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I can’t do __________ because of COVID-19

Not long ago I saw a frustrating post come through in one of my Facebook groups.

The lady who posted said, “I'm trying really hard to stay on track, but I'm struggling due to COVID restrictions.”

A lot of people are in the same boat, and I get it, because I had a tough time in March, when one of my events got cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

Even so, we're well past the point where blaming COVID-19 for all your problems is not gonna fly. It's just another bull crap excuse to screw around instead of stay on track.

“Well Cristy, you don't understand my situation.”

I don't need to! My Code Red program is full of people who've been through HORRIBLE things, well before COVID-19. They've lost children. They've had people die one right after the other after the other.

They've been fired, they've gotten divorced.

You name it, it's happened to someone who's following the Code Red Lifestyle™.

There are people who use it as an excuse to go off the rails, and there are also plenty of people who refuse to allow that to happen.

Wanna guess which type of Rebel is more successful at losing their weight, keeping it off, and taking their life back?

An excuse is an excuse, no matter how “understandable” it is (including any excuses I try with myself).

And as for “trying really hard” to stay on track, trying doesn't count, because trying is not DOING.

Here's what I mean.

Stop what you're doing right now, stand up (if you aren't already), and try to sit down.

No, don't actually SIT down. Just TRY to sit down.

Hey, I said don't sit down! You're only supposed to be TRYING to sit down, remember?

…see the problem with “trying?”

Trying is not DOING. It doesn't matter how hard you “try” to sit down in that chair. You're either sitting in it, you're not not.

The only time trying can work is when you try something out to see if you like it.

And even then, it doesn't work to “try” and try it out. You've still gotta do it, or not.

The world is full of people who “try” (not the same as try out), and people who DO.

Triers get nowhere and nothing.

Doers get everywhere and everything.

As one of my friends and mentors likes to say – be a doer.

And if you wanna get where you're going, stop using COVID-19 as an excuse to screw around. It's clearly not working for you!

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