Code Red


Code Red


I’ll lose weight when…

You wanna lose the weight and keep it off – you really do.

You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. The pain, the fistfuls of pills, the scoldings from your doctor, the judgment from other people…

It's all miserable, and you'd give just about anything for it all to go away.

While scrolling through Facebook one evening, you spot another Code Red before and after post in your newsfeed, and it totally blows your mind.

The person featured lost the same amount of weight you need to lose. They've battled the same things you're battling. Their doctor took them off the medications you're currently taking.

Excited, you click through from the post to the 10 Pound Takedown page, and start to fill in your name and email address.

And then it starts…

All the reasons you can't, shouldn't, or don't want to join the 10 Pound Takedown.

“This is a crazy time. I'm not sure I'll be able to focus.”

“Wait, it's only Thursday. Who starts a diet on a Thursday? LOL.”

“My period just started. Ugh. Besides, I crave M&Ms.”

“I can't. I can't stand to fail again.”

“Meh…I guess I don't feel all that bad. Plus I get to eat as much ice cream and drink as much wine as I want!”

Listen. Life – YOUR life – is a limited-time offer.

None of us were born into this world to curl up in our comfort zones, destroy our bodies and minds and sentence ourselves to life imprisonment inside ourselves, act like helpless victims, or HIDE from experiences that can make us stronger and happier.

The longer you spend listening to that trembling voice in your head that doesn't want you to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK, the more life, love, and wonder you're missing out on.

Seriously, are you gonna lie on your deathbed thinking, “Gosh, if only I'd eaten more M&Ms. If only I'd guzzled more soda?”

No!! You're gonna lie there, full of regret about all things you didn't try…the chances you didn't take…the “failure” you didn't risk.

Who cares if you try a 10 Pound Takedown and mess up?

I mean, go into it with the full intent of succeeding, but if you slip a time or two, or you find it's not your thing, so what? It's sure better than tying yourself in knots wondering whether it'll work.

And if it DOES work, by him-hawing around, you're depriving yourself of the tools to set yourself FREE from the weight loss mountain once and for all.

That excuse-maker in your head isn't your friend. It may mean well, but listening to it is what got you into this mess, and listening to it will keep you miserable, deprived, and playing small.

Your life matters. YOU matter. DECIDE to take your life back NOW, not “when…”.

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