Code Red


Code Red


He pointed a gun at my dad’s head and pulled the trigger…

Did you know my dad was a police officer when I was little?

Every time I hugged him before he left for work, I knew it might be the last time.

And then one day, it nearly was.

A man pointed a gun at my dad's head…and pulled the trigger.

But the gun misfired.

And my dad survived.

Being a cop is one of the hardest jobs there is.

I trained cops at the Trinity Boxing Gym in New York, and I saw, firsthand, the toll police work takes on your body.

Plus, it's a thankless job. The hours are grueling.

You suffer exorbitant levels of unrelenting stress and life-threatening danger on a daily basis.

And every day you and your family face that terrifying uncertainty of not knowing whether you'll come home at night.

So when I  learned 8 out of 10 police officers are overweight (source: FBI) and 4 out of 10 are obese (source: The Wall Street Journal), I knew I had to help.

Enter: Code Red Protocol.

It's a simple wellness program I designed specifically for law enforcement, EMS workers, and military personnel, to help you shed fat and get healthy.

And you know the best part?

It doesn't require exercise, shakes, diet pills, diet patches, or nasty pre-packaged diet foods.

Watch the Code Red Protocol video below to learn more.

Then click here to email any questions you have.

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