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Code Red


This is better than ALL that stuff

It's Valentine's Day this week, and for most people, that means stuff like boxes of chocolates, entire bags of Hershey's Kisses, candy bar bouquets, big dinners out, cookies, cupcakes…

Yeah, it'll all taste great.

Yeah, you'll enjoy it in the moment.

But what happens when the moment's gone, and you're left with the bloating, blood sugar crash, stomachache, and guilt?

Plus, if we're being honest, Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday where you go crazy with food and end up stuffed and sick.

Look, it's how our society trained you. Everyone does it, and you probably learned it as a kid. It's all you've ever known, and probably all most people around you have ever known.

If you're already a Code Red Rebel, you may still be in that space between these old ways of doing things, which you know contributed to your obesity and sickness, yet your mind still craves the way things were…

Especially if people around you are still caught up in celebrating everything with sugar.

A few things to remember that'll keep you on track:

  1. You can still enjoy a meal for Valentine's Day. But follow the Code Red rules to consistent weight loss, and eat until you're full, NOT stuffed.

  2. Ain't nobody holding you down shoving candy in your mouth. YOU control what goes in your pie hole. I get that you think you can't trust your control yet, so take some additional measures, like gum, hot tea, salting your food (salt combats sugar cravings), and of course, getting ALL your water in.

  3. Remember that all the candy and cookies have done you NO favors. They're a part of why you're in this mess in the first place. When you start viewing them through that lens, instead of something you're missing out on, it gets easier to turn them down. Plus, if you've been on Code Red for more than a few days and you've followed the plan to the letter, eating them will make you feel like crap!

For Valentine's Day this year, how about making decisions you can feel PROUD of, instead of ones you'll feel guilty about later?

That feels SO much better than the 5 seconds of pleasure you get from a Hershey's Kiss.

If you do treat yourself to anything for Valentine's Day, make it a 10 Pound Takedown.

Do something for yourself that's gonna transform the rest of your life…not something that'll give you 5 seconds of pleasure, followed by guilt and a stomachache.

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