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Psoriatic Arthritis – A Living HELL – Part 2 W/ Jade Gallagher

What Is This Episode About…

At age 26, military wife, mother of 4, and entrepreneur Jade Gallagher was getting chemo infusions and picking out wheelchairs for her future. Depressed, in massive pain, and having no future, Jade contemplated suicide.

But after reading my book, she started implementing the lifestyle. And within a few short months, Jade was off all medication, pain-free, and had lost 80 lbs. Hear her captivating story of beating the odds, defying the medical community, and saving her life through real food, water, and sleep.

The traditional medical community is more inclined to prescribe a pill for every ill. They never look at your diet or even propose addressing it. Often, diet is the root cause of so many of our health problems. That’s why in Code Red, we talk of the proper human diet, food water, and sleep. 

In this two-part series, we have compelling evidence that the proper human diet can totally change your life.

Key Takeaways

  • How Psoriatic Arthritis took over her body and made her close her thriving business (06:35)
  • Spending more time on the hospital and infusion clinics than at home (09:19)
  • Finding a wheelchair to move around her home due to debilitating pain (11:23)
  • How the Code Red Revolution book changed her life (14:33)
  • Spending $5000-50000 on expensive combo of drugs to deal with psoriatic arthritis (17:50)
  • Losing weight and reducing pain after starting out on the Code Red Lifestyle (22:25)
  • Doing a Try it Tuesday with her kids to teach them better choices (25:36)
  • There is hope for everybody struggling out there (31:27)
  • Paying for the Code Red custom program with her last $1000 (32:53)
  • There is nothing like a Code Red community to love, support and encourage one another (39:18)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released September 09, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

Welcome back to rebel weight loss in lifestyle. I am your host Christy Code Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. This is part two of a two part series on psoriatic arthritis. And even if you're not interested in medical stuff, you have got to listen to the stories both part one, part two. Part One was Kristen small from last week. And this is Jade Gallagher. Hi, Jade Gallagher is a code red certified coach. She didn't start off that way. Nobody starts off as a code red certified coach, you got to pay their dues, they got to climb the ranks. And it is another horrific story about psoriatic arthritis and how this then 27 year old, she's now 30 so she dealt with it for almost four years before she found Code Red. What she went through of basically it wasn't a matter of if it was a matter of when she was going to be in a wheelchair. Mother for military wife, wife to john Gallagher. And four terrific kids just like Kristen. And it was just debilitating, horrible pain and suffering that she was going through. She was doing chemotherapy, drugs, infusions to control the pain. She was on loads of medication. And at her Darkest Hour, she did become suicidal. She never attempted suicide. But she did think about taking her life because she was in so much pain and so much she just she was like, why would I want to live like this? Why would anyone want to live like this? And nobody talked to her about her diet. She has some of the best doctors in the country. And they just said, there's nothing else we can do, but nobody else nobody ever addressed her diet and even to this day, after reversing her psoriatic arthritis and being healed. Those are her words, not mine. Her doctor still won't acknowledge code red as the answer. She found changing her diet, drinking water and sleeping. Not only did she lose 80 pounds, but she completely reversed and healed her psoriatic arthritis. Her life is totally different now. Oh, just wait till you hear her story. She's from the south. So she has this really great Southern accent. And she's just a cute little thing about five feet tall, 108 pounds, just a tiny little thing. she happens to be my personal assistant, our code red event planner and a code red certified coach. Yes, she wears many hats. And I could not even imagine her in my life. In fact, I can't even


Cristy  2:37  

I choked up just talking about this. When she talked about how she had thought about suicide, it was hard for me to even hear it, because I can't imagine her in my life. So to hear that she could have maybe not been around. That's a very sobering thought that her pain and her suffering was so bad to her depression was so bad that she couldn't imagine even being alive and I'm so glad that she never did try to attempt to take her life that she attempted Code Red instead. And her whole life not only her life but her family's life has changed now because of the action that she took. And it all started with a code red revolution book on Amazon. And you can see that just from my show of emotions that she means a lot to me and I'm so you'll you'll notice why when you when you hear her story, because she's very likable and easy to latch on to it's easy to she just draws you in and really listened to her story because if you're suffering from any kind of arthritis or autoimmune disease, or autoimmune situation, or symptoms or the psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, all of this most of the time is triggered by what you eat and in worsened by what you eat. And some people do need to be on medications and some people can get off all medications like Kristen did, and Jadid. So I really hope this really shed some light and truth just sharing their story. You know, I'm not a doctor. And please don't take anything you hear in either one of these podcasts or any of my podcasts as medical advice, you have to do what's right for you. I will just tell you that the traditional medical system does not recognize nutrition as or nutrition therapy as a legitimate therapy and the traditionally trained medical community, they're more inclined to do kind of a pill for every ill, instead of getting to the root cause. We're becoming more comfortable with talking about diet, but we're not there yet. So that's why I want to share these ladies stories with you so that you can partner with your doctor, you can make your own decision, you maybe you want to go in a different direction, you want to start addressing your diet, and you want to address real food, water and sleep. Maybe you want to tackle it that way because I got some pretty compelling evidence here of two ladies, part one, part two, whose lives totally We're healed by Code Red and not just Code Red, but the proper human diet, real food, water and sleep. So take a listen. I'm sorry, I got a little emotional. You know, obviously Jade means a lot to me and the story is very, very touching. I'm really glad that you're tuning in. I sure appreciate you guys, each and every one of you. Thank you for the ratings and the reviews. Thank you for being a part of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I really, really love my rebels. I love my community. And I sure do appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. So let me introduce to you, Jade Gallagher. Thank you everybody.


Intro  5:35  

I'm Christy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food holds the power to heal or poisoned and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  6:02  

Alright, I'm here with Jade Gallagher Jade. I am not going to waste any more time here talking about, like doing an intro for this because the people are dying to know this is part two of a two part series on psoriatic arthritis. And you have a horrific story to tell. And I would love for you to dive right in and tell us take us back to the very beginning. Paint us a picture give us your background and tell us what's because it's absolutely miraculous what has happened to you. So take us back what happened with this whole thing?


Chelsie Dort  6:35  

Oh, my goodness, Chrissy. Well, thanks for letting me share my story because it is horrific. And there is a rainbow at the end of the story because of Code Red. And so, way back three, four years ago, I was diagnosed with actually at first they diagnosed with lupus if you are in the psoriatic arthritis room, you may be like yup Been there, done that. But then after more testing, we did come to the conclusion I had psoriatic arthritis. It was actually very, very aggressive in my body and it was literally taking over my body faster than we could get into the infusion clinic to control the pain. So when I say it was taking over my body, what does that mean? Well, every single joint had what, you know, you see all these pictures, you may know lots of people with psoriasis on their skin where it's like build up skin. Well think of that in your joints. And it builds up and builds up and builds up until your joints just don't work because they have so much stuff between them that they can't move. And so it was my hands. It was on my shoulders, my elbows, my hips, my knees, every joint had psoriatic arthritis in it, and I was at the point where I not We had to close my business. I was an entrepreneur that was thriving, and a clothing business. And I had a mobile boutique. We were so incredibly busy. I'm also a military wife and my husband goes on deployments and we have four children. So to say that this was horrific for our family, this was horrific. We live nowhere in your family or support unit. And we had to conquer all of this pain and medications and everything by ourselves. And so taking the mom out of the unit that's supposed to be the mom is bills in mom does. both halves one of the dads gone. Who's filling those spots? Well, my kids, my kids had to step up and had to do the dishes and had to To cook dinner again fold laundry and we took a we did a lot of takeout, because I could not stand dinner, I could not even stand and cook macaroni and cheese like it was just too much. And so I went through all of the medications, I spent more time on the hospital and infusion clinics than I did at home. So what I would do was drop off the kids at school and go to the infusion clinic and sit in the infusion clinic with IVs pumping through my veins every other week at minimum, just to get a little bit of relief. And it became to the point where they didn't work. And so we had to decide, okay, what do we do next? And my team was working on okay, how can we get over to Canada because we currently live in Vermont. And that's really close to us, too. Maybe try some different medications that are not approved here in the US that are international. And we were just in a box, we didn't know where to go, there was no help. I was going to pain clinics, my liver came back that it was in complete dismay. And there was no turning back. There was really you know, my daughter said there's really no repairs and now is a liver transplant. And so, let me stop chug. Let me know where to go from


Cristy  10:35  

here. Let me stop you right there back up a second when you say you couldn't stand at the stove to cook dinner. Are you saying the pain was so bad? What do you mean the pain like pain in your heels pain like pain everywhere. So


Chelsie Dort  10:48  

it was just literally radiating from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Every single it was radiating pain, and then it was so infuriating, because I wanted to use is the darn spoon and I couldn't hold the spoon and I couldn't hold a hairbrush to brush my daughter's hair. And it just, it was pure dating because I just wanted to do these every day. Things that a 30 year old should be able to do. I mean my ninety year old grandmother's running laps around me. And so we were at the point where, okay, we need help. We need home health. I need a wheelchair because I was unable to walk from my bedroom, to the living room to sit on the couch and wait for my kids to come home from the bus. And that's where we were. And I was a good 80 pounds overweight because of all the medications and all the drive thru and all the macaroni and cheese and all the things. I was very overweight and extraordinary. And at that point, if you've ever gotten to that point, you really question Why am I even still living? And, you know, I had decided that I had made peace, that my purpose in living was to bring these four beautiful children into this world. And I was done. I was done. I wasn't able to work, I wasn't able to care for myself much less care for my kids, and just put me in a home and let me ride. That's really where I was. And I decided, Okay, I have to hold on to something that I can control right now because there's really not much that I can and I told my doctor, I am not going to be fat and, and in a wheelchair. I will be in a wheelchair, or I'll be fat, but I'm not going to be both because that picture just have myself in a wheelchair. I just I couldn't do it. So I began reaching out to weight loss surgeons, I drove myself and was unable to get out of bed for two weeks after this appointment but drove myself down south for hours each way to a weight loss clinic for them to sell me $500 of protein bars that tasted like cardboard and stop at the gas station and get a mountain dew and brownie on the way home. And I just I was like, Okay, I've got to do something. I was drinking, shakes and doing all of these other diets that you see that are all over Facebook and nothing was working and I just kept getting more sick. And so a friend reached out to me again, he actually I reached out to her first And because I had seen a picture of her and her family on vacation, and she had not mentioned anything about losing weight or anything like that. And the last time I saw her, she was a good 70 pounds heavier. And that was six months before so I'm like, hold up. What are you doing? She lives in Alaska. I'm like, What are you saying? I'm booking a plane ticket right now. I'm going to see this doctor and get on whatever medicine you're on. Because if I'm killing myself with chemo drugs, gosh, darn it, let me kill myself with something that's gonna make.


And so she's like, Jade, it is real food and water and sleep. I'm like, What? Oh, my God. Oh, no, I'm not gonna do keto. Because I've had situations with keto. No. That's where you're going with this. And she's like, No, you need to read this book. And she sent me the link to the code red revolution book. And that book literally changed my life. I read that book, I then jumped into a custom program because, gosh, darn it, I had wasted $500 on these nasty protein bars. I can waste $997 on a custom program. And so I got into that custom program. And within the first three weeks, I was pain free. Now I went into this to lose weight. I actually laughed at my friend when she said, You know if they helped with your Psoriatic arthritis too, because it helped with my fibromyalgia, and I am not having any more flares. I'm like, Oh, you don't understand the severity of my psoriatic arthritis, but thank you, I'm going to lose weight. And three weeks, my doctor called and said, okay, you can't come back into the clinic for any more medications because your liver is done and we don't have a liver. for you right this very moment, so we've got to say anything we can. And I told her, you know what? I'm not hurting. She's supporting me. You're not hurting, like, I'm not hurting. And so we hung up the phone with me telling her that I would give her a call as soon as I've started hurting, which we all thought would be the next morning. And she was still working with a team to figure out where to go from here with our medications. That was April 2018.


Cristy  16:37  

Tell us what the medication you keep saying medication, what kind of medications because


Chelsie Dort  16:43  

I was I was on chemotherapy drugs. I was on lots of different combos. One that I was on a really long time was Remicade. I was on Kamera that's on the TV all the time. I was watching stelara I was on just if you go into a rheumatology office and say, Hey, what are the medications you use? I was on every single one of them. And so I literally we went through every single medicine been possibly known to help anything. And then I was taking extraordinarily high doses of ibuprofen and just even more on prescription pain meds just to sleep, just rest, sleep aids and my I have a whole cabinet in my kitchen just for pain medicine.


Cristy  17:50  

How much of this stuff cost?


Chelsie Dort  17:52  

Oh my goodness. So it cost anywhere from 5000 $50,000 a medication depending on which combo they use, because these were yeah $50,000 Thank God my insurance a month and infusion every two weeks, every 10 days. And so, yeah, like, I mean thankfully we do have really great health insurance. But you know, I know so many people that don't desperately need these medications to rip and so are a little price for custom program is a drop in the bucket that's just a little copay for one medication. And so it's a serious, serious, serious problem. And I mean, you know if it has made it on nighttime TV commercials, it's gotten out of control,


Cristy  18:59  

but you just Said, I know people that desperately need this medication but you don't need it anymore.


Chelsie Dort  19:04  

Right? they desperately need Code Red is what they need. That's what they need. And that will if you follow the code red lifestyle, you don't cheat and you put your nose to the ground and just push through and follow the plan. Yo, it's so simple. It's so simple that I tried to overcomplicate it. I tried to overcomplicate it, my first five months of the code red lifestyle, but it truly is that simple. The more simple you keep it, the better off you're going to be. And with not putting junk back into your body, because if you say, Oh, I'm just gonna have a bite, well, that bites gonna cause a flare. And then you're gonna have to to detox from that, which takes time, it takes weeks to get out because your body goes crazy. And your white blood cells just attack and it's painful. So if you are someone that does have an autoimmune disease, I'm begging you to just give it a shot. And actually do the problem, not problem the program. Don't just give it halfway, give it all you've got for a month, join a challenge, and give it all you've got for one month and see where you are.


Cristy  20:45  

When you are talking about like, we take it down to a granular level. None of us really I think when you're not in pain, and you don't deal with this psoriatic arthritis or any kind of just bending your fingers is something we take for granted, but this was something that made it so we're holding a hair brush holding a spoon holding the steering wheel, any kind of movement was painful and impossible, but with your fingers just seize up.


Chelsie Dort  21:08  

Yeah, they would freeze that was as far as I could. It's like putting a baseball in your hand. That's as far as my hand would go. Like it wouldn't go any further. So yeah, it was painful, but I could push through the pain. If it would just go and just wait and go. It just wouldn't go. So those movements came back and the pain I really didn't realize how much pain I was in until What's it


Cristy  21:36  

show a mother of 4, 26 years old at this point? 26 27 ish. And you are picking out wheelchairs and your doctor says there's nothing more we can do because your liver is trashed.


Chelsie Dort  21:49  

Yeah. And when I asked her to put me on a medicine that would make me lose weight. She told me that I needed to really eat less and move more after we in touch. I'm like, I can't move more. I can't even walk to the couch. And she says, Well, you know, you really just need to move a little more.


Cristy  22:16  

I can't, I can't believe this. So here you are. nobody talked to you about changing your diet. Or like, what are you eating? No. And I got,


Chelsie Dort  22:25  

yes. And so that conversation I had three weeks in when I said, I'm not in pain. Well, my doctor said, Well, what are you doing? Because Jade got in pain that doesn't go Who is she talking to? She's not the right person. And so I said, You know, I have changed my eating, and I'm no longer eating sugars and grains. And she says, Oh, yeah, your diet has nothing to do with us. That's not correlated. And I said, Well, that's the only thing I've changed and I'm gonna continue Try it because I'm losing weight. And I'm not having to move more and she says, Well, you know, do what you you believe is best for you. And I will continue on working with the team to see what we can do to maybe get you over to Canada for some more treatments. And I said okay, thank you and I have yet to talk to her again. I've spoken with a nurse I've had my blood checked and exceptional news. I did wait for about six months to get my blood checked because I wanted to see a true progress. My liver had completely filled itself within six months, Christy within six months, it was completely a normal looking liver and the liver is not working. I have yet to go have a liver transplant or need one and all of my numbers, all of them webwork is exceptional, absolutely exceptional. Even with all the damage that's done because of all of those horrible medications. I still have exceptional blood work and my blood work my was not exceptional. You know how it has like the normal and over here is like the red. Yeah like over half of all of the bloodwork was like always red. That's just how it was.


Cristy  24:33  

And you have since become a runner. You actually look forward to your daily runs. You have like you're working out this is stuff that was absolutely for someone who is picking out wheelchairs but not even not even 30 years old yet. Now we're talking about 180 degree life switch


Chelsie Dort  24:51  

and a completely different person. I'm still the same Jade, but I'm shade with life. I have joy I have passion I have a sense of life and wanting to conquer every single minute. And I love my workouts. I love running my getting out on the road and pounding some pavement is the best stress reliever I have ever had. That wasn't an option three years ago. That wasn't an option two years ago, because I couldn't even walk to the kitchen, much less get out and run. Like I didn't even have tissues.


Unknown Speaker  25:33  

So it has literally changed my life.


Cristy  25:36  

I know that with your four kids, you guys have they become Code Red kids. And I know that like they you do a fun thing. You're a code red certified coach and you do a fun thing called try a Tuesday where you put something new in front of the kids and every kid gets to try it on camera and tell us what they all think. And it's so cute like artichokes or something like it's kind of like oh, you know, and so the kids have really benefited from eating real food?


Chelsie Dort  26:03  

They absolutely 100% have Yes, my kids are all code red kids, which means that they eat real food, drink water, and they sleep. And we make those a priority and it's just about teaching them better choices. And we do try it to say they love it and I highly recommend it. If you are struggling to have your kids try something, have something like try it to save in their, in your house. So what we do is they have made a list. Of course I have some big kids, some 12 and 10 year olds, and then I have little kids that are five and eight. And, um, we sat together and we made a list of all of the things they've never tried from fruits and vegetables, to different kinds of meats. And I mean, they're always coming up with different things to try and it's only terms, so they're excited about it. And because we do record it, they love it. They love recording, but they love giving their honest opinion, and allowing them the opportunity to actually say what they think about the food. Because so often, I know that I catch myself. Oh, you've got to have one no thank you by it has always been something in our house. Well, when I'm saying no, thank you there, you're already telling them that they're gonna say no, thank you, because that's what you call it. And RLS is I know, thank you. Bye. So I really had to work on how I was presenting new things to the kids. And I'm telling you, their palates are so incredibly expensive because just try new things. Things they would have never tried before, but it's just making better choices and allowing them to have the power to give their opinion goes a long, long way.


Cristy  28:08  

So before when things when you were at your darkest, you were on the verge of having suicidal thoughts probably maybe not suicidal but yeah, maybe just like saying I don't want to live anymore because if I have to live like this, the future at that point looks really bleak. But the future Now, I know that you wear a lot of Code Red Hats, you know, you're a code red certified coach. You're my assistant, you're the code red events planner. And so what does the future look like to you? To me when I look at you I say Good god, there's nothing Jade. There's nothing Jade can't do and it's like, but do you see that the whole difference between what the future looked like before it 27 years old, and now that you're 30? Like two totally different future?


Chelsie Dort  28:50  

Oh, it's absolutely 100% different. If you would have asked me to put up a vision board. Back then my vision board would be blank. It would have been blank. Because I didn't want to dream, I didn't want to think about the future because I didn't feel like there was a future. And I sit here in front of you to tell you there would not have been a future. J. Carter Gallagher would not be sitting here right now, if it wasn't for code read, because I was having those phones, and I had enough medication in that cabinet to take care of business. And that's the reality of things. That's where it was. I had a blank future because there was none. There was none. But now oh my gosh, like, I am planning and dreaming and really, at this point, my dreams are unstoppable. Like, yeah, if I want to do it, let's do it. Let's do it. What do I need to do to get there? And how glad is given my life?


Cristy  29:57  

I'm just sitting here listening and I'm like, I'm like choking up because she said there is enough medication in that cabinet to do it. And you know, I don't know what my life would be like without Jade in my life. So the thought of you know the thought of your kids and oh, golly that is a real sobering thought that that's the way you were headed and now BAM changing you're literally changing your food. That's it. Yeah. Another big change your food and in eating real food and getting your sleep in. That's what did and nobody talked to you about this and the best doctors in the world.


Chelsie Dort  30:34  

Can I have the best position for best rheumatologist in the northeast of the United States of America. She's top rated has all of these different research and like her credentials are outstanding. She has a team behind her from all over the world.


Unknown Speaker  30:57  

There and told me that you Have no correlation. Wow.


Cristy  31:02  

You're five feet tall, like 100 and 810 pounds little tiny thing everybody looks at you. And they say oh Jade so cute Jade so cute. But nobody has a clue that what you went through and that you're losing weight and getting down to your goal weight and how you can fit into a size to now or whatever. That is so far down the list. Oh, for sure. All the stuff that happened to you.


Chelsie Dort  31:27  

Oh, for sure. Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's awesome that I can wear actually I know we're smaller clothes, my 13 year old because she is a giant. But you know, I? That's awesome. That's amazing. You know? Yeah, that's always been, of course a dream of mine to be skinny. What woman's dream is not to be skinny. But that doesn't even touch the surface. It doesn't even touch the surface. And I know there's so many people that are going to hear This and you may be struggling as well. You have maybe told that there is really no hope. This is really you're out of options. Or maybe your options are really scary options. And you don't really want to have chemo drugs in your body. I'm begging you, please just give code red a chance. Give code red a chance, because it will help you there is hope. Even when those of us have been told there's not hope. There is hope. And real food, water and sleep. That's all it is y'all. It's that simple. It's that simple.


Cristy  32:46  

Did your condition put you guys under a financial state of strain? I know you had insurance, what were their expenses. I mean,


Chelsie Dort  32:53  

100% Well, I had to quit my business. I had to sell my business and so we went back down to it. Single income military family, and if you know are just do a quick Google search and you can know exactly how much my family was bringing in every every month that doesn't make the ends meet, especially for a family of four that lives in Vermont. And Jon's active duty income was all we had, all we had. And it didn't make the ends meet. I mean, we were very behind on our gas payment. We were really trying to figure out how in the world we were going to make our mortgage. I mean, our mortgage was like one full paycheck. So it was definitely when I spent my money on code red. That was all that we had left in a credit card. Like all the rest of the credit cards were maxed and we had $1,000 a one credit card, and I had to, I had to and in just i am so incredibly grateful that during that time something tragic didn't happen, because I don't know how we would have paid for. I don't know. I mean, if we would have had to borrow money from my parents or something, I don't know. I don't know. But yes, the cause of psoriatic arthritis, I was no longer able to work. And that in itself was an incredible financial strain. And driving 45 minutes to the hospital every 10 days is extremely expensive when you have to have a big vehicle to fit a family of six. So you know, those financial and the CO pays on the prescription drugs? I mean, yeah, they're 20 30 $60. But when you have 10 of them, that gets a little expensive, okay, that gets a lot of expensive. And there were times where I had to call the doctor and say, Hey, can you maybe do something different Because this one's really expensive, and because we just couldn't afford it. And so yeah, 100% talk about not being able to afford it, I get it.


Cristy  35:12  

I get it. Now speaking of driving, you're from Mississippi your folks live in should be. And that's clear across the country from Vermont, and your kids, you know, their grandparents have a really cool family farm to spend in the farm been in the family for generations. But getting back when you were sick, getting to and from, you know, flying for kids, not even an option. You had to drive them back and forth. And I bet driving them before when you were in so much pain having to sit for hours versus driving. I know you did. The kids spent the summer at their grandparents house, you know, in 2020 versus, you know, a couple years ago when this wasn't a possibility.


Chelsie Dort  35:52  

No, we actually didn't go anywhere for Christmas a couple years, or Thanksgiving. We didn't go on we did go in Because with psoriatic arthritis mine really really flared up. In the wintertime when it gets cold, my joints get worse. And they, when I say worse, I mean, not movable because I can push through the pain. I'm pretty dang strong when it comes to pain. But when you can't move on, it's kind of hard to push. And so in the winter times for the first few years we were here, we didn't go anywhere, because we couldn't, I couldn't I couldn't ride that long. I couldn't drive that long. And now I mean, I have been back and forth to Mississippi, all over the country flying driving. I mean, my list of opportunities, my list of places to go and y'all know I if you know me, you know that I love to travel and that was something that I wasn't able to do it all. And now I'm traveling more than ever,


Cristy  37:04  

not only not being able to fit in the seat, but just being in so much pain, everything was even buckling the seatbelt was hard. So I met you for the first time in October of 2018, when I spoke at an event in New Hampshire, and you drove down to help me with the sales table, and at that point, you'd already lost all your weight. And you are saying to me, at that point, I want to be a certified coach. And I mean, that was been almost two years ago. And you did it. I mean, you're a sort of you, you became a leader, then you bought into being a coach, and then you've been a coach, and then you took up a couple other jobs with code red, and it just keeps more and more and more. I mean, talk about going from zero to 100. And what you've accomplished in such a short amount of time. Yeah, it's, I mean,


Chelsie Dort  37:47  

I really have no words for it. I really have no words for it. Besides, thank you. Thank you for taking me on. Thank you for helping me live my passion live my life. You know now I have zero doubt of what my purpose is and why. And my purpose is to help others live their best lives, because I know how it feels to have your life ripped out from under your feet. And if I can help one person, regain control of their life, that's worth every single ounce of everything I do every day. And so I just want to say thank you, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help others. Because it truly is my life.


Cristy  38:36  

You have a huge ripple effect. And I remember I knew your story, but I hadn't met you yet. And I remember I was I was we were at the edge of the exhibitors booth and you were selling my book, and I was kind of a few feet from you taking pictures, and I could hear because my good ear was pointing to you. You were telling people your story. And I thought, whoa, like this is I never got to hear that like this is huge. And then finally at lunchtime, you and I got to sit down finally and you just told me everything And I was completely blown away and now the world gets to hear your story is just unreal thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on making me cry and, and and letting us all know this miraculous, you know and even john I mean like this the whole family is affected by it Oh


Chelsie Dort  39:18  

there is just so wonderful. It is it truly is life and you know there's nothing like it the community, community is key. Get yourself into a code red community and you'll see what I'm talking about. There's nothing like it There is nothing like a code read community to love support, encourage one another. And it all goes back to the basic goals of real water, drinking real real water, real food, drinking your water and sleep. It's really really that simple.


Cristy  39:58  

It is so simple and Started with the code red revolution book, you can go to Amazon and you can type in the box Code Red revolution or Christi coder. Even if you spell my name wrong, it's gonna come up order that book get it on Amazon Prime for crying out loud you can start without joining a challenge without doing a custom program you can start with just a book. That's how Jade started, but we always suggest you get into a 10 pound take down challenge we have these monthly and you can get started dip your toe into the lifestyle for 47 bucks and then move on to a custom program from there if you feel like that's the direction you want to go. That's how Jade did it. Start simple. Thank you Jade so much you guys. We will see you on the next episode of a rebel weight loss and the lifestyle. Thanks everybody.


Intro  40:43  

Thanks so much for listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. If you're a code red rebel and you haven't already downloaded your Free Code Red lifestyle on the go guide. Then Now is your time to get a copy. This guide will teach you how to stay code read approved even more Your crazy life schedule. To get a copy right now. All you need to do is open your podcast app, go to this episode shownotes and click the link to get your code read approved on the go guide. So I will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.


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