the foil.


Cari:               18:52 I'd have to be a real jerk to open up somebody's loaf and cut some off and then like piece it back together. Yeah. That's what fat Curia would have done anyway. But so and I put it in the foil and then I said to the people taking it, I'm going to have you go ahead and take this with you. Oh, so now they know it's theirs and it's like out, you know what I mean? So Cristy's absolutely right. If I ever have to do any baking or anything like that or, or we had something at the house, like, you know, it has to go like it cannot stay overnight. Cristy's so right. I am a proximity eater. I won't even be thinking about baby snickers, but if I go into a doctor's office and they have baby sneakers right there, I'm like, maybe I need a baby snicker. Cari, 37 seconds ago, you weren't thinking about baby's snickers. Why now are you thinking about it?


Cristy:             19:42 She, you walk by the cupcakes on the counter with the little SRAM ramp on the top. You'll walk by those four cupcakes 50 times and you'll be like, look at me. I'm being proud. Look, I mean I'm being so good and she, what we do is we reward ourselves. We said I walked by 50 times. Look how many times I walked by and I didn't eat anything. I didn't even have a taste of that frosting. I deserve a cupcake because I was so good about walking by 50 times and you will eat it. And that's what we do along with the display case in a bakery, we walked by to the register. We say I turned down that I turned down this, I turned on this, I turned down that I deserve a reward because of look at all those that I turned down.


Cristy:             20:19 That's why they put the best ones towards the cash register because your willpower has got, is gone. By the time you walked down the whole case of the bakery treats and they put the best ones at the end. They know you're gonna eat the big giant chocolate chip cookie or the big giant tart and it's all psychological. You guys and you can do this, but you have to adhere to those three rules or you will regain your weight.


Cari:               20:43 Oh, what was the third one? Stand. The scale that we're allowed to jump out here.


Cristy:             20:47 Stay in your sugar. Sugar. We say sugar or junk food to stay in your house. And there are, maybe there's some junk food that you can turn down. I know that miles, you know, he's not all code red. It's frustrating for me. She'll people when you have a spouse that's not all code red, you know what?


Cristy:             21:01 I get it, but at least miles keep it down in his office and I can't see it. I can't find it. I don't want it. And it's not something I would even want, but come on, even if it's not anything that you normally eat, like cupcakes for me. You're gonna, I mean a spoonful of a finger full of frosting and that's going to set off a whole cascade of triggers of cravings.


Cari:               21:23 Yeah. Drug addicts don't go to the, I'm going to make this up, but the opium den and walk around alcoholics don't go to a bar so you just absolutely cannot have it in your house. And if it's there, it's there for a limited amount of time. And folks, if you'll set up these safeguards and stay connected to accountability however it is for you, however, that looks, again, we don't think you have to spend your money with us however that looks you and your three friends, you maybe it's your husband and it's just like a workout partner.


Cari:               21:54 It's the same idea. They show up when they know you're coming but they don't want to and you show up when you don't want to and they're going to be there. It's the same idea. You need somebody to really come alongside you. There haven't been studies that show that the community is one of the biggest indicators of longevity in life. So you really need to be connected to people and this is a great way to do it. You have to stay accountable because again as Cristy said, we don't have a weight loss problem. We got a weight to regain problem.


Cristy:             22:23 We really do it, and I was, I was just thinking about something that I just lost it. I'd love to shoot it. I was like because I said three thoughts in a row. You're like holding up your finger, Cristy. Like, don't forget, don't forget the letters C, don't forget.


Cristy:             22:37 Don't forget. I do that. Sometimes I'll be like, Brandon, we'll be talking. I'll be like this. Let her see. They'll let her see. Don't forget. Or I'll say, don't remind me to tell you about showers. Remind me to tell you about no. Right. Instantly, like there's nothing that's more frustrating for me. I battled with this more than Cari by far. Cari has a better way of dealing with this than I do and I can't seem to get it, but nothing breaks my heart more than seeing someone who was a rebel that regained their weight. I don't judge them. I hurt for my heartbreaks for my Shaw, how much they went through and did get where they were and it shows hard for me. Of course, they see me, they run the other way, but if they get caught and they can't run, they are humiliated by it, you know, and they're, and they just did not adhere to the rules.


Cristy:             23:24 And we don't care. Like Cari said, we just don't care what method you use, but you've got to stay connected to some method and you got it. I knew what I was going to say. You got to do it not just January and February. You have to do it January, February, March, April, may, June, all through September, October, November. It doesn't stop just because the new year's resolutions wore off or just because you went on a vacation. You've got to adhere to these rules all the time. Pick rules that you can adhere to.


Cari:               23:50 Right. And I have mine written and posted in my office the rules that I'm going to follow. I mean these are going to be a little bit different, but I have them right here and literally I look at them every time I come in here. And what is interesting, the one thing I do want to say is that if you've fallen away, if you've gained your weight, if you haven't followed the three-week rules, please know that we welcome you back.


Cari:               24:14 If you want to come back to Code Red, just join a challenge. No one's judging you. No one cares. I've had to re lose and gain five pounds over and over. Like I get it. It's just life. Life happens. But we want you to know that we love you, we accept you, and no one's going to be like, why did you regain your weight? But it is helpful to be introspective on, you know, what are your triggers? What are the things that sent you down the road? And so it's not just like, I don't know, I ended up on Facebook with a big sandwich the size of Cristy's head. You know, I mean, you've got to know where you went wrong. Oh, I started eating late at night. Oh, I, I stopped weighing every day. Oh, I started letting the kids bring in snacks. So what was it that went wrong?


Cari:               24:59 Let's figure it out together. And let's get your weight back off and let's figure out something that's sustainable for you.


Cristy:             25:05 I think I did a podcast on that call. The shame of gaining your weight back and so you can go listen to that as well. Once again, we don't have a weight loss problem. We have a weight regained problem in our hearts desires that you do not regain your weight. We don't want you to see you go through this over and over and over. Guys, you just don't. You don't need that. Life is too short. You deserve to be healthy and happy and enjoy your life with your health being in abundance every single day. So we really hope that this episode shines some light on some of those potential pitfalls. And we also have the chorus called what's eating you for emotional eating? I would suggest that you go to, click on programs, scroll down, you're going to see it and that's going to help you identify the triggers.


Cristy:             25:51 We all have them, Cari and I deal with them as well. I know exactly what my trigger is and I can now get out ahead of it and make sure that I don't emotionally eat when I'm going through that certain thing. So that program is available to you at any time and you watch and you take that course at your own pace. It's a home study course. And Cari and my dad actually who's a licensed counselor did that course and it's excellent. It was fun. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. A couple of them. They're great. Yeah, that's a great choice. Yeah. We, it is a great resource guy. And we have people, we have about 650 people a month carry that, take that course. So we have people that at the time of this recording, it's growing and growing. And so we do have people that are finding hope and healing from that emotional eating course. What's eating you? And it's going to be in the show notes in case you can't remember that. That's totally fine guys. Have a great day. Thank you for joining us on this. A weight regains warning. We don't want this for you. We hope you have a wonderful day. We'll catch you soon. Thank you. Bye, everyone.


Cristy:             26:54 Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Rebel Weight Loss and Lifestyle. Do you have a question that you'd like me to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? Then all you have to do is head over to Apple Podcast on your phone or computer and do three simple things. Leave a rating and review telling me what you think of the podcast and in that review, ask anything you want related to health, weight loss or mindset. And if you want a shout-out, leave your Instagram handle or name. That's all. Then listen in to hear your question answered, live, raw and uncut on the next Q and A episode. So see you on the next episode of Rebel Weight Loss and Lifestyle.

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