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73: Nailing The BASICS


What Is This Episode About…

People over-complicate the CodeRedLifestyle and are always looking for the magic pill, the tricks, the workaround but you absolutely MUST nail the BASICS before taking it to the next level.

If you are not nailing the basics, nothing else you do will work. Drinking water, sleeping, and the food list we give you are the basics. There is no magic out there that will work if you are not getting the basics right. The Code Red Lifestyle rules are pretty simple. Drink your water, sleep enough at night, and eat from the food list.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can try out other things, but first, nail the basics down. If you ever find yourself off the track with the lifestyle or any other thing in life, just go back to the basics. There is no magic pill to make the body work. For instance, if you are not sleeping, your body holds on to fat as a way to protect you.

Some people tend to think that are too good for the basics. That the basics are for beginners. This is not true. The basics are so important. They are our foundational beliefs here at Code Red. There is no supplement in the world that is stronger than a good night’s sleep, drinking your water and your food. Don’t overcomplicate it, NAIL down the BASICS.

Key Takeaways

  • Don't biohack, let's just stick with real food, water, and sleep (05:52)
  • There is no magic pill to make the body work, it’s all in the basics (08:58)
  • Having a daily recommitment to the basics to avoid going off track (11:13)
  • There is no supplement out there that is as powerful as going to bed on time and drinking your water (19:14)
  • Going through our monthly challenge to master the basics before going to the custom program (21:15)
  • If you're not putting the work, it doesn't matter what you are doing (22:46)
  • If you fall off the track, don’t get overwhelmed, just go back to the basics (26:02)
  • Getting back to the basics applies to other areas of your life including your marriage, kids, finances (31:07)

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This episode was released August 12, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

We don't want to complicate things collagen is not going to do you any good. If you are not sleeping, it's not gonna, it's not a magic, it's not going to help you make up. It's like, Oh, just sprinkle some magic, sprinkle some college on it, it'll be okay. And all of a sudden, you're gonna have your seven and a half hour sleep. Instead of being sleep deprived for the past four nights. It's not magic, nothing is nothing is gonna work. If you don't have the water, the sleep and the food list nailed down, nothing else is gonna work.


Intro 0:32  

I'm CristyCode Red and you're listening to revel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poison. And we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:59  

Welcome back to work. Weight Loss and lifestyle I am your host and the owner of Code Red CristyCode Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. And boy Cari you're getting to be a well I'm gonna say you're getting to be what are we done like 60 some of these, you know, like you're on almost impossible. But I always want you to know how much I appreciate you need episodes with me.


Cari  1:20  

Thank you. I really appreciate it again, as I was getting I was picking out what to wear wear my America t shirt for those of you that are listening. It's mom, as I was putting it on in the closet, my husband came in and he goes, What are you going to do? I go, Oh, I'm on a podcast with Christie today. And I go, I like to apply for the job where I do this all day. He starts laughing. So I know I've said that before, but I just want to say it again. If anyone's hiring if you need someone to talk all day,


Cristy  1:46  

hey, you start your own podcast and do it. I'm telling you, we get to it gets old really quick.


Cari  1:51  

I was gonna say after about three or four hours, I'd be like, I'm ready just to answer some emails. Yeah.


Cristy  1:57  

I think that's the nice thing about working for Code Red. We always have something new that we're doing. So we are thankful that all of you guys are here with us today. Thank you for rating and reviewing. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for sharing. None of that goes unnoticed. And we really appreciate there's a reason why this podcast is ranked so high. And it's because of you. And it's because I don't know the way we talk to you. It resonates with you. And we know that we're real and in a world full of Photoshop filtered and fake. This is refreshing, I think.


Cari  2:29  

Yeah, I think you're right. And I always have maintained that I will, that people can sniff out a phony people can tell when you aren't being authentic. And I think that's one of the things about us is like I'm talking to you literally the way I talked to you right before we started recording, it's except for maybe I'm looking at the camera and not at your face. Whereas before I would have been looking at your face so


Cristy  2:54  

and I like that compliment that I receive is oh Cristyyou're the exact same when someone sees me at the mall or sees me gas station Oh Cristyyour exact same on you know, I just called somebody last night I called a rebel. She's one of my VIP clients, which for those of you guys who don't know rebel for life rebels are, that's our VIP program and I only open that up once or twice a year. And you have to apply to be in the VIP program, but I take very good care of my VIPs. And I noticed she was really upset. So I just called her up. And she said, You sound just like, you sound the same on the phone as you do on your videos. And that was a huge compliment to me.


Cari  3:31  

And that is one of the things that I like best about you not only as you know as your employee, but also as your sister is that you are the same person in the hotel after we get done with an event as you are on this podcast as you are at a book signing as you are anywhere You're the same person and I don't think that there are very many people like that in this world. I really don't, man.


Cristy  3:55  

Well, I appreciate it. Thank you and thank you again to all of you. Let's jump right into today's subject. We're talking about nailing the basics. And it's, I think this comes up a lot, but we don't really think about it, but it comes up quite a bit. And we see people that are barely dipping their toe into the lifestyle. And then they want to take it all the way to the extreme, and they don't have the basics nailed. They really don't Krissy and it's frustrating because I see a couple things. I see that situation. And then I see people that are having trouble and struggling with the code red lifestyle, but they aren't nailing the basics. So I see kind of the boat, you're seeing one side, I'm kind of seeing the other side. And it's just so simple. When we try to bring them back around to that. Right, the challenge the 10 pound take down monthly challenge. We have challenges that 30 day challenges they we have them rolling every month rolling challenges. That's the point of the challenge is to nail the basics. I think that people instead of just keeping it simple Like following the rules list, there are 10 simple rules following the food list, following the do's and don'ts, you know, just it's so basic and just eat off this side. Don't get off that site. Instead of just doing that, my Lord, they just want to all of a sudden take off with it. And they want to like they want to test their ketones, which is not something we endorse or want you doing. I want to test my ketones on a keto Mojo reader, you know, a blood glucose monitor and they want to get a continuous CGM. They want to get you know, they want to go to a naturopath and get all these up on like they, they just go crazy and yet they're not even sleeping at night.


Cari  5:34  

Right. And like I said to you, I was trying to think of examples. I have a couple of them but one of them is you're gonna drink organic, you know, mushrooms of the earth, the monks they grounded themselves, you're gonna drink this tea that probably is really good for you. But you're still going through the drive thru at McDonald's. It's like,


Unknown Speaker  5:52  

I really think instead


Cari  5:54  

of going to these strange extremes and trying to find what supplements gonna do this And what kind of collagen? Can I add to this? And how can I up these chemicals in my body? It's like, Oh, hold on, don't biohack let's just stick with real food, water and sleep. And when you've got that,


Cristy  6:15  

then you can start talking about the other things. I think you hit the nail on the head by saying biohack and there are people out there, everybody knows I'm a huge Kris Gethin fan. he happens to be my neighbor. He was my coach for a while we are friends and colleagues and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. But he is searching for that 1% he is searching for that extra. He already does everything right. But that 1% for him would be sleeping in this tent on his bed that cuts out all EMF waves. Really? Yeah, like the 1% is like that having that one little supplement but see guys, he is already nailing the basics. He's so far beyond the basics, and we've got people and Cari I love your stuff. story about the ICU patient that's smoking of the window. I don't think you really can do this anymore. Not anymore. You could back in the day is asking for filtered water and you're like, wait a minute, I've got you on a or you know the story.


Cari  7:13  

Yeah, it's exact same thing. It's really, you know, a, we're worried about your oxygenation and whether or not you're gonna end up on a ventilator and you're asking me for filtered water. Let's fry the big fish. And okay, so Christie, oh, we have a page Cristyknows this. I'm telling this to everyone else. It's called the life page, code read life. And it's kind of like where everyone goes after a challenge. It's like the big huge meeting group of people and part of my staff Cristyand I his staff responsibilities, and I always help as well is to get on that page and approve posts because we want to keep it positive. We want to keep it clean. You know, we want to keep it always on the up and up no confusing posts. So we have some moderation going on which is smart. Even my Kentucky chicken trading page has moderation. That's all I'm gonna say. So they like to moderate everyone moderates. Anyway, today I went on Christie, and someone said, I'm so discouraged. You know, I'm gaining weight, I am frustrated, I need help. Somebody helped me and then in the next line, it was my sleep has been horrible because of this thing happening. And I haven't been drinking my water and also I'm not going poop. And I thought to myself like, well, it probably I wasn't the one to answer I probably should have let a staff answer because they would have been like loves or, you know, how can we encourage you? Because my, you know, Christie staff is amazing. But I said, so I'm confused. Like, you'll just explain to me what's going on. You aren't nailing the basics, so don't complain about having trouble. Again, complain, but don't seek out what's the magic answer when you're not sleeping? Yeah,


Cristy  8:58  

there are that. That's the magic answer. Right, exactly. And I like to say there is our like to turn it around to sound a little sassy and saying there ain't no magic pill, you know, because people magazine contacted me a few years ago and asked me, what's the magic? What is the magic combination of trying to get the body you want cuz I trained celebrities. And I was like, there's no magic, every single one of us has to follow the rules. So nailing the basics. We see this every single day and we see people that try to look for that edge, they're looking for that, that 1% they're looking for that the shape of the pill or the right diet food or that extra that they can do, but they're not even sleeping, they're not drinking their water, and they're not sticking to the food list and you wonder you won't be able to get that edge, we might as well just take down the whole hog. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't eat clean, but if you're not sleeping and drinking your water, it doesn't really matter what you're going to eat. It does but it doesn't because it's just not going to do a hell of beans good. Your body sends the lack of sleep as stress and well hang on to body fat as a way to protect you. We know this is one of the foundational beliefs and teachings of code read. But people forget that and they are looking for that extra extra extra without nailing the basics.


Cari  10:08  

Or they'll put up I noticed this too. Now on our paid coaching pages, people can post their food logs. We have people on custom programs, and otherwise track their food on an app called lose it. And that's not a code red app. Although don't we wish it was.


Unknown Speaker  10:24  

I'm just saying. Yeah,


Cari  10:26  

but anyway, part of it is they'll post their food logs and someone will say to them, I kid you not. What's in that vitamin? You're taking it five. I'm like, wait a minute.


Unknown Speaker  10:41  

You're not drinking your water. I don't


Cari  10:44  

like don't even put up your logs if you I mean, I do want people to do that. But if you aren't nailing the basics, it's so fundamental and also Chrissy on kind of a twist that when people get off track, and we've done a lot of podcasts on getting off track They get so worried about all these issues on getting back on track when the truth is all they have to do is go back to the basics. That's all they have to do to get back on track.


Cristy  11:13  

And this is why New Year's resolutions people will fail them within the first 20 days of the NES, because they it takes too much on they take on too much. They want to exercise, they want to lose weight, they want to do this, they want to spend more time with their spouse. And then they just end up not being able to keep up any of it. If you don't nail the water and the sleep and the food list and you won't be able to do anything else. But without you know, I would rather see someone in their new year's resolution, just pick one to two things that they know the whole year and just get those down. Also, we have people that come on the challenge, you know, the two weeks into the challenge and then all of a sudden they think they've got the basics nailed. But even for Cari and I and then well let me finish your sentence. They come on they think they have the basics nailed and then they they try to take it to the clinic. Go way overboard with it and they try to take it to the next level after 10 days of being on the challenge. Well, it take Cari and I have to do a daily recommitment to just the basics. So you don't even even the best of us, we have to concentrate on getting back to square one where we're making sure we get our water in every day, we make sure to ensure we protect our sleep boundaries and our bedroom boundaries. And then we're making sure we're only eating real food. Even the best of us can get off track if we're not careful.


Cari  12:29  

It was funny, Chrissy. Two things come to mind. I'm holding my finger in the shape of the letter. So I don't remember. So I don't forget. That's a joke. That's a thing that Cristy I do. Like if I want to tell her something about our sister Laura. I'll hold the letter L in my head until I think about Oh, remind me to tell you about this and I'll sometimes show her that. That's a weird thing we do. Anyway, let me put my hand back in the letter shape. So this morning, I went to the gym. That's a part of my health journey. And I felt like a little tired and we're doing the exercises. I could usually I can do them for the 30 seconds minutes. You know, we're kind of doing a hit training sort of thing. And I felt tired. And then I went back to, Oh, you didn't do the basics Cari? You did not get enough sleep last night. And that's all on me. But why do I expect myself to? Then what happens is a cascade of events because I didn't get the basics, then I think I'm hungry when I'm probably just thirsty. And I got started late on my water and I'm tired. So that makes me think I'm hungry makes my body my body craves sugar, so I can get my energy back up quickly. Do you see what I mean? So it's just the basics. It's like, even I have to go, Oh, yeah, well, you didn't get the basics right today Cari.


Cristy  13:37  

I think people sometimes think they're too Maybe not too good. But they're beyond the basics that they don't need to worry about, like less beginner stuff. That's what you learn on your first challenge. But that's why we have people that have done every single challenge, and they are in leadership with code read, because they realize that the basics are so important. And people ask us, like, do you teach other things during your monthly challenge? And I say We will always teach our foundational core beliefs. And that's just what we believe. And so I think it helps people to repeat challenges because we're always teaching the basics. And I think a real dangerous situation to be in is when you get into leadership with code read, if you're a senior leader or a leader or a coach, or you're on staff and you just think you got this and well I just got this and then pretty soon you're getting some weights coming back on or, or you're getting off track a little bit and you're getting headaches during the day because you're just and you haven't even nailed the basics but because you're you're on staff you think you know, everything man. I mean, all of us have got to make sure that we keep adjust get. I know we're repeating it a lot on this podcast, but really just nailing the foundational basics. I laugh sometimes I'll have, you know, somebody that gets out of hand and,


Cari  14:51  

and I'll be like, Oh, it's time to jerk their chain. Now that's not a very nice way. We don't believe in abusing animals. I would never but sometimes it's Sure you have to kind of, you know, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Where did we get off track here? You know what I mean? Okay, so I had a rebel, email me, Christy, and she was Oji Code Red back in the day when you were coaching and then I came on coaching. And she had lost quite a bit of weight and then gained a significant portion of it back. And she's like, I just don't know what to do. And she had a custom program. So of course, she could start using those numbers again, now that his stuff doesn't go away. And I wrote to her and I said, It's so good to have you back. And then I wrote today, can you just drink your water? That's all I want you to do today. Nothing else. Don't worry about the way you gained. There's no judgement. Don't worry about macros. Don't worry about carbs. Don't worry about sugar. Don't worry about any of that today. Can you just drink your water? Instead of trying to think about the entirety of the code red program which we do keep simple, but still that was too much. That moment for her. She wrote back and she said, Yes, I can drink my water today. That's all I want you to do. And in the last couple of weeks, she's gone on to lose quite a bit of weight. She's got herself back on track and it's just, again, it's, I don't want to go well, oh my gosh, Well, okay, have you pre planned 27 meals have you know, just today, drink your water. Let's start there.


Cristy  16:22  

Yeah, that's That is so true. Sometimes. I think that the challenge participants, they do so well because I don't know anything except the basics. And they do them. They nail them. They do them really well everyday consistently, and they haven't overcomplicated. They haven't watched every single video I've ever put out on YouTube but they haven't you know, they haven't just binged on my stuff and complicated things. They only know what they only know they know that I want them to track their water their weight every day and their sleep every day and the three little the little boxes, little check marks to check digit, you know, and, and just follow the food list. And so it's real simple, and they do so well. But sometimes when you get deep into code red and it's not even, you can just go down so many rabbit holes not even because we cause people to. We don't make things complicated even, even on our level. We don't make it complicated, but people just want to make it complicated. collagen is a great example of this. You mentioned collagen. That is a great example.


There is data research and science to back up the benefits of collagen. There's no question there's no question. But we don't want to complicate things. collagen is not going to do you any good. If you are not sleeping. It's not gonna, it's not a magic, it's not going to help you make up it's like, oh, just sprinkle some magic, sprinkle some college on it, it'll be okay. And all of a sudden you're gonna have your seven and a half hours sleep. Instead of being sleep deprived for the past four nights. It's not magic, nothing is nothing is gonna work. If you don't have the water, the sleep and the foodless nailed down. Nothing else is going to work. I remember


Cari  18:01  

Me listening to somebody that is a close friend of yours on on Instagram one time, and of course they have a little bit different philosophy on nutrition and whatever. And that's fine. I love to listen to different people because then it gives you a good idea. And they were talking about this one supplement. This is really gonna help this is I think it was CLA Do you remember this Christie? Yes, I do. It was which is conjugated linoleic acid, which is, you know, a supplement out there. And I was like, you guys, I fell back into that trap. And I was like, because Cristyand I talked like this on our phones because we have a speaker system. I was like, hey, Christy, what do you think about CLA? Should I get it? And here I am. I'm no different


Unknown Speaker  18:42  

than the days when I did fin fin. I'm no


Cari  18:44  

different than the days when I tried that stupid thermogenic bird. It's no different than any of those days. That moment. I don't know what I was thinking. And Christy's like, Cari it's the 1% and I was like you're no I'm not training for a figure competition. Obviously I'm not an elite level athlete instead of spending your money on collagen or that or thermal burn busters or whatever, how about you just go to bed an hour earlier Wow, what a thought.


Cristy  19:14  

Because there is no supplements out there that don't be as powerful as going to bed on time as a good full night's sleep. There's just nothing out there that's going to replace you know always energy drink. No, it's there's nothing out there is gonna be better than your water. You know, when I was in elite level athlete when I was training for my world title fight in Beijing, I boxed I fought as a professional for almost eight years and 15 Pro fights all over the world. And I've been everywhere and I've fought a lot of different girls. And when I was training for my big world title fight in Beijing, we were looking for that 1% and I, I mean, we're talking about one of the top being number two in the world. So of course we're looking for that 1% but I've got a 65 year old grandma Who had both knees replaced she's lost a lot of weight on code red and she wants to start. She wants to start walking through her neighborhood with her her she but you know, she doesn't need to worry about getting in polar ft for heartrate monitor and keeping her heart rate in zone two and don't let it did it and then the oxidative shredder big budget in the in the vo to macro grandma doesn't need to know all that grandma just start walking, walk to the mailbox and back.


Cari  20:26  

Yep. And it's just a trap. Christy, I find that the and again, I'm not putting down a segment of people but I find that the exercise community specifically the gym community tends to kind of get over into this. It's like, Oh, well, these shoes are good for weight training. And I'm kind of like, maybe I should just wait train. You know what I'm saying? Like, I'm not saying there aren't things once you get into it to make things better, but it's so easy. It'd be like showing up for your first day of CrossFit. Okay, and then you're like, I'm gonna be


Unknown Speaker  20:57  

in the CrossFit Games now.


Cari  21:00  

have hopes should you have dreams? Should you have goals? Absolutely. Yes, we want you to get your goal weight. Yes, we want you to feel better. But day one,


Unknown Speaker  21:10  

don't worry about


Unknown Speaker  21:11  

conjugated linoleic acid.


Unknown Speaker  21:13  

It's okay. Just do the program, you


Cristy  21:15  

know. And that's why we like when people get a custom program after going through the challenge first, because when you prove to yourself and us that you can show up every day for 30 days, on a $47 challenge, you can prove to us that you can track your water, your weight and your sleep each night. If you can prove to yourself and us that you can just do the basics, then you're ready for a $947 Custom program that's going to demand a lot more of you. Yes, you are going to lose 10% of your body weight each month that you're on the program, but that's going to give you the confidence and give your spouse your confidence. I'm dropping 1000 bucks into a customized program and I'm going to spend three months in a coaching group Getting coached by Cari Christie and all the coaches. Yeah, I know I can do it because I nailed the challenge, which is the basic


Cari  22:07  

and even with that custom program guys, it's not magic, right I'm gonna be honest now I think that your program Cristyis the easiest, hard way, the easiest hard way is that the fair way to say it is it's all hard guys like Chrissy said, it's all hard like losing weight is hard. It's hard on your body. It's hard on your minds. It's a spirit and a soul journey truly and people forget that. And it's tough. But code right is the easiest hard way to do it. But it You still have to nail the basics just because that custom program. Oh, you get it out of your mail mailbox. All of a sudden you don't go


Cristy  22:46  

Yeah, I mean, it's unfortunately, you know, I bring up my buddy Chris gets in a lot. And of course I'm gesturing behind me because he's my neighbor. But when I was working with him for 12 weeks I had some pretty huge goals I wanted to reach in my, because of my level, it required a level of a coach like Chris and so, and he owns a supplement company called caged muscle and yet Cari he never brought up his supplements, really, he just didn't, because he knew that there is no supplement on the market that is stronger than your diet. And people even even men and women who take testosterone when they take anabolic steroids, and they you still have to do the work. It's not going to you can't sit on the couch and eat pizza and take steroids and expect to just have these big beautiful voluptuous, thick, full muscles. You still have to do the work. So we know people that sit on the couch and take steroids or people with with like autoimmune disorders and what happens to them. Unfortunately, it's very sad. It doesn't do anything. It's awful, different kind of scary ones a corticosteroid and once anabolic but still it's the same idea is that if you're not putting the work behind it, it doesn't matter. What the gloves are, what the shoes are, it doesn't matter what color the water bottle is, it doesn't matter that it says Cari Code Red, strong on it. It doesn't matter that I have a rebel strong all day long tattooed on my left side, it doesn't matter that I have the stickers on my car. It matters that I actually do the work. Hmm. You know, Joyce Meyer brings up having the Jesus bumper sticker on and the cross around your neck. But how are you treating the brand new checker in front of you? Who's messing up your order? You know that? Well, now I'm getting away from Well, that's the basic the basics I get that does go a long


Cari  24:41  

way is the same thing with serving God. They say, your religion or whatever you believe, if you claim to be a Buddhist, and you're screaming at everybody and kicking cats as you walk down the road. Mm hmm.


Unknown Speaker  24:53  

And you ain't much of a Hindu or a


Cari  24:55  

Buddhist or you know, you know, and, and I'm not judging. I'm just saying if you say you love me Jesus and, and again you got Jesus saves on both wrists, you know and, and you're you're beating the crap out of somebody after a bar fight on Friday. You're not getting the basics right? It's like people. Here's a great example marriage. Okay, marriage is hard. Let me tell you I can tell you exactly how to screw up a marriage. I'm really, although I have a good marriage now. I've been in a couple of bad ones. So I think that sometimes we get like, we need to go to counseling and not saying counseling isn't a good idea because of course Cristyand I are dad's a counselor. We need to work through the Five Love Languages workbook. But Sally, you can't even roll over and say good morning, honey. How are you? I love you today, Sally, do the basics. Give them a hug when you wake up like we want to get so complicated. Well, that's because when you're a child, your dad hit you with a belt and now we can't we fight over asparagus. Not that there's not validity to that but let's just be nice to each other before Worrying about all the other things?


Cristy  26:02  

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. And this could apply to so many things. And it's just so funny because what I mean, Chris talked to me for 12 weeks about sleep, and about water and it's the same thing and he's and he's a celebrity trainer that trains bodybuilders competitive bodybuilders all over the world. And he was talking to me about the same thing I'm talking to you guys about talking about sleep. It is the number one rule in every area every type of discipline and every for every person is the number one biggest rule and so you've got to nail those guys is just not going to do you any good to look for that magic edge. They look for that magic pill to look for that edge look for that 1% and if you have fallen off I like that what you said says if you've fallen off, what can you do and don't get so overwhelmed that all I'm gonna click on my cupboard I'm gonna I'm gonna completely just too much your water, it's too much and you won't be able to do all that you haven't been up you've been on though if you've been off the wagon for six months. You Get all your weight back. There's just I mean, some people can do cold turkey but most you're not. Let's just have you do one thing, right? Can we just do one thing? Right? And can you just go to bed maybe an hour earlier shut off your phone, flip it over so it doesn't blow and go to bed earlier or can you just maybe just drink one half a gallon today? Can you do a half a gallon?


Cari  27:19  

Yep. And you know, JJ virgin talks about this to Christy. She's like, sometimes people get so into biohacking that. They're like, I'm gonna get a red light, and I'm going to quit, I'm only going to eat slow low carbs. And I'm going to start with supplements and I'm going to go to a doctor and she says, It's too much. She says pick one thing you're going to change. And then once you get that down, go to your next thing and that's her theory, which I love. Because if it coincides with the way we think is, it's okay that you came back. I'm so happy to see you. I'm so glad you're back. So today, just drink your water. That's all I need you to do today. Just focus on the basics and we forget about the basics and I don't know if it's because people are anxious Christie, and they want to do so well that they want to overachieve it. It's just like that joke. I know y'all heard it three times on this podcast, but I got to say it again. And Maria said she wanted to be an astronaut. And I said, you better learn your nines timetables,


Cristy  28:14  



Cari  28:16  

Yep. And Marie's my 10 year old daughter, yeah, guys before you can biohack or do all this crazy stuff or start running 10 K's you got to learn your nines timetables


Cristy  28:28  

you just have to. And the one of the great things about Code Red, so many great coaching features. When you come onto our custom program, our accountability group or even our challenge. You're going to get a code red certified coach me or Cari, we are going to answer you, ourselves. And then you're going to get backed up by a senior leader. And then we all work together to get to the bottom of your issue. And so every day many times a day we have people that post oh they just freak out. That is I can't believe I just this is going wrong and this is going wrong and I don't know why I'm not losing weight and all this stuff. And I've learned to look through all that. And I sift through it until I see how much water they're drinking, how much sleep they're getting, those are the first two things I look for Hold on, hold on backup, they just post all these masks about themselves. And this is point two and this percentage and, and this is, I'm like, they're just they're taking it down to the very gram. And I know we really want them to be granular about it. But then when we get down to it, we find out they didn't even need to go into all that because all they just need to do is sleep another 30 minutes.


Cari  29:31  

We used to work with someone who was an engineer Christie, and they would send me a spreadsheet. Oh, that's right. And I'm like, Yeah, but you aren't pooping. Like, like I don't care at 8:42am that you had one gram of carbs When's the last time you empty your bowels and I mean, you know it gets so complicated when we just and we there is a moment there are times in weight loss when we have to get very granular and we really have to unpack these Issue down to what it could be. I just got a text from a friend. And she said, because she has my phone number, longtime friend I'm struggling with. I've stalled that a little bit. And I was like, yeah, here we go. Just the basics. I'm not going to look at all your food. Although I can tell you right now what the problem is. I know exactly because I coached her so long. I can tell you exactly. And we'll talk about later Christy. I'm just saying but, you know, but it's just what how are the basics going? As a nurse A lot of times people come into the ER and they'll have like 10 complaints? And you have to really look at that patient and you have to say, okay, are they having a stroke? Or are they having a heart attack, you have to sift and you have to prioritize? Okay, your little toe hurts. Okay, that's going on the bottom. You know what I mean? And oh, you're having chest pain and left arm pain. Okay, that's going on the top. You know what I mean? That we have to kind of sift through what's happening with patients to be able to really assess them. It's the same thing with and let me just tell you a Christie is great at it. Cristycan look at a page and a half of an email. No gobbly goo can be like, oh, I'll tell you exactly what's going on. I'm like, how does she do it?


Cristy  31:07  

You know, the beating back the basis can apply to every area of your life, your marriage. are you just saying I love you, your kids raising your kids? Are you just giving them a hug every morning? And before they go to school, your finances, you know, are you getting back to basics if you don't try to Robert Kiyosaki it try to just Dave Ramsey it I mean, you know, the


Unknown Speaker  31:30  



Unknown Speaker  31:32  

The freaking envelope,


Cari  31:34  

like Dave Ramsey tells you instead of worrying about an IRA, you got to pay off your credit cards before you open an IRA.


Cristy  31:41  

Exactly, exactly like Dave Ramsey got Robert Kiyosaki, let's start with Dave Ramsey. And then if you can nail this, you know you can go if your fitness level, you know, don't try to, you know, we'd love you having big dreams and goals, but let's just have you just start walking to the mailbox and back and then you know, and of course exercise that Nothing to do with weight loss. But let's just see if you can do if you lose yourself and you lose. Oop, like, you know, instead of, well, I want to be an Olympic swimmer. All right? Well, let's get you to walk to the stop sign and back and then we'll work our way up. You know, it can be and if you love Jesus, are you being kind, you know, instead of just I want to open up my own church, but you're not even being kind to your neighbor. You know, you're not even, you'll be smart enough to your spouse, you know, you're backtalk and you're being snotty, you're gossiping about people, you have unforgiveness in your heart, and you want to open up a church, you ain't nail on the basics, like come on, you know. So this can apply to so many areas of your life.


Cari  32:38  

I remember Christie when I was losing weight, and I was flying to come see you and I was really hungry. And I was at an airport and all of a sudden, I don't know what it was. But I felt really overwhelmed. And I just like all I could think about was all these options and just was very complicated in that moment. And that's not like me, I'm usually really good at that. boxford you and I said I was panicked. And you said, Cari, stop. Get bacon, get eggs, sit down and eat and I went like you guys can't see me that I'm blink blink blink like yo and that was it. You just simplified it in that moment to me Cari it's not complicated. You're drinking your water. Eat your food. It'll be okay and I don't know what it was. It was just I hadn't so over i think you know airports are so overwhelming anyway. And I maybe I just didn't think I was gonna get hungry maybe I thought I was gonna be fine till I got to your house. You know?


Cristy  33:34  

Yeah. And I knew Yeah, I knew you had an eat Yes, life was gonna be a while before she eats. You better grab the you know.


Unknown Speaker  33:42  



Cristy  33:43  

That is so great about the code red lifestyle that we are basic and the great thing about the 10 pound take down as we walk you through it step by step. And it is so easy you guys it is tracking your weight, your water and your sleep for 30 days eating out The food list we give you a food list of what to eat and we tell you what to avoid. And you know just thinking to yourself I just need water a meat and a vegetable every meal. I mean it's just gets it really simplifies your life and in a world that is so complicated right now is so chaotic boy your food and your health should not be one of your problems. And if you can just nail these basics and we have 88% of all Americans are metabolically on well, so if you can get the water the weight and the sleep if you can get your you can drink some water, you can drink a meat you can have a meat and veggie every day, my gosh, nail in the basics would get our health care in order real quick.


Cari  34:39  

Yep, in fact, that friend that texted me earlier was like, should I


Unknown Speaker  34:42  

cut out should I do this? And I said, You're overcomplicating it. Yes, meat, vegetable, fat. Yeah,


Cari  34:49  

that's all I want to hear from you. If you do that and you quit with all this foofy added in crazy crap then you will lose weight, just meat,


Cristy  34:59  

vegetables. Fat, simple over. It's called people overcomplicate all kinds of things. Yeah, it's true. They just don't go Oh God, let's just let's just cut through all the crap and let's just, you know, like, remember, you know, when you go to move, move to a different house? Oh, it's a really great chance to declutter all the crap you have accumulated and and then you always say to yourself as you're moving and as you're packing up your old house, how do we get all this stuff? Well, it's starting over to new houses. Nice way to just start over fresh with less crap. No junk drawers yet? Yeah, that's right. 10 pound is the best place to get started. Doesn't matter who you are. Doesn't matter if you're an engineer for NASA. Or if you're a stay at home mother of three. We don't care. This is the proper human diet. This is a species specific diet. What we eat is what we created the eat and what we have been eating for a millennia and let us show you the right way the proper human diet on the 10 pound take down let us get back to the basics. Take as usual. Cari, thank you. Thank you so much. You're welcome you guys we will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. Bye. Thanks so much for listening to rebel weight loss in lifestyle. If you're a code red rebel and you haven't already downloaded your Free Code Red lifestyle on the go guide, then Now is your time to get a copy. This guide will teach you how to stay code read approved, even with your crazy life schedule. To get a copy right now. All you need to do is open your podcast app, go to this episode shownotes and click the link to get your code read approved on the go guide. So I will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle


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