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The top 3 reasons for a weight loss stall

A while back guy named Michael contacted me with this question…

“Hi, have been using Code Red for a little over a year now. Initially I dropped 40 lbs and stopped at 290. Seems like I've been at a plateau for a long time, then dropped another 10 lbs now 280 and at another plateau. Is there a way to stop the plateaus? I've another 50 lbs to go to reach 220-230 which is ideal for me.”

I love Michael's commitment to sticking with it, because throwing in the towel sure isn't gonna get him there.

But without more information, I can't possibly tell Michael “exactly” why his weight loss is stalled.

What I can tell you is that the top 3 reasons I see weight loss stall are:

1) Lack of sleep. 

You'll hear me bring this up a LOT. Sleep is the #1 rule in weight loss, and you have to get your sleep in if you want your weight to drop.

Your body senses a lack of sleep as stress, and it hangs on to water to protect your insides.

So if you ain't sleeping, you ain't losing.

2) Lack of water.

Most people are chronically dehydrated, so you've GOT to get that water in.

Water improves hair, skin, and nails, it helps your kidneys and other internal organs function properly, it promotes energy, it'll wake you up in the mornings better than coffee–I could go on and on.

It also helps your body flush out chemicals and toxins that have built up over years of eating processed food. If you don't drink enough water when you clean up your diet, your body will reabsorb the toxins it tries to release. Gross!

And water is great for appetite control. Drink a lot of water and you'll naturally wanna eat less.

Skip it and stay dehydrated, and you'll crave food more often.

Speaking of food, the third most common reason I see a weight loss stall is…

3) Being sloppy with your food.

A bite here and a bite there really add up, just like spending your money “a little extra here and a little extra there” really adds up.

I'm not a fan of being a Scrooge with your money, but I'm not a fan of reckless spending, either. There's a balance between being responsible, and not being afraid to spend your money on quality stuff that means a lot to you.

It's the same with your eating. People who keep their weight off don't run around binge eating. They also don't starve themselves.

They listen to their bodies, eat when they're hungry, and stop eating when they feel satisfied.

Mindful eating is something people at a healthy weight (AND who are healthy on the inside, because you can be metabolically obese without looking obese) practice on a daily basis. If you want that for yourself, be more mindful with your eating.

What really helps you do that is eating foods that fuel you properly. If you eat junk food void of nutrition, you're gonna be hungry constantly. Hunger is a normal sensation, but not CONSTANT hunger.

To get started eating foods that will help you lose weight without constant hunger, so your body can properly guide you on when it needs fuel, join my 30-day weight loss challenge, the 10 Pound Takedown, using the button below.

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