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Do I exercise when I get to maintenance?

Let me be clear on something.

Exercise is not a way to address your weight problem. Weight loss is 100% nutrition.

People hear me say that, and leap to the conclusion that “Cristy hates exercise,” or “Cristy says I can't exercise!”

I'm an elite-level athlete – I don't hate exercise. It has a MILLION benefits.

It's just that weight loss isn't one of them.

When you lose ALL your weight, guess what?

If it works for you (meaning you won't injure yourself, and you're physically capable of it), I would love for for you to start an exercise program.

That way, you can enjoy the million other benefits, but this time without having to fret and freak about whether it affects your weight loss.

Some of those benefits include:

  • – Building muscle
  • – Fighting bone density loss
  • – Improved flexibility
  • – Improved cardiovascular health
  • – Fighting depression
  • – Stress relief
  • – Tighten up loose skin

“What about during weight loss mode, Cristy? Should I exercise then?”

Not something I'm gonna get into here, because like I said: Exercise is not a way to address your weight problem.

What too often happens when I talk about exercise is this:

Somebody who's joined the Code Red Lifestyle™ and is halfway to their goal weight will decide they wanna start exercising. It might be for loose skin, or for mental health…but it might also be because, deep down, they believe it'll help them get to goal weight faster.

Nope. Following the program exactly is what'll get you there.

Exercise has its place, no doubt about it. And when you reach your goal weight, safely go for it!

But do not, for one second, do it because you think you need it to help you lose your weight. You absolutely do NOT.

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