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Code Red


Think this is selfish?

Did you know that the emotional root cause of SO many issues in so many people is unworthiness?

A weight problem is one of these issues.

A lot of people who are heavy are that way because, under all the layers of “I have to have my ________” or “I'm destined to be fat” or “what's wrong with me?”…

They believe they're not worthy.

Is this hitting home for you? Do you believe your self-worth can't come from within you, and if it does, it means you're selfish?

Listen, just like self-care isn't selfish, neither is self-worth.

If you believe it is, or that you worth can only come from things outside yourself, like doing good deeds, pleasing other people, donating to charity, or whatever it is, then odds are good that somewhere in your life, something happened to convince you that you're unworthy.

It might be a drunk parent who called you names, or an angry parent who projected their failures onto you.

It might be getting left out of social groups.

It might be someone making fun of you.

There's a MILLION things that you – any of us – can decide means we're unworthy.

But what's freaking amazing about our thoughts is that they're not facts. They're stories. They're beliefs.

That means we can change them.

That means we can get rid of them.

That means we can create new stories, and practice new thoughts, that better serve us…

Thoughts like “I am worthy, no matter what.”

You are worthy, no matter what.

And that includes being worthy of a happy, healthy life, where you're a version of yourself that YOU love.

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