How we “shoot ourselves in the foot” with weight loss

A while back I helped my sister, Cari, out for a couple of days in Kentucky, because her husband had surgery, they have a farm that needs supervision, and she needed to go to work.

While doing my Code Red work today at her house, I was using my 2015 Macbook. When I first bought it, it was great, but over the years it got more and more glitchy, freezing and doing other annoying things.

So I bought a NEW Macbook, because the old one's bull crap was finally too much.

The new one was AMAZING – smooth and SO fast.

And yet I kept using my glitchy old one!

Suddenly I stopped and asked myself, “Cristy, WHY are you still using this old Macbook??”

The answer I came up with?

Because it's more familiar.

My new Macbook, though it was faster, smoother, and more efficient, also had a few differences, and because of that, there's a learning curve I had to go through in order to use it.

Once I got used to it, of course, it was fine.

But rather than put in the effort to learn the new one, I just went back to my old one (and was reminded of why I got a new one in the first place!).

It's funny how people will sacrifice what's BETTER for us to stay with what's familiar, even if what's familiar sucks.

Staying obese and sick over eating to lose the weight and keep it off is a perfect example.

It's horrible to not be able to completely clean yourself after you use the toilet (because you're too big to reach).

It's horrible to not be able to play with your grandkids because you're too tired and sick, and can't get off the floor by yourself.

And it's horrible to try and find clothes you like that also fit, because fashion designers seem to give up at your size.

Yet as horrible as it is, if you haven't taken your life back with Code Red, then you're still choosing it ALL…not because you love it, but because it's what you're used to.

We waste SO much time and energy trying to get new results without having to do new things to get them.

But I didn't magically get used to my new Macbook without taking the time to get used to it.

And you're not gonna magically get or keep the weight off without taking the time to do things differently, and especially, get used to doing them differently.

I know that's not the sweet little weight loss lie part of you wants to hear, but if you're looking for someone who'll tell you that you can do nothing at all and get all your weight off, you're in the wrong place.

If, on the other hand, you're sick of weight loss industry lies, and just want to know the truth so you can act on it and get and keep your weight off, you're in the right place with Code Red.

Better yet, take action and freaking GET the weight off with Code Red!

The fastest path to losing all your weight with us is a Home Study weight loss program, because it's personalized to YOU, including the food volume YOU need to lose weight eating Code Red-approved foods.

Like me and my new Macbook, yes, there will be a learning curve with your Home Study program.

And, when you see how fast the weight comes off when you consistently and correctly follow your program, it'll motivate you to stick with it and get used to it (at which point following it feels easier and easier).

Watch my video and read all about how a personalized Home Study weight loss program can help YOU get the weight off faster at

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