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Are you being tricked by this “health food” lie?

On one of my recent 10 Pound Takedown videos, a Rebel who stopped eating gluten years before she found Code Red shared this:

After realizing she was sensitive to gluten, she switched to gluten-free processed foods, thinking they were healthier.

A lot of people do this. “Well, it says gluten-free,” or sugar-free, or grain-free, or the ultimate kiss of death, fat-free, so it “must be healthy.”

Nope, not necessarily. But food manufacturers count on you believing it is “healthy” in order to sell it to you.

Processed food is processed food, no matter what packaging the manufacturer slaps on it.

The Rebel who shared that she switched to gluten-free processed food also said that she gained weight and still got headaches, because these gluten-free processed foods were stuffed with sugar and other crap to help make them palatable.

What's crazy is that this is hardly the first time food manufacturers have “misled” you into thinking crappy food is healthy.

It also happened in 1977, when the low-fat craze kicked in. 

Basing their decision on debunked, cherry-picked studies about the cause of heart disease, the government issued low-fat dietary guidelines and the bullcrap food pyramid. Everyone began panicking about the fat in foods.

The food industry leapt into action, preparing low-fat and non-fat versions of ALL kinds of food.

See, the food industry's not dumb. They understood, even back then, that when you remove the fat from food, it tastes AWFUL.

So in order to make their food-like products palatable, they replaced fat with sugar and processed carbohydrates.

And so began the health and obesity epidemics we endure today.

It's interesting how the fitness craze came on the heels of the low-fat craze. Calories in, calories out…a calorie is a calorie…all that nonsense.

I call it nonsense because, if exercise and low-fat eating are the answer to your weight problem, why are we getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker?

When you look at it like I've just described, the answers are obvious:

1) Low-fat is not healthy.

2) You cannot out-exercise a poor diet.

Yeah. It's a lot to wrap your mind around.

And you maybe asking yourself, “Jeez, if this information is as wrong as Cristy's saying, how did our society end up here? How did I end up here? And is there anything I can do about it?”

Yes, there is.

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