Do you feel at war with yourself over staying on track instead of cheating?

One of the most frustrating places to be in, mentally, is knowing what to do, and still not doing it.

You know the Dominos pizza and breadsticks you had delivered two nights ago set you back a week. Heck, you knew it would BEFORE you ordered it.

So why the heck did you do it?

And why can't you just stick to what you know works??

After being in this industry for over 28 years, here's what I can tell you:

It's not just you.

I've talked to SO many people who “know what to do and still aren't doing it.”

The exact reason YOU are struggling with this is something I can't answer without talking to you, but what I can do is give you the top 3 most common reasons I've come across, and let you see which one(s) resonate. (It's likely more than one of these is a factor.) I'll also give you tips on what you can do to get around each one.

Reason 1 – It just doesn't hurt badly enough.

Most people who make a lasting change are motivated by some kind of physical, mental, and/or emotional pain.

When you reach a place where that pain isn't strong enough anymore (maybe because you're getting relief from it), your original reason doesn't work like it used to.

What to do: Find a new “why.” If you try and get in touch with your old why and it doesn't help, could be it's time for a new one. Our reasons change as we do, so it may just be that you need a new “why.”

Reason 2 – Your coping skills need work.

Most people have conditioned themselves to use food – and other instant gratification, feel-good things and activities, like turning on Netflix or scrolling on your phone – to feel better instead of face their problems.

It just feels easier to kick the can down the road than it does to do the work to face and solve problems.

What to do: When you feel that overwhelming urge to escape into a food item, stop and ask yourself, “What's REALLY going on here? What's the need I'm trying to meet? What do I NOT want to feel? What am I afraid of?” Then, after you identify what's going on, use a healthier tool to deal with it. For example, if the need you're trying to meet is to feel better instead of feel stressed or overwhelmed, what's a healthier way to get that same outcome?

Reason 3 – Another part of your brain wants what it wants.

The different parts of your brain all have different goals. Your survival brain – sometimes called the reptile brain – wants you to live.

Other parts of your brain want you to connect with others, to feel accepted, to love, to feel comfortable, and so on.

If you're struggling to get and stay on track, some part of your brain is determined to get what IT wants, which is not what your thinking mind wants (which is to stay on track).

What to do: Talk back to the part of your mind that wants you to cheat or stay off track. Tell it something like, “thanks for your concern, but what you want isn't going to help me. What will is staying on track and drinking hot tea instead of ordering Domino's.” (Or whatever your situation is.)

If it works for you to treat that part of your mind with compassion, do it. If you need to get a little more firm (not abusive, just firm), do that.

Talk back to that part of your brain, and encourage the part that WANTS to stay on track.

SAY IT OUT LOUD, so that you hear yourself. Thoughts are powerful, and words are even MORE powerful.

Another mistake people make is thinking they can do it “all on their own.”

But that's actually SUPER rare. You always have a part to play in your own success for sure, AND the super majority of people do better with accountability.

There's something about letting it all hang out in front of other people – especially someone you're the tiniest bit afraid of – that can help you get your rear in gear.

So there you go: the top 3 most common reasons you may feel at war with yourself around staying on track vs. cheating.

Take action on the tips I've shared here, and see how you do.

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