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Need healthy food ideas for your college kid?

Obviously it's a lot easier to stock your kitchen with healthy foods when you actually have a kitchen, which is why a college student eating out of a dorm room mini-fridge may find it challenging to keep nutritious and filling options on hand (especially without breaking the bank).

Plus, that new-found freedom from home can lead to gorging on processed junk foods. No one’s there to tell you to eat your veggies anymore. 

But for college students who want to avoid the Freshman 15, the Ramen Noodle diet has GOT to go.

For many young people, grocery shopping's a new responsibility. Even if you manage to shop before your food runs out, making a list and sticking to a budget while trying to actually eat healthy might sound like more trouble than it's worth.

Because you don't know how fast and simple healthy, delicious eating can be, it seems easier to go for things like fast food, an instant bowl of mac ‘n cheese, or a PB&J sandwich. 

But I'm here to tell anyone living in a small space with limited resources (like a dorm room) that it's 100% possible to eat filling, wholesome foods and avoid the infamous Freshman 15.

Click the imagine below to check out my new video on grocery shopping for college students. The tips are share work for any wants healthy, fat-burning food options even with a limited budget and limited space!


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