“Cristy, how much do I eat??”

New Rebels always wanna know how much to eat.

“What are the portion sizes, Cristy??” they ask me.

I get it, because they're used to cookie cutter programs that give a woman who's 5'11 and 25 years old the same food volume as a 66-year-old grandmother who's 5'3″.

What I tell people to do is start listening to their bodies.

A lot of times we're not eating because we're hungry.

Instead, we're eating because we're bored, because we're watching TV, because we're celebrating, because we're stressed, because food is the only joy we think we have in our lives, and so on.

Are you actually HUNGRY, or are you eating for some other reason.

Another thing to be aware of is your food quality.

When you live on junk food and fast food, you're also eating nutrient-starved food (and in the case of junk food, chemically engineered to be addictive), so you feel hungry a lot because your cells aren't getting the nourishment they need to function as they're meant to.

So again, to figure out how much to eat, start actually listening to your body, and eat real food instead of junk.

The last thing you can do is log your food.

Odds are, you're eating a heck of a lot more than you think.

A lot of people resist me on this because logging food is extra work, but it's extra work being obese and sick, too. As I tell my clients, pick your hard.

Now, if you'd rather skip to the front of the line and get my help knowing how much to eat, vs. take all the extra time, willpower, and mental energy required to methodically experiment, test, and re-test over and over to figure out the right food volume for YOU to lose all your weight on the Code Red Lifestyle™, I also offer Home Study programs.

Personally, I cannot imagine why someone wouldn't want to know EXACTLY how much to eat and how much water to drink to lose all YOUR weight.

Not doing that is like trying to diagnose your own medical problems. I guess there's a chance you're right, but do you really wanna risk it? Or do you wanna get the right answers so you can get the exact help you need?

A personalized Home Study program is how I can give you food volume YOU need, the water amount YOU need, the macros, and even YOUR goal weight – which I base on my 28+ years of experience in fitness and fat loss – so you can stop guessing what it would take and start losing up to 10% of your body weight every month without shakes, diet pills, diet foods, or exercise.

With Home Study programs I actually give you a calorie range, because the amount you eat at your starting weight and the amount you eat 5 pounds from goal won't be the same (unless your starting and ending weights are really close together because you don't have much weight to lose).

If you're tired of trying to guess how much to eat to get your weight off as fast as possible, so you can be DONE with weight loss…

If you want the advanced tools and training to feel in complete control of your weight loss…

And if you want to save money on food (which is VERY common with people who follow a Home Study program…one of my VIP Rebels started saving an astonishing $800 a MONTH on food when she and her husband both started following their own Home Study programs)…

Then get your personalized Home Study weight loss program at www.coderedlifestyle.com/HomeStudy.

Just understand: a personalized program is not gonna tell you stuff like “eat 4 ounces of salmon at 11:30 AM while standing on your head and farting.” It gives you the calories, macros, and water you need, plus training on how to use them with food logging in order to get your weight off.

It ALSO leaves enough food flexibility for you to eat the Code Red weight loss mode real foods you like that ALSO help you drop weight. (Not everyone likes salmon!)

To read more about what you get with a personalized Code Red Home Study weight loss program (and order yours), head to www.coderedlifestyle.com/HomeStudy.

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