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That moment when you panic…what do you do?

When most people get to the edge of their comfort zone, they battle the urge to freak out and retreat.

I see this all the time in people thinking of joining the Code Red Lifestyle™.

Whether it's in a 10 Pound Takedown Challenge, or in a coaching program, part of them really wants to.

But when it comes time to hit that “complete order” button, panic swoops in and fills their head with all the reasons they shouldn't.

People who can consistently act in spite of that panic moment typically do a lot more and get a lot further in life. It's called getting comfortable with being UNcomfortable, and it may take practice!

I face that panic moment a LOT as I bring the Code Red Lifestyle™ to the world.

And if I refused to move forward every time I felt it, you wouldn't be reading this blog post, and hundreds of thousands of people wouldn't have taken their lives back with this program.

I'm telling you that not to shame you if you face a panic moment and retreat back into your comfort zone, but to inspire you with proof of what's possible when you move past the panic moment.

It kills me when someone tells me they “just aren't comfortable” joining a challenge, or they're gonna wait until it “feels more comfortable”…because it's NEVER gonna feel comfortable if it's outside your comfort zone!

See, if you want something, and don't yet have it, it's probably gonna take going outside your comfort zone in order to get it.

If not, you'd already have it, right?

Remember this the next time your thumb is hovering over that buy button, and there's a big, loud, scared voice screeching at you about why you shouldn't.

Don't let the panic moment stand between you and taking your life back, okay?

Especially since, once you do that thing you're freaked out to do, and give yourself a hot minute to get used to the fact you did it, you're gonna feel SO powerful and proud of yourself!!

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