Is fruit juice okay to drink on Code Red?

Fruit juice is one of those beverages that seems healthy. It's made from fruit, and fruit is natural, so that means fruit juice is natural and healthy, right?

Actually, it's not as healthy as you think, and here's why.

Most fruit has sugar (except for non-sweet fruits like olives and avocado). As far as your body is concerned, sugar is sugar, whether it comes in the form of a white powder, a grain, or from fruit. Below the neck, it's all the same.

If the only sugar we ever ate was from whole fruits, and they weren't genetically modified to be bigger and sweeter than they would when occurring in nature, the sugar in fruit wouldn't be a problem.

Unfortunately, most people eat WAY too much sugar, and most of isn't from non-modified fruit.

Still, most people aren't gonna get fat from eating fruit. You may not lose weight, but it's probably not gonna make you fat, either.

But fruit juice? That's a whole different story.

See, when you eat whole fruit, you're also getting fiber, and the flesh of the fruit.

When you drink fruit juice, there's no fiber or flesh of the fruit. Basically, you're drinking pure sugar.

With no fiber it slow it down, it goes straight through you, just like a sugary soda would, and spikes your blood sugar.

Since you cannot lose weight in the presence of insulin, eating or drinking foods that require a lot of insulin to digest – like sugar and starchy carbs – is the OPPOSITE of what you wanna be doing.

Fruit juice is an absolute NO if you wanna lose weight.

And honestly, it's not that healthy, anyway. If you're gonna have fruit, have whole fruit. Also, give your kids whole fruit. They don't need fruit juice sugar spikes anymore than you do.

In weight loss mode on Code Red, we only eat a handful of low-sugar berries in weight loss mode, because we wanna get your weight off as quickly (and safely) as possible. Since fruit spikes more insulin than most other real food, we avoid almost all of it until we're done losing weight.

If you're worried about nutrients, don't be. You get nutrients from meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds, seafood, and dietary fat. Fruit is just ONE food source with nutrients, not the ONLY one.

When you reach goal weight, you can carefully reintroduce fruit and see how you feel.

Until then, stick to the berries we allow in weight loss mode. Weight loss mode isn't meant to be forever. Buckle down and get your weight off so you can enjoy a great life in maintenance!

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