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How to help kids eat healthfully

“Why is it okay to have the orange, but not the orange juice?”

A sweet little kid asked me that not too long ago.

“Because of the fiber,” I explained. 

See, a whole orange has fiber to offset the fructose.

But orange juice is just pure sugar.

(Oranges are fine for kids. For adults in weight loss mode, steer clear until goal weight!)

I like talking to kids. They're smarter than we give them credit for, and they listen when I explain stuff like this to them.

When I talk about Code Red and kids, I often hear, “Well, Cristy, you're not a mom.”

No, I'm not, and it's 100% my choice that I don't have my own kids.

But my sister, Cari, who's Code Red, is a mom. And I've got plenty of successful Rebel moms and dads on the Code Red Lifestyle™.

So I know it's MORE than possible for busy parents to make Code Red work for their family.

Another comment I get a lot is, “Cristy, is Code Red safe for kids?”

Code Red is real food, water, and sleep! How could that ever be UNsafe?

Obviously there are some differences for what's right for kids and what's right for adults. 

Your kids can and should drink water, but they don't need the same amount you do. (And because of liability reasons, I can't give you an exact amount your kids should drink.)

And it's fine to give your kids stuff like fruit, cheese, and sweet potatoes. It'll be a heck of a lot better for them than Pop Tarts, Doritos, and soda.

One of the biggest things Rebel parents struggle with is “depriving” their kids of eating as much sugar and crap as their kids want.

If we were talking drugs and alcohol, would you feel the same way?

All the sugar and junk isn't “safe” for kids just because they're kids. Nor is it “safe” just because they don't have a weight problem.

Obesity is just one symptom of diet-related problems. Other symptoms can be insomnia, moodiness, behavior problems, learning roadblocks, Type II diabetes, and even physical problems, like migraines. (Yes, I've seen young kids get migraines from eating sugar.)

Look, I can only imagine what it's like to be a busy parent trying to set a healthy example for your kids.

But I've seen it happen enough to know it's 100% possible.For more info on the benefits of Code Red-approved foods for kids, check out my brand new video below!

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