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Are frozen vegetables healthy?

“Cristy, veggies are expensive! What do I do?”

On Code Red, we eat a veggie with every meal.

And a lot of people are conditioned to believe that healthy eating is expensive.

The lie that eating healthy is expensive is about money, but not in the way you might think.

See, so long as you keep believing healthy eating is expensive, you'll wheel your cart through the grocery store, solemnly piling in the cheap processed food as you pass right by the “expensive” fresh vegetables.

Eating crap costs you way more money in the long run, in the form of medical expenses.

And how about all the time it costs you that you could be spending enjoying your family, friends, kids, grandkids, and activities you love, if only you weren't too heavy and sick to do all that?

When I created the Code Red Lifestyle™, one of my biggest objectives was to make sure it's affordable and accessible to everyone, across the board, to reach their goals and take their lives back.

When you eat the RIGHT foods, like what we eat on Code Red, you naturally eat less without feeling hungry, which means your grocery bill goes down because you simply don't need as much food.

You spend less money eating out and going through the drive-through all the time, too.

So about these “expensive” fresh vegetables…

Somewhere along the line, we got tripped up thinking we “have” to eat fresh veggies in order to eat healthy, because we've been misled to believe that frozen vegetables aren't as good for us.

But the reality is, they're MORE healthy than the fresh veggies you buy at the grocery store (yes, even the organic ones). 

In my video below, I break down exactly why frozen veggies are preferable to almost all fresh veggies.

Click below to check it out!

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