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Are there portions in the Code Red Cookbook?

A question I often get from people who buy the Code Red Cookbook is, “I don't see any portion sizes, Cristy. How am I supposed to know how much to eat?”

Two ways:

1) Listen to your body, meaning eat when you're hungry, and stop eating when you're satisfied…


2) Get a Custom Program, where I'll provide you with custom weight loss numbers (including your calories), plus training on how to use that information to create YOUR custom portion sizes.

See, I don't do cookie cutter “portion sizes” the way so many others do.

Your exact needs are gonna depend on a huge variety of factors, including your current weight, how much weight you wanna lose, your history, and a bunch of other stuff.

Could I put cookie cutter portion sizes in my cookbook?

Of course!

But it would be completely misleading to do so, because it'd give you the false impression those portion sizes are what YOU need to lose weight.

That's information I cannot possibly provide without knowing more about you.

The Code Red Cookbook is a fantastic resource. It's got over 240 Cristy-approved recipes, so there's something for everyone.

And yes, you can eat from the cookbook meals and lose weight, even without portion sizes.

LISTEN to your body. Pay attention to whether or not you're actually hungry.

Eating because “it's something to,” or because it's meal time, or because you're stressed, will get and keep you overweight.

(And if you want a copy of the Code Red Cookbook, get it at

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