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78: F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

What Is This Episode About…

So many people are living life controlled by fear. The days turn into years and pretty soon, you find you have wasted your life because you were too afraid to step out. I want you to start living a BRAVER life! Do it AFRAID if you must.

Often a time, fear is bigger in our minds that it is in actual life. Once we overcome our fears, we wonder why we were even afraid in the first place. What this fear does to us is that it not only robs us our opportunities but also messes our self-confidence.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘paralyzed by fear’ This is when we let fear control our mind to the point that we can’t do anything. Whenever you catch yourself wondering what will happen if you fail, turn it around and ask, what if I don’t.

Once you decide to face your fears, you’ll realize that you have way more control than you knew. Whatever the situation you are in, just know you can turn it around. It is not as scary as you might be tempted to think. The amazing thing about facing your fears is that it grows your confidence to face the next big thing. And if the situation is totally beyond your control, then there is no point in worrying about it.

If you want to know how to live a fearless and braver life, click play on today’s episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Fear is always bigger in our minds than it is in actual life (02:35)
  • Decide to start living a braver life today (04:47)
  • Fear wastes so much of our brain space and our adrenaline for nothing (14:19)
  • It is not as scary as you think it is (19:09)
  • You have way more control over your situation than you realize (21:32)
  • Life will pass you by if you are controlled by fear, it’s time to live a braver life (23:17)
  • Facing your fears is like stepping on a ladder; it helps you face the next thing (27:44)

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This episode was released September 16, 2020

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Cristy  0:00  

The problem is not feeling the fear. The problem comes when you act on it. We do it afraid and that's what we really want to focus on you're gonna feel the fear but why do you act on it you let it steal your joy do you let it steal your progress? Do you let it keep you from doing what you love? No you don't you feel a fear you do it anyway. So you're going to you're going to have a courage is moving forward in the face of fear. And so we want you to move forward even though you feel afraid.


Intro  0:32  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food holds the power to heal or poisoned and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening. Welcome back to another Weight Loss and lifestyle. I'm your host Cristy Code Red joined by the very beautiful Cari Thompson.


Cari  1:06  

Thank you, Cristy. I'm so happy to be here and be talking about this subject. 


Cristy  1:11  

We almost canceled our podcasting this morning just because both of us are jam packed today. And like Kerry's getting ready to have a yard sale and and she's just back to back to back and so am I. But we were like, no, this is our like one of our favorite things to do. 


Cari  1:26  

It is and neither of us want to do it on Saturday night late. Bo Yanan Yeah, you know, like, okay, here's what we want to talk about, like we're better in the morning. So let's just say I think everybody's better in the mornings pretty much when 


Cristy  1:40  

I know there are some people who are not good in the mornings like they lesion better at 11 to 1am. Like I don't get that they're those night owls, you know, and Cari, you and I are not one of them. No We're definitely knocking this out early in the morning and our subject today is a good one that will resonate with so many of you We're talking about fear. And I have a good definition that I heard. And I want to give credit where credit's due I love Joyce Meyer, and I consume a lot of her content. And what I do is I take a lot of her ideas and her content, I repurpose them for you guys. I mean, there are no original ideas, right? Definitely want to give credit where credit's due and Joyce Meyer is a great teacher and a great preacher. She's been around for many decades and she is inspired and influenced my life. And so she was talking about fear and I was like No, I think I want to talk about fear because this is something that plagues our rebels Cari. 


Cari  2:35  

You know, and I think it's such an interesting thing because it it is always so much bigger in our minds than it is an actual life. And I think that if you can grasp that then you can face your fears and Chrissie I have been I'm not really a fearful person. But I've had a few times in my life when I've been pretty fearful about a few things. 


Cristy  3:00  

The definition I've heard of fear and not definition but the acronym so you take the word f e AR, and it stands for false evidence appearing real false evidence appearing real and the opposite of fear is faith. And you know if you guys are believers like like Cariing if you believe in Jesus, we love Jesus and we believe in Jesus and we believe in the Bible, and the Bible actually has three I think that this is correct 365 verses of fear, which seems to be one for every day. T


Cari  3:33  

here you go. When I was in high school Krissy as you know, like I'm telling you like you weren't there. I don't know what Cristy You know, my dad well, same as your dad. So when I when I was in high school, as you recall, I had to have back surgery. And I'll never forget a dear family friend Marianne Washburn knew that I was fearful because you know, Cristy growing up as you know, nobody really had surgery. Nobody went to the doctor, let's be honest, but I had To congenital spinal stenosis, and there was no way but to do a laminectomy. And back then, I mean, those were big words I didn't understand now I'm like, now literally, it's a 45 minute procedure outpatient. Back then I was in the hospital two weeks and it was like a seven hour procedure. But Maryann Washburn wrote scriptures on three by five cards about fear. And she gave them to me a big stack so I could read them. And it really helped me go through that experience was understanding what fear is another one I'll never forget is fear not for I'm with you. Do not be afraid for I am your God, I will strengthen you up I will lift you I will hold you in the hand of my righteousness. And like To this day, I don't want to talk about how long it's been since I was in high school. I still remember that scripture and that experience with fear. 


Cristy  4:47  

It's incredible and so many people can you can you can talk you can transfer this to any area of your life. You know, obviously rebel weight loss and lifestyle. We are weight loss experts in this program, not this program, this podcast. But our weight loss program is weight loss. But we don't always you know, so you of course you can talk about weight loss, but you can talk about going back to get your bachelor's degree. You can talk about raising kids, you can talk about going on a trip and there's so many areas of your life that fear can creep in and can rob you. Because we believe in God and Satan, we believe in good and evil, and that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and Satan's job is to make you fearful in every area of your life. That is what he spends his day doing. To make you fearful to where you won't step out. But I'm telling you, we need to start living a braver life. 


Cari  5:36  

I agree. Cristy Do you remember Judge Judy, when she would get really upset and she would go You are Elia? Sir, you are a liar.


Cristy  5:45  

You guys papapapa


Cari  5:46  

Yeah. Hey, hey, can you get with the gavel? I'm gonna get a gavel for staff meetings. Um, but I'm just saying that there's a worship song that says fear is a liar. Fear You are a liar. It's the same They are reminds me of Judge Judy, you, sir are a liar to get you to get Cari you're ugly, you look fat, nobody likes you you can't do this program you can't get your Rn you can't be successful in life you can't have good kids you can't have a good marriage sir You are a liar get the gavel. That's what I think of when I think of fear coming in and trying to play this with these thoughts and these ideas. 


Cristy  6:27  

And when the Bible talks about fear, or the Bible is not saying that you shouldn't feel fear, you're gonna feel fear, correct. There's nothing wrong, you're gonna feel fear to sin, or the problem is not feeling the fear. The problem comes when you act on it, we do it afraid. And that's what we really want to focus on. You're gonna feel the fear but why do you act on it? You let it steal your joy? Do you let it steal your progress? Do you let it keep you from doing what you love? No, you don't. You feel the fear you do it anyway. So you're gonna you're gonna have Courage is moving forward in the face of fear. And so we want you to move forward even though you feel afraid. 


Cari  7:07  

I like the idea of embracing the monster embracing it finding out really how big is it? Chrissy I'm so scared to start Code Red. I'm so scared. But when you actually turn into it, and you go it's real food, water and sleep. Well, the monster suddenly shrinks and it doesn't this fear that we've created our mind isn't quite as big as maybe we originally thought it was. You know what I mean? But also Chrissie. Have you noticed? There's some people that like their fear, they want to pet their fear. They want to keep their fear around. They want to cuddle it. They want to just stroke it's for a little bit. Have you noticed that it's a cop out personality. 


Cristy  7:48  

It's a cop out. They fear to be like to get out of things. Now. I remember when the little kids were little, and I had legitimate anxiety and fear over when they were living. Cari and I started thinking about what happens if they get molested? What happens if they go missing? What happens and as a mom, you can tell me that I'm sure this goes 100 times deeper than an auntie, but I would have these panic attacks and this massive fear would come over me where I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sleep. I mean, it consumed me. And Mom, our mom had to pray for me, because I was so consumed with fear, because and I was just borrowing trouble this the kids were safe tucked in their beds, and I would spend all night just worrying about something that would never happen. 


Cari  8:33  

Right? And I do think those are very real fears as parents, but you have to say, I'm going to protect them the best I can. And it's like turning into it. Okay, what's the likelihood that's going to happen? pretty low when you look at the stats, not that it's not a big deal. Please understand that I realize this is a very big deal. But what can I do to protect my child Okay, you know, I teach them about the no no zone, I teach them about people that try to do these things. I make sure that they're not in A place where they can be set up for being taken. And I mean, you can only do so much you know, and I think having the knowledge Krissy and knowing Chris either in bed asleep, you know that probably made you feel better. And that was before we could do videos and cell phones and yeah, I had to call you when it was 10 cents a minute, 


Cristy  9:19  

right? No, and we had a call me and the off hours with a calling card. You know, some of you people don't know nothing about that. You know, and a lot of our moms have that mommy martyr attitude, that thing where they think that that's part of being a good mom is making sure that you get up multiple times a night to check on your kids. And of course that's cutting into their sleep. And that is making it where moms you're unhealthy. So and then but they keep doing it because they think that it is a part of being a good mom and it's not. 


Cari  9:48  

Oh, Chrissy This reminds me I just was looking the way I'm looking over here is where my scriptures are. I have one ready Psalm 9419 when anxiety was great within me Your consolation brought joy to my soul. When anxiety was great within me, so I think that part of conquering fear is asking yourself questions like, what's the worst that could happen? Okay, because sometimes we make up these really big things in our head. Let's Can we just do it for weight loss, Cristy? Sure. Okay, I want to join a challenge. I just saw somebody posted on a 10 pound takedown you guys we have 10 pound takedowns every month, please join us. But somebody actually, Oh, I think I was doing a q&a. And they wrote, I'm so scared. And now not being a real fearful person in general. That was kind of a weird thing for me to read. And I thought, what are they afraid of? You have to ask yourself, What am I actually afraid of? What am I anxious about? And then you have to ask yourself, what's the worst is going to happen? Oh, it won't work. And you'll you know, you'll go back to where you were. What's the best that could happen? Well, the best that could happen is you're going to be like Like that story I just listened to this morning the podcast about Kristen and being healed from psoriatic arthritis which by the way was amazing if you guys haven't listened to it, you need to and that's the best that could happen, you know, what are what's the reality of the situation I'm in, you know, and I think having knowledge and looking at the best case, the worst case and kind of again, just kind of turning into it and seeing that like Chrissy said, it's not reality


Cristy  11:28  

I remember one time when I was boxing up in Albany, New York, and it was one of my last fights and I remember and guys this is boxing so this is legit let you know like how I got something to be you know like the when you say what's the worst gonna happen? I could die in the ring. Yeah, like so. You're not


Cari  11:44  

allowed to use that Chrissy when you're Yeah, right, right technique. 


Cristy  11:49  

I don't feel fear a lot in my life. But this was one of the times I can really remember. I was in my dressing room. We were the main event. It was St. Patrick's Day fight and this girl was Irish, and so Shannon Was she the hometown hero, she was Irish and it was St. Patrick's Day and everybody was drunk. And the whole crowd was dying for us to come out and fight. And I was below my dressing room was below the arena and the people were screaming and cheering so loud, getting ready for us to go out in the in the rain, that the ceiling was actually, I could see the ceiling, jolting and joking. And I remember I remember I was filled with so much fear. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, and I had been in 14 Pro fights at this point fighting was I've been fighting for years, eight years, so I don't know what I was. So but I was like, that whole thing. I built them in my mind. Like, ah, and of course, the fear that was unrealistic because I'm a good fighter, and I'm very easily matched with her. It just went it went through the roof, just with my own mind making it into something and I remember looking at the exit and saying, I could actually run out of that exit and run away as fast as I can. Of course it was dead a winner in upstate New York. And it's you don't want to go wrong You know, and out in the freezing cold, you know and I would have been sued because you can't be can't back out on the fighting contract. So I just had to get out there and I was so afraid. 


Cari  13:09  

I remember the moments before you sing, right? That horrible heart pounding like what I mean? Like Cristy, I grew up singing for things. So you get up to do a solo at the wedding. And you think I'm gonna throw up, I'm gonna throw up a Code Red live. Last year, I was so nervous. Then the minute the very first word came out of the mic. The minute I started talking, I was completely done being nervous and I wasn't nervous for the rest of the event. Same thing with singing. I wasn't probably when you got in the ring, and actually did whatever you do, because I do it in kickboxing. It's not the same. That's all I'm saying. But I bet your fear kind of went Whoosh. 


Cristy  13:49  

Yep. No, it's always it always goes the first few seconds of the first round is always the hardest. And then but the first maybe 15 seconds of the first round once you get that first hit out of the way You realize oh okay I can take this is fine you know you got another 12 rounds of that baloney and it's fine the fear just it melts away Same thing with singing Yes. couple of deep breaths I'm always so nervous before I sing and my heart and then my voice shakes and it's cracky because I can't breathe and and then it just goes away. 


Cari  14:19  

Do you ever notice Cristy then whenever I have those moments of being fearful and then it goes away which again I don't operate in fear like a lot of people and I you don't either so you know, it's kind of it's a little bit different to have us talk we don't lead a fearful life we will talk about some people we know that do but have you ever noticed and I get aggravated at myself because I let myself waste so much brain space on being very firm and I get mad. I'm like, Cari you know the song you just sing it. You know, Code Red live, you know, you're rebels. Why are you so why did you waste all that energy and all that adrenaline all that cortisol rush For this moment, you are going to be fine and I'm aggravated at myself for giving into the fear. 


Cristy  15:05  

It is a waste. And we have a we have a relative Cariing I have a relative who has crippling fear and has wasted and I'm going to say the word wasted her entire life. Yeah, wasted her entire life because she's been so controlled by fear, and so controlled by anxiety that she'd never did anything in her life, everything like sometimes she won't even cook anything on the stove because she's afraid she might leave the burner on, or it's stuff that is so unlikely to happen. And so she doesn't do anything, because she's so controlled by fear. 


Cari  15:38  

It's heartbreaking because you realize the potential that has been just kind of dampened this awesome potential awesome, creative, amazing, loving, intelligent person that has lived their life being scared to drive outside of a certain radius. Now I do want to have a caveat though because I don't want people to message us, Cristy, that anxiety disorders are very real, very real. We're not talking about people that have psychological disorders because of abuse and trauma. We're not we're talking about people. Yeah, we're not talking about PTSD, right? Because I don't want people to be like Cari and Kristi aren't sensitive to mental disorders we and I'm, this is a different situation. This is scared to speak at your PTA meeting. This is just stuff that you can handle. This is everyday life. And we're not talking about people that walk in fear and anxiety and have horrible crippling disorders, because of past things that have happened in trauma. So we're not talking about those people. So please, don't write in and be like, my uncle, you know, had it. Yeah, I understand. Like I'm married to somebody with PTSD. It's different. 


Cristy  16:49  

Yeah, there's a legitimate. There are legitimate anxiety disorders and fear and based disorders out there that people battle with every day. We're not making light of that. We're not nothing If you're afraid to bungee jump, yeah, I can see why you might be afraid to bungee jump. I mean, there's some risk there, you know, and, and that scared walking off a platform I'm not talking about I'm talking about just like going back and getting your bachelor's degree. I'm so scared. What are you scared about? Joining a 10 pound takedown. I'm so scared. What are you scared about? I don't relate well, and I get asked this question a lot. Whenever I speak in front of entrepreneurs a lot, and I do a lot of business podcasts. And I get asked a lot, you know, what do you fear and how do you deal with your fears? and Marty said this the other day that she goes, maybe you can talk about, you know, I'm going to speak at her summit, and she said, maybe you can talk about how you got over your fears. I said, Marnie. I didn't have the fears. I don't I don't live my life like that. I don't like Oh, oh, I wonder what happened. Oh, I just I have faith in the system. I have faith in my business coaches. I have faith in the code red team to be able to back up whatever I'm doing, and I have faith that the process is going to work. I mean, I do take a lot of risks.


Cari  17:58  

What if I fail What if you don't? Right? Okay, Joshua one nine Have I not commanded you Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord God is with you wherever you go. What am I wrong and courageous guys Be strong and courageous. Go ahead sorry 


Cristy  18:19  

Be strong and courageous one of my rebel for lifers, I just did a little snippet video in the Facebook groups about this kind of this touched on this a lot a little bit. And one of my rebel for lifers, one of my VIP clients, they said, I've always been fearful about driving at night. And I mean, that's legit, I think because there's a lot of people it's hard to see at night. I know my husband is 61 and and he doesn't like driving at night. It just kind of has a hard time seeing and it's there's deer in the road and some of it's legit, but it's keeping her from taking a night class is keeping her from being able to pick up the kids from their activities. So it's really been limiting her. This is what she shared in the group and she said that After I listened to your video, Cristy and hopefully we'll get more people that are doing this after they listen to this podcast, she said, took off in my car after dark and I just drove around my neighborhood and practice. 


Cari  19:09  

Good. And you know, we don't want you to be unsafe. But I think that there is a point when you have to just say, I'm not going to give in to these feelings. And even Yes, I'm going to be terrified. Yes, it's scary to start back to school. Yes, it's scary to try one more thing to help you lose weight. Yes, it's scary to look at all your debt. And finally write it down on a piece of paper. Yes, it's scary to make a change and do things differently, but stepping out and when you face it head on. There's something about that, like I said earlier that it just shrinks that scary thing down and you kind of go, is that what I was afraid of? Like right there. It's sort of like Cristy when you walk out at night into your living room and you go and you turn the light and it's a coat on the coat rack. It's not a person, guys, turn on the light in your life. And look because it's probably just a coat on a coat rack it's not something as scary as you think it is. 


Cristy  20:09  

Cari Didn't you used to be a little bit afraid of flying and you told me you said you know I you get things worked up in your mind and you say yeah, let my mind did not get out of control. I'm fine.


Cari  20:21  

I've had many almost I mean, I hate to say the word panic attacks because I've taken care of people in the emergency room with true panic attacks that cannot breathe. True panic attacks think they're having a heart attack. So I don't want to use that word lightly. But what I would consider somewhat of a panic attack on planes. And I finally just said to myself, well, what are you gonna do about it Cari on, if the plane crashes, or you arrive safely? If you're still in the plane, you can't get out. I mean, it's like it's and I finally I came to that realization. I still get nervous, but I don't panic because there's nothing you can do it The outcome cannot be controlled by you. And I think sometimes Krissy that fear is worsened in situations when people cannot control the outcome when you can't control what might happen. And those are very strange places. But guys, you're going to get your degree, you can control that outcome. You joining a 10 pound takedown, you control that outcome, you get a custom program, you control that outcome, you deciding to walk your dog every single day and not be worried about, you know, like the thing in your neighborhood. You control that outcome, you really do so you have way more control over your situation than you realize you're not. You're not stuck in a little metal tube going 800 miles an hour or 30,000 feet in them. I'm just saying just easy. 


Cristy  21:47  

You do control especially I don't understand when people say I'm afraid of straining or joining a challenge because you control the last eight inches here. So it's not prison. Nobody's shoving loaves of bread down your throat Shall I Don't know why people are so afraid. I'm just afraid. I'm afraid of failing, but you choose if you fail or night. So I don't it seems very black and white to me you choose whether you succeed or fail. So what are you afraid of? Because it's a choice is ultimately yours. It's one thing if you're afraid of a meteor hitting your house, that's something you can't control. But if it's food, you are the one feeding you. 


Cari  22:22  

Yeah, if the outcome is uncontrollable, then you have to save yourself. So why am I worried then? Because if I can't predict the outcome, what is my energy going toward? In this situation? Just like me being anxious on the plane, I got my stomach all upset. I'm queasy. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I'm sweating. So but I'm still on the plane. I can't control that. So that I think there are two different categories of fear things you control things you can't control, the things you can control. Boy, you have the ability to steer that ship. The other things you have to ask yourself Wow, is it really is it just coat on a coat rack, you know, you have to ask yourself that you really do. And these are not easy things. These are hard things in life guys. And I think really turning to it for me, helps me understand that it's just a mirage. It's not quite as big as I thought it was. 


Cristy  23:17  

So many of you have spent your life years decades, just going through the motions of your little safe little routine, you've lived like a hermit crab, and you've you just oh, you just make sure you just, I'm just going to do this. I'm just going to go to this grocery store. I'm not going to take my computer to the coffee shop and work, you know, you didn't work try anything new, you're stuck in your ways. You're just going through the motions of your little day you get up you let your dog out in the yard, you wouldn't want to walk him because you know, I just don't know that that house up there on the side and they might have Oh, you know, until you just let the dog out. And then you just went you go get your that and you take your little computer all these days turned into yours, and you've never tried anything and now you're in your car. 60s and life has just passed you by and you've been you've wasted life. You just so controlled by fear. That's the problem I have with those of you listening right now that you don't want to try anything new because you're so you don't want to live a braver life. It's time to live a braver life. 


Cari  24:15  

Amen. I agree. 100% and I think that you can also influence and shape your children in this sense too. So two examples come up Chase and Anne Marie. So chase wanted to buy a bus Cristy chases my son, he is 21 and he wanted to buy a bus and I don't mean like a like a Sprinter van, like a URL. link with a stop sign. He bought a school bus. And of course, if anybody knows a diesel engine going out in a vehicle that size is super expensive. So that was my that was Brandon, his you know his step. Dad's only advice to him was be aware of that cost. But that kid stepped out. He wasn't afraid of what other people said to him. He wasn't afraid of what could go wrong. And he did his research and he is right. redoing this bus they call it it's a whole community of people called schoolies. They redo school buses into RVs. It makes me so excited that I was able to raise a kid that was fearless, not stupid or irresponsible, but fearless in his actions to go out there and have a good time. Also, this reminds me number two of Anne Marie. So she needed a sport guys Emory's my 10 year old daughter, and I suggested something I thought would play to her strengths, which was jujitsu. So her first day she's got the ghee on, and I probably have tied it wrong. I think that I actually put the pants on backwards. How are you supposed to know she's shaved the same in the front in the back? She's 10. Anyway, so we got her in there Chrissy and she looks so terrified. That moment, she was supposed to walk in her eyes got really big, and I was like, have a good time and I just shoved her. And I was like, see ya. But that pushing her to do stuff she's uncomfortable with Yeah, it's more comfortable to stay home and play on your phone. Of course it's more comfortable to not work Do a school bus. Of course, it's more comfortable to not go back and your degree or to try to lose weight, or to be a part of a health program. Of course, it's more comfortable, but sometimes somebody or you just need to shove yourself into the Jiu Jitsu class and shut the door and say, I'll see you later and force yourself into making those changes. Sometimes it just takes somebody kind of pushing you and shutting the door. You can do that with your kids. Super good for kids to try new things. 


Cristy  26:27  

Yeah. And I know that a big reason why Cari and I and our other sister Laura, Laura is a little different than us just in personality and everything. But Cari and I are very, very, very brave and we are fearless. And a big reason for that is mom and dad. Let us take these trips to California. We were raised in the mountains of northern Idaho, and about a 24 hour drive to come to the Bay Area of California to see our relatives. And so we got in twice two different years. Cari was 16 I was 14 and Laura was 11. And they let us take the families wagon and drive. And remember, this is back in the 90s when we didn't have cell phones drive all the way to the Bay area where dad wrote directions on a Yeah, he drew on a legal pad. Yeah legal pad and wrote little, little directions and little pictures and stuff for us. And that actually, I mean, a lot of you parents listening right now and I've done a whole podcast on this, which was the single one of the single biggest defining moments of my life is mom letting us do this mom and dad. But some of you parents listening absolutely, like would be horrified to let this happen, especially with no cell phone, and barely any money. And so, you know, and things happen along along the way that we had to figure out but this is what made Cari and I so fearless was having it was being able to do this on our own with no help. 


Cari  27:44  

I agree with you 100% and it makes me go. I did that. So I can do this. And I think that let me tell you rebel something is that when you face your fears, and you get that experience, it's like a step ladder. You see Stand on that step to face the next thing and then you stand on that step to next face the next thing and it is a progressive movement into being more brave and let me tell you something when I lost my hundred pounds it took me a long time to believe that I was brave enough and that I could exercise again we don't think exercise anything has anything to do with weight loss you guys know our stance on this but for me, it was time for me to move into that and it was very scary for me just like I'm gonna screw up I'm never gonna be as strong as Cristy I'm never gonna look as good as Cristy but I stood on the step of Will you lost 100 pounds and you've kept it off Cari. I stood on that step. And that helped me reach up to reach the next step of well you can take your life back with exercise Cari, you can transform your health that way as well. Do you know what I mean? Cristy. So every progressive win, every time you face your fears, it says so, up, build, build on it to the next thing.


Cristy  29:00  

A lot of you guys don't see all the times I try to let you in on my life. I mean, if you follow me on Instagram stories I've really tried to let you in on my life but a lot of you guys don't see all the times I fell on my face all the times, I'm developing new programs even right now as I speak, this whole list is full of things I'm working on. It's gonna take a lot of faith for this to work. Now, of course, I put systems and safeguards in place. I cross my T's I's I mean, I think it's going to work. But it's a real leap of faith. What if it doesn't work, and I fall on my face again, you only see brave Cristy you only see Cristy, like, and that's fine. I am brave, but there is some trepidation stepping into these different programs. What if it fails, I've wasted a bunch of money, and then my community laughs ship me that. But you have to know that even I am stepping out in faith every almost every day that I'm doing code read. I'm having faith that my programs are going to sell. I'm having faith that you're going to like them and you're going to find hope and healing from them. And Joyce Meyer has a book called do it afraid. I would encourage you You guys all get that book? I don't know. I think you can go to her website or you can go to Amazon do it afraid because you're gonna feel the fear. But what do you do? You push past it. Courage is moving forward in the face of fear. 


Cari  30:12  

I felt so ridiculous the very first time I showed up at the gym Chrissy and I was like, What am I doing here? This is stupid Cari go home. Always people are so intimidating. It's such an intimidating space but you were with me. And you held my hand. And you were like you can do this. Every little ridiculous thing I did. You were like that was good. Even though I know it wasn't good. By the way.


Cristy  30:37  

You were like that is good. That is good.


Cari  30:38  

And you gave me the encouragement and the faith to keep moving and you guys that's what Cristy does when you join a 10 pound takedown. It is scary but she walks in there with you. She holds your hands our leaders, our coaches, Cristy, the videos she holds your hands and she says you're doing good. And you're like all I did was put a Twinkie in the car. But you Cristy's like that was the best


Cristy  31:01  

Twinkie garbage thing I've ever seen.


Cari  31:05  

And you think it's amazing. You're so proud of yourself Chrissy. A video popped up on my phone of me two years ago doing the ring jumps holding the jumps and jumping. And you guys I was coming off the ground this much for those of you that are listening I have I don't know what two inches kind of show I was barely jumping. I thought I was jumping 18 feet the way Cristy was acting. I was jumping like 18 feet in the air like I had a broad jump of like two feet. Now I was like whoa, look at those hops. I had no hops, guys. But Chrissy made me feel so encouraged that I kept going. So that's what it's like when you join us on this is that she stands with you and she walks into this fearful situation with you. And she holds your hand and she makes you feel like you're jumping really high. Even though two years later when you look at the video, you realize you weren't jumping very high at all, but you felt like it at the time.


Cristy  31:55  

 I love that. Thank you. Wow, that's You're welcome. I saw that pop up on my stories on my Memories too. And I was like, I remember that that's so it was good. 10 pound take down Calm is the best place to get started with us. And we want you to remember false evidence appearing real. It's not real. It's not real. Most of the stuff that you're working up in your mind, you're just getting yourself worked into a tizzy for nothing. For nothing. It's time for you to start living a braver life and maybe it starts with you getting your weight under control. Maybe it starts with you getting your health under control, because it does spill out into every area of your life. When you're in good health. You tend to want to go back and finish that bachelor's degree you tend to want to go ahead and do the other things in your life. Maybe you apply for a job maybe you start a skincare line or like you You start selling Mary Kay or you start crocheting, I mean you never know. But all of it usually starts with getting your weight under control. 


Cari  32:49  

I want to leave you guys with this ready Mark 5:36 everyone, close your eyes and don't be afraid. Just believe Mark 5:36. Don't be Afraid just believe Yeah, 


Cristy  33:03  

that's good guys we enjoyed spending this time with you on rebel weight loss in lifestyle Tune in next week for another episode rewatch the episode share like review you know if you've got a loved one that you want to share some one of these subjects with it it's always just best to send them the podcast that episode. Don't try to explain it yourself. It's just best if you let us explain it. It's gonna be better coming from us. It's like when you tell your kids eat your vegetables, but when coach Cristy tells your kids vegetables, Katie bar the door they listen, listen, they're going to listen to me. Just send them the episode on cholesterol or whatever the heck do you want them to learn? Let us do the work for you. We sure appreciate each and every one of you. We'll see you on the next rebel weight loss and lifestyle. We'll also see you on the next 10 pound take down. Take care everybody.


outro  33:52  

Thanks so much for listening torebel weight loss and lifestyle. If you're a code red rebel and you haven't already downloaded your free Code Red lifestyle on the go guide, then Now is your time to get a copy. This guide will teach you how to stay Code Red approved, even with your crazy life schedule. To get a copy right now, all you need to do is open your podcast app, go to this episode show notes and click the link to get your Code Red approved on the go guide. So I will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.


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