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How to rock it on road trips

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Do your road trips and vacations revolve around figuring out your next meal?

It sounds fun on the surface, right? All the different foods and restaurants.

But the downside is, food dictates the whole trip. There are sights to see, places to go, experiences to enjoy, and people to meet.

Yet all you can think about is. “When's breakfast? When's lunch? When's dinner? I need a snack. I want something to eat.”

Plus there's all the time you lose driving to and from restaurants.

It really sets you up to reach for the processed convenience junk food.

I travel a lot. But when I take a trip, food isn't what I think about.

Of course I eat if I get hungry. I can find something Code Red-approved at any restaurant, even if I have to make special requests.

(I always ask nicely, and any restaurant I've been to is happy to oblige.)

This frees up SO much time, money, and mental energy.

I'm not feeling pressure every second to “find something to eat.”

Road trips are even easier! I'll bring my own food in a cooler; or I just buy one of those cheap styrofoam ones you can get anywhere, plus food to fill it.

I choose simple things that are Code Red-approved and easy to eat.

March is National Nutrition Month, and I am ALL about the power of nutrition to help you lose weight and heal. That includes making healthy choices on the fly.

That's what Cari (my sister and COO of my company) are doing as we travel through Texas this week.

Below is a video I filmed about it.

Here's the food and supplies we bought right before heading out:

• Hard-boiled eggs
• Pre-sliced turkey
• Guacamole
• Olives
• Prepared (crouton-free) salads (which we'll add the turkey and olives to)
• Bottled water
• Plastic forks (from the deli)

Super easy! We'll eat when we reach our hotel room in Midland.

And we won't give it another thought the rest of the day.

I encourage you to try this next time you take a trip, and experience for yourself how liberating it is.

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