It’s been a tough two years, and your cup is probably empty

Not long ago I did a video asking people about how exhausted they were after the last two years (2020 and 2021), and people who watched the video were chiming in to agree that yes, they do feel wiped out.

When you think about it, it's not a surprise.

Starting in February of 2020, we were relentlessly hammered with fear and death…from the news, from the government, from our friends and neighbors who were scared.

We went from our cozy comfort culture to being threatened and shamed by all those same people and groups…all while living in constant, heightened fear for our lives…for months and months on end.

A lot of people coped by turning to escapist behaviors, which never solve anything. Oh, they SEEM like they do, but really, they're just a way to avoid dealing with something.

If you fall and break your leg, ordering Domino's and watching eight straight hours of Netflix won't heal it, and they won't help you heal from the trauma and drama of the last two years.

There's a saying that says, you cannot pour from an empty cup, and the last two years may have emptied YOUR cup a lot faster than day-to-day life would.

That's how difficult situations work. They drain us faster. They drain our reserves.

And we think that waiting around is how we build those reserves back up.

But that's not how it works.

Yes, it will take some time for most people. I'm not saying you should expect to snap your fingers and be all better.

What I AM saying is that seeking out positive ways to take better care of yourself will get you there faster.

Those positive ways DEFINITELY need to include healthy eating, water, and sleep, because your body needs all three to function at its peak.

You might also need counseling, or to attend some uplifting events, to support you in refilling your cup.

Bottom line: If you still feel exhausted and wiped out and unmotivated from the last two years, it's not a surprise.

Just understand that you don't have to sit back and wait around for things to magically “get better on their own.”

Instead, seek out ways to restore yourself, and eat clean, so you can feel better FASTER (and in a real way, not the fake feel better you get from escapist behaviors).

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