Down 74 pounds and feels SO much better!


Like a lot of people who are embarrassed about their size, Marian didn’t used to get many pictures taken. Even finding the “before” picture shown here was a struggle.
Before joining the Code Red Lifestyle™, Marian also struggled with:
➡️ Aching knees
➡️ Plantar fasciitis
➡️ Feelings of shame
Not only did Marian drop an impressive 74 pounds with real food, water, sleep, and a few simple rules, she also feels SO much better than she ever thought possible…both physically, and about herself.
If you wanna lose the weight…but also wanna lose having to feel like crap all the time…the 10 Pound Takedown will show you exactly how and what to do to get there.
Here’s where to check it out and join:


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