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66: Good, Better and BEST

What Is This Episode About…

Healthy choices and decisions should progress in a continuum of good, better and best. Swinging from one extreme to another is not sustainable at all. You can’t just move from unhealthy drive-through meals to eating organic, Non-GMO foods grown in the Himalayan mountains. You have to progress in the direction of better decisions by making small steps while keeping it really simple.

The idea of traveling up the continuum of good, better, and best applies to many aspects of our life. Someone who has been drinking soda all their life will be much better off drinking water even if is from the tap or a plastic bottle. Telling them about reverse osmosis filters and BPA in water bottles will just overcomplicate it for them. They’ll eventually travel up the continuum.

A good way of starting in the continuum of good is by looking at your life. What is it that you do every day? What do you consume a lot of? Can you make better choices with it? A great example for Cristy and Cari is makeup. How can we make better choices with it? Maybe fewer chemicals, nontoxic, gluten-free healthy base, etc. These small decisions will help you subtly up your health game and move in the right direction without doing anything crazy.

Listen in to this great episode and learn more on some other aspects of your life you can make better decisions with as you travel the continuum of good-better-best

Key Takeaways

  • Healthy lifestyle is a continuum of good better and best choices (05:22)
  • Moving in the right direction without overcomplicating it with small details (11:10)
  • A practical example of drinking water as you travel up the continuum of good, better, best (15:46)
  • Making better choices for things you do every day (20:00)
  • How Code Red use this principle to progress from the 10-pound takedown challenge to the custom program to the maintenance program (28:15)
  • Be better than you were yesterday (31:50)
  • If you can do nothing else, start by drinking water every day (37:49)

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This episode was released June 24, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

I'd like to just take whatever it is that you do a lot of Yeah. And make that a good choice.

Cari  0:07  

Right? So wherever it is, okay? A lot of us drink coffee. Okay? So maybe a good is you're not drinking coffee all day long. Okay, that's really good. You're drinking your water getting better, better might be. I'm not gonna drink my coffee out of a plastic mug and reheat it in the microwave over and over, that would be better.

Intro  0:30  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poison. And we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.

Cristy  0:56  

Welcome to rebel weight loss in lifestyle. I am your host, Cristy Code Red, author, entrepreneur and retired professional boxer joined by

Cari  1:05  

Cari Thompson thank you once again Cari for being here. Thank you very much. I want to note for all of you that are actually watching the podcast right now we're both wearing red. However, Cristy has a gorgeous jumpsuit on and I have a very beautiful Code Red coach. equally beautiful outfits but one maybe from Rent the Runway one from Cristy I'm just saying.

Cristy  1:28  

If I would have known I would have worn my coaching Polo I love that thing. I do too. I wear it all the time. I love it. And it makes us look smarter and official. Guys we are here talking about a really great in fact carry I can't believe we haven't talked about this before but this is a good there's perfect timing for everything good better and best But first, let me read a podcast review. I love these guys. This is from psycho soccer mom. And she says the only podcast that makes sense. I am currently doing a challenge and I started listening to The podcast I'm loving it. These podcasts inspire me motivate me and help me understand. I feel better in my daily life My skin is better I sleep better. I am relearning everything I thought I knew. But I was just doing wrong now. I know I didn't know thank you Cristy well thank you psycho soccer mom and because that was so good I'm gonna go with one more podcast review. Another five stars loving the code red lifestyle by cures for Cristy has changed my entire outlook about weight loss and healthy living. I'm 55 years old 58 pounds down so far I have 30 pounds left to go. I've never felt better physically and emotionally. I sure love these podcasts. Thank you so very much for your time the best

Code Red rebels really.

Cristy  2:45  

I couldn't agree more.

Cari  2:46  

They're just really genuine salt of the earth. Haha sorry, read men's resolve real

Cari  2:52  

but also could read Redmond Real Salt for your code for 15 No, I'm just kidding. But they are just really salt of the earth. Kind of Krissy

Cristy  3:00  

I love them. I really do. Actually Redmond Redmond Real Salt is a sponsor. You can always pick up Redmond products by going to code red lifestyle. com forward slash Real Salt. Yes. You know what you're right. I mean, I know what you're saying about that. But as long as you're talking about salt, I'm just gonna throw it in there about Redmond's.

Cari  3:18  

See, speaking of Redmond's, I just was reorganizing some cupboards this morning. And notice I only had one big pack of Redmond's, the kind where you twist it off and pour it out. And I was like, get nervous because I own It's big. It's gonna take me a while to go to the salt but I was like, I only have one up here. Maybe I should order another one. Also, I love their organic seasoning salt. Do you use that and their onion and garlic salt.

Cristy  3:42  

Before we started this podcast, I just batch baked a bunch of chicken and I sprinkled but see I opened up the container side that you're supposed to use for spoons because I just don't want to wait. I just it's just like I want it on. They're pretty thick. Right? Well then I ate some and it was so salty. I was like I put way too much On, but today it is

Cari  4:01  

actually salt. So you have to be cautious of how much you put on because it'll make it really salty. It's good

Cristy  4:06  

stuff though. Code Red forward slash Real Salt and you can get a discount by entering the code Code Red 15.

Cari  4:14  

Yes, yes. And thank you Redmond's for that because we appreciate that I do everytime I order

Cristy  4:19  

I do too. And I use the code as well. So thank you guys. Alright, let's get to this podcast. This is we're talking about good, better best and Cari, it's so funny to me, because we get people to come on to our 10 pound takedown challenge. And you know, they have their What do I eat list? What do I not eat list they have their very simple rules and the point of the challenge is to move people from the drive thru into the kitchen trying to get them just moved in a direction of better health, but some people overdo it, they overthink it.

Cari  4:48  

And that is where this podcast was born. The podcast idea was born from Cristy and I noticing and we've done a lot of challenges. I've been with Cristy at the time of this recording three years. So I, in my three years with Cristy, I have seen this phenomenon over and over and over. And it's very interesting. It's almost like, well, if I'm not going to McDonald's, then I should be getting organic the tiers of monk in the Himalayan mountain, you have as vegetable. And so people swing from one extreme to the other. And Cristy and I, when we train new staff, when we train new coaches, when we train new leaders, we always say guys, it's a continuum. It's a continuum of good, better, best and so that is something Cristy even on my I did a live q&a last night. Someone said to me, I was chewing this gum, I won't mention the name brand. She said in some of the ingredients are questionable. Now it's a sugar free gum. And she said Should I do it Cari, and I was like, if it's eating a pile of chips, or chewing this gum that you're going to spit out eventually that maybe has some questionable ingredients. Good, better, best wildlife For there be organic gum, but I've never seen any yet. So of course I'd rather have you have the best, but the gum is better than the junk you were eating before. So it's a continuum. And this is a tough concept for people to get Krissy.

Cristy  6:12  

Have you noticed that? Of course, absolutely. And it's funny because our entry point into Code Red is the 10 pound take down, and we progress people through the lifestyle. And as we progress you through and as you go through your weight loss journey, you're going to have different your decisions will naturally move from good to better to best, but we don't want you just to jump. When we do we noticed such an extreme swing. I don't know. It's like the blinders come off, but we're not wanting you to come into the challenge and start talking about organic and that's where I think and I believe me when I say that I think Mark Hyman has been a huge player in the high fat, low carb lifestyle. In fact, his book, eat fat get thin, was the one that I read that changed me

Unknown Speaker  6:57  

to thinking about a high fat,


Cristy  6:59  

low carb lifestyle. However, because Mark Hyman does show much of organic, it's got to be organic, it's got to be non GMO, it's got to be, you know, it's got a raw, organic close to the earth, you know, I think he eliminates a fraction of the population and Code Red. We don't do that. We don't want to eliminate any amount of the population. So in our challenges, we don't let people talk about organic. We don't even talk about non GMO, we keep it really, really simple because that's the entry point. When you look at someone who's come and gone to the drive thru five times a week, we are happy that they're just in the challenge eating off the foods list.


Cari  7:33  

And if you tell that person Sally with five kids who has been going through McDonald's twice a day to feed her family, and you tell her she has to buy organic broccoli, she is not going to do it. I'm just here to tell you and that's what we found. Now do Cristy and I believe in a lot of the concepts? Absolutely. Do we do some of these in our own life? Yes, but Cristy's right, you can turn off a whole population of people. If you make it requirement right off the bat people go. It's kind of like if you say to someone who's exercising, you have to run five miles? Well, no, you start them up the walking on the treadmill and then jogging to the stop sign and then jogging back from the stop sign. You never ever, ever say, Go run 10 miles, you just don't. It's the same thing with eating and this lifestyle. Good, better. Best. We just want you to go from through Taco Bell, just to cooking frozen veggies and maybe some chicken in the crock pot. That's what we want you to do. That's your first step.


Cristy  8:34  

I noticed that with me, for example, you know, we have three to 4000 people a month on our challenges, and I work all the Facebook groups and I keep my finger on the pulse of everything that's going on. And I noticed that I get triggered and it makes me just get angry instantly. When I see a post from a brand new baby rebel, and it says, Oh my gosh, I wish I had a good example here like oh my gosh, so Happy to be eating cauliflower crust pizza set of dominoes. And then someone else chimes in and says, you know that Scott blank in there and you shouldn't be eating blank or something. And I'm thinking, are you kidding, man? I mean, I can feel myself like the Larry terahertz comes out in me, you know, like, I can feel myself get instantly angry. And I mean, I will. I jumped on someone's case, I go, Wait a minute. This lady used to order Domino's so much that they walked up to her door and knew her by name. And now she's having cauliflower crust pizza. You're telling me don't rip on her. She's really moving in a direction of better decisions.


Cari  9:36  

Yeah, that is an excellent example Cristy. And it's sort of like, do you remember, it's been a while ago, but we and I think, did we do a podcast or do we just do a talk on it? When people become code, read rebels, and hey, they watch the videos. They take their lives back. But then they get to the grocery store. And you say to the people, like I can't even believe you have that stuff in your cart. Whoa, Err, Whoa there, Karen. Last month, that was you. So don't forget where you were coming from. And I kind of find that same thing. It's like, hold on, we just want to move you in the right direction of good, better, best. What you're doing now is if you stick with Code Red is not what you're going to do in four or five, six months. It's not what you're going to do in a year. Even my own journey with Code Red has evolved. As Christine, I've learned more. For instance, in the book, this came up in the q&a last night. There's something you talk about, that we have kind of changed our thinking on and someone brought it up and I was like, hey, we've grown and learned, just like the rest of you guys. As we've changed and grown. We have more research, more data comes out and we've changed the way we think about things and that's okay, we're moving Cristy and I are moving from good, better best. We're doing the exact same thing with ourselves.


Cristy  10:52  

Well, data research and science comes out all the time to help us understand, you know, different sweeteners, different chemicals, different things and we are learning all the time. And, and we need to be learning all the time. And if we did do a podcast called Don't forget where you came from.


Unknown Speaker  11:07  

Okay, I didn't know if it was a podcast, but yeah, that was good.


Cristy  11:10  

It upsets me when people do that. And it's funny because I'll, and I'm not trying to sound judgmental here. But when I do see someone who is jumping on someone's case for a small, you know, something really, really small that you don't need to worry about in the challenge, some sort of chemical or some sort of seasoning or something, you know, like, and I'm hovering over that person's picture who's tearing the other person a new one? And I'm looking at that they're pretty overweight. And I'm like, oh, if you were that concerned, like you're barking up the wrong tree here, you're putting your energy into one small seasoning that's in a taco seasoning. McCormick, you know, and yet, yeah, your cares, but you're 82 pounds overweight, so you're eating something, and it ain't organic, you know? So it's like, Oh, don't How about you put as much energy into your own health than you are trying to fix everybody else from nothing. In certain certain No,


Cari  12:01  

I agree with you 100% How could you eat that? Whoa, right


Cristy  12:04  

that judgmental attitude. I can't. I don't handle that really that real judgmental? Ooh.


Cari  12:10  

And even now Cristy when i and this is going back to our other podcast when I'm in the grocery store and I see people that could do better on the continuum. I don't feel judgy I feel sadness. I truly do. I feel sadness, because I remember, I remember in fact, my niece was here visiting me. And she said, she looked around in my cupboards. She said, there wasn't anything good to her. That means something different. And she said, when I was growing up and carry you had the best snacks, and I was like, yeah, in fact, I was reorganizing my cupboards today. I haven't told you this Cristy. And I was putting all my baking stuff on the second shelf, because Cristy, I don't even bake anymore. I used to bake every week and


Unknown Speaker  12:52  

eat it by the way.


Cari  12:53  

And Brandon goes, I was putting it away and I said to Brandon, I don't bake anymore and he goes, we don't need it. We don't eat it. And I was like, you're right now there are some great recipes out there that you can do. A lot of our coaches do that kind of stuff. I just find with helping with Code Red and stuff, I just don't have the time and nor do I necessarily, you know, need to eat if I feel the need to bake, I'll bake and then give it away. Okay, so talking about the continuum of good, better best. Well,


Cristy  13:20  

I'm writing down, you just said we don't need it and we don't eat it. I'm actually


Unknown Speaker  13:25  

Oh, you're gonna write it down.


Cristy  13:26  

I'm gonna make that into a like a T shirt or something.


Cari  13:28  

Sergeant Major Thompson said that,


Cristy  13:30  

please feel free to sGm Yeah, that's right. I think that's pretty amazing. The way you said that.


Cari  13:35  

Thank you. Thank you. Then he said it. I think that he even came up with it. So and he said it more like, Hey, we don't need it and we don't need it. I mean, it was like very, and I was like, Okay, good point. Good point. So okay, talking about the idea of good, better and best. This is the way I think of it, Cristy and I want to be able to give the listeners real life examples. And if you're ready to up your game, your eating game, your life game, whatever it is, you're, you know, we're not gonna talk about working out. But anything in your life if you're ready to kind of travel up the continuum, we want to give you some examples today of how to travel up the continuum in practical ways, because I will tell you, there are some podcasts I listen to. And they're just a little over my head first of all, but they get so complicated with what you can do that there's no takeaways because it's overwhelming. So let's just use an example. I'm going to give you guys an example of water. Let's talk about water. And I'm not going to go into great details, but there's lots of opinions about osmosis and pH and all this. If you listen to too many podcasts or read too many articles about water, you will feel so overwhelmed that you'll just walk to your tap and you'll just fill up your glass and be done with it. Because you can overwhelm people with this idea of not moving up the continuum to good, better best, but saying You need a $2,000 reverse osmosis system. never drink anything that's from this source. And oh my gosh, all these places in America are dying because of this horrible water. And what about fracking? And what about all these kids? You can and I'm not saying these things aren't true Cristy, I'm just saying it's so overwhelming to people, even me and I help you with the company. I'm doing this stuff all day long. And it's so overwhelming that I have to say to myself, okay, carry don't get overwhelmed. What are the takeaways? It'd be like going to church and someone tries to teach you the whole Bible at once. Whoa, okay, let's just start with the person of Jesus. Or let's just start with the idea of God, let's not overwhelm people. So we want to give you and I have some ideas, I hope you like them, some real and practical things that you can take away.


Cristy  15:46  

I like starting with the water. That's a great example because you have someone who is maybe someone who has a lower socioeconomic status. We get them to quit drinking Coke, Coca Cola, and now they're drinking out of the tap. Maybe they live in the projects and the tap water isn't as clean as maybe some of my other areas. Okay, but still it's better than coke for crying out loud. Well, I know


Cari  16:08  

cola. Yes. You cannot tell that person go get a reverse osmosis filter that is not going to fly with them. They just stopped drinking pop yesterday. It's not fair to do that. And that's where I think a lot of people that believe the way that Cristy and I do get so far out we were at a conference and they had water filters. Were they amazing? Yes. If I could have won I say could have afforded but if I had wanted to spend my money on that because Chrissy hates when I say I can't afford it. I don't mean it like that. If I had wanted invest the money on that, could I have Yes, I could have taken it home could have had it shipped to my house. But it's a continuum. But who's that gonna appeal to only two people at a health conference? I mean, cuz who's gonna spend that money? Do I think it's important? Absolutely. Do not write to me and tell me it's not important. I know it's important, but we're just getting Betty to quit drinking. Pop, and then when she's drinking bottled water, okay, so let's talk about bottled water bottles and plastic in general guys has BPA, we've all heard about this. It was a while ago that we took BPA out of bottles, baby bottles, and something else, there were two things they took it out of. And that was because of body weight of a baby, compared to the amount of exposure they would have with the BPA all the time, you got to figure if you weighed eight pounds, and you're drinking all of your food out of a bottle that has a chemical that's bad for you in it every time you heat it up, it's released into the bottle. People are sticking bottles in the microwave, that body weight to chemical, you know, chemical ratio is pretty high. And so you know, you really have to make sure that that is not going to be a problem. So I think that's super important to remember. So that's what they did with babies. So BPA is is terrible chemical. It's pretty well known but there's all different kinds. So it would be better. So good. Don't Pop. So your drinking water good, better would probably be to not drink it out of plastic bottles at all. If you have to. It's still better than a coke out of a plastic bottle. Because the plastic bottles might sit in warehouses where they've gotten really hot and the BPA has leaked into the water. Even if you get BPA free a lot of water bottles have other BP components. I don't know them all guys, I'm not an expert. I'm not a scientist. So that would be better. Maybe best would be instead of drinking out of plastic, can you drink out of a Code Red stainless steel? Hashtag, shameless plug, stainless steel container or glass. Those are the two things to do. That's a take home. That's a good take home. Now can you get a Brita filter can you put a filter on your your fridge a carbon filter those work really well reverse osmosis I guess is kind of the gold standard people really like those. Those are several hundred dollars. But good is not drinking pop better is not drinking Have a water bottle plastic crunched up water bottle best would be, you know, filter your own water at home, carry it around in a glass container or a stainless steel container that would be best. So that's an example of good, better and best as far as water is concerned.


Cristy  19:15  

Yeah, that's a perfect example that that is a really great, a really great way I know that I try, I hired a coach a trainer actually during quarantine to help me get lean, and to just kind of take my fitness to the next level. And he had said to me, asked me about the water view. And he's just at that level, he's at that level where he functions at the best level, all the time and 100% of his life, and I just like, yeah, you know, just drink it out of the tap and no big deal, you know? So you filter on your fridge, right? And we do, right? So I'm definitely moving. I'm probably in that best category. It's just that every single thing that he does in his life is in that best category, and he's at a very top 1%. He's at a very, very, very top level. So that's a great example with the water


Cari  20:00  

One way you can do this guys is I want you to as you're listening to me rebels, I want you to think about what do I do in my life every day? Okay? What do you do in your life everyday? What's a habit? What's something, Cristy that you and I do every day? Here's a great example. How about what we put on our skin? You and I both wear makeup you were were way better than me. But we both wear makeup. And what are some non toxic you know, guys glutens and everything. Maybe you can find a gluten free makeup, maybe you can find a sunscreen that has less junk and chemicals in it. Maybe if you're gonna do sunscreen, you can go with a more of an organic base or more of a healthy base. There are websites that have all this I'm not going to give you guys 5 million examples. But that's a habit that Cristy and I do every day that we could take our makeup case and go so I do this every day. I'm gonna put some kind of moisturizer on I'm gonna wash my face every day. What can I do that's probably a little bit smarter. That's a habit. Another habit that people do every day. were you gonna say something?


Cristy  21:04  

Well, I was gonna say I'd like to just take whatever it is that you do a lot of Yeah. And make that a good choice.


Cari  21:12  

Right? So wherever it is, okay? A lot of us drink coffee. Okay? So maybe a good is you're not drinking coffee all day long. Okay, that's really good. You're drinking your water, but a better better might be. I'm not gonna drink my coffee out of a plastic mug and reheat it in the microwave over and over. That would be better.


Cristy  21:32  

I like that idea. If anybody does that, do they drink in a plastic model?


Cari  21:36  

I think people some people have some mugs that are questionable.


Cristy  21:38  

A better would be to drink not drink the sugar field creamer. Oh yeah, like they would be cutting back. That would be better. Better not just do a sugar free creamer instead and best would be organic, heavy cream


Cari  21:51  

and you have done some of that in your life with Craig.


Cristy  21:53  

I noticed that because I drink cream every single day. I was like I'm consuming quite a bit of cream. Let me moved to a local dairy farmer that has pure organic, non GMO, no antibiotics, no additives at all. From a local farmer and I buy it in a glass jug. It's very expensive as $10 for a court, a leader, I think that's about maybe a quarter, but I do it gladly because I was something I was consuming heavily.


Cari  22:20  

So that is a great example. Now listen up rebels if Cristy had joined Code Red, and the very first day I said to Cristy, you need to go to a local farmer. You need to pick out organic creamer is $10 a quart and you need to be drinking that she would have been like well forget this. I'm gonna go back to Starbucks and even though that's like $7 a drink and get my $7 drinks I'm not gonna go buy that because she wasn't ready Freddy best. Does that make sense guys, but she started out, getting away from the sugar to the sugar free and then she went to maybe a healthier alternative and then now she is Where she is with a creamer. Do I expect you guys to go straight to $10? creamer? Absolutely not. But that's I hope you guys are getting an idea of the continuum. And that's something that Cristy does every single day. So it's a great example tea bags, you guys. Some tea bags have plastics in them, they call them micro plastics. Yeah. And if you soak them in hot water, they're released. So one of the suggestions I was hearing recently was go ahead and get a stainless steel and just do a couple of little scoops of your own tea and a strainer so you're not being exposed to the microplastics. Now, if you're drinking one cup a week, is that important? No. But if you're drinking three cups of tea every morning, yeah, you need to be really cautious about what's in the tea bag. Good, better best. So, you know, let's do the continuum. Again. Mary joins the challenge. She's drinking tons of sugary tons of three three lines of sugar.


Unknown Speaker  23:54  

She's drinking


Cari  23:57  

scotch of cream with every single cup of tea. And then we transitioner to Haiti with a sugar free creamer or a sugar substitute some stevia, some organic stevia, and then we move over to Hey, maybe it's time to think about Mary's, since you love tea, a different kind of delivery method for your tea. But if we had told Mary at the beginning, you have to get organic tea leaves grown by the monks in Mongolia and nobody's gonna do that. So it's really a continuum, but there is a way to subtly up your game on the things you're doing all the time.


Cristy  24:32  

Now, I noticed when I was at your house, that there were a lot of adults you know, at any given time we had nine adults we were kind of doing a family mini reunion and seeing our different family members and so I was doing dishes trying to keep up with dishes because it's a lot and I don't cook so it was a lot to do and I noticed carry there's no plastic anywhere in your house. So you have moved to storage to glass storage containers. Right


Cari  24:55  

And guys, this is a super easy way to up your health game. You know, it's Just like the water bottles, especially if you're going to heat items in containers, oh, please don't heat them in plastic. And I'm not saying that you have to do anything crazy, but it's super easy. I literally went to Costco, Sam's Club wherever a big box store. I spent, I don't know, $30. And I just bit the bullet. Oh, guys, it was hard. And I threw out all of my plastic containers and I got the glass ones. Are they heavier? Yes. But do I use them quite as much as I think I do. No. I mean, you really think you need 8 million lids and 4 million containers but you really don't. And I switched Brandon over in his lunches, because he takes it to work and heats it up in that container. And he was heating up plastic over and over and over and I was like, it's a simple fix. Why would I not expose him to less toxins? Now? Do I wrap him in organic paper and seal it with beeswax? No, I don't. I mean, we have to live regular lives. But one thing you could do so good would be Don't heat up your food in the class exam.


Cristy  26:03  

I think good would be not having lean cuisines.


Cari  26:05  

Yeah, that would be I mean like reheating leftovers. Oh, you know don't stick them it yeah that would be that would be good don't don't so then better would be maybe take out the food like if I did veggies the night before and I have a little bit leftover, don't heat it up in a plastic container, put it onto a plate and stick it in a microwave and best guys would be go to the store, bite the bullet invest the 30 or $40 and buy the set of glassware and as much as it pains you because it was very painful for me Chrissy I put it all I just tossed it I did try to give some away to people that sounds horrible like giving away your sugar cookies, but I just was like you know this can go somewhere else. So that's a great example of getting rid of toxins. Guys we have so many toxins around us toxins and the dust, toxins and the fragrances we put in our home toxins in just the air quality inside and outside our home. That is don't get caught up in all that unless you want to but that is one small way you can eliminate toxins out of your life and it's really simple and really affordable.


Cristy  27:06  

I noticed that I started taking a look at some of the things that consume a lot of cream was one of them the other thing is I like to put mayonnaise on a lot of my Manny's is a great source of fat man is has gotten a bad rap over the years and why it's just begun oil you can make your own even so good better and best example for me was I took a look at how I was really consuming a lot of mail and so good for me was moving to an avocado mail that didn't mail that didn't have any canola oil in it or soybean oil perfect a better was moving to primal foods male which is a very clean source and best would be making my own. Yeah. I mean, I just somebody make Thomas de Lauer made his own mail and it's delicious. Amazing.


Cari  27:49  

But you got to make it every like three days. So hey, Thomas, we're proud of you. Yeah, right.


Cristy  27:54  

Right. And so that's a great example. You just take a look at something you consume a lot of I mean, I'm consuming, you know, so Sometimes three tablespoons, or a quarter of a cup of mayo a day while I'm moving from the canola oil, the soybean oil, the toxic oils into avocado oil, that's better, but best was moving into primal foods and then making the switch to just making my own. And so with that, and with Code Red, I think it's a really great example of the way Code Red works is that good, better and best a good would be a 10 pound takedown challenge better would be a custom program, and best would be our maintenance program. Because in our maintenance program, we take you all the way to the we talked about organic we took we take out with a lot all the stops, because you've already mastered everything you've mastered your weight loss, you've mastered all of our programs, you are an expert at it, then we move you into maintenance, and then we really fine tune your life, but you're ready for it at that point. You've been doing Code Red for a long time.


Cari  28:50  

Yeah, you really are Chrissy and I think that a lot of people like you say starting out aren't ready for this talk. They aren't ready to go here but it applies. You if you're going, listen to me if you haven't tried code, right and you're listening to my voice right now, and you are stuck at the drive thru at Wendy's. Today, I just want you to get a salad. Just get a salad instead or get the chili instead of getting a hamburger and fries. Is that optimal? Is it good, better best? It's good. It's better than what you would have done yesterday and I'm proud of you instead of the chocolate shake. just asked him for the bottle of water. Please get the chili. The bottle of water now is someone who has a custom program with me and I'm coaching them going to be able to get away with that. No, they can't have the chili from Wendy's. But I am so proud of you for making the choice to try this salad instead of getting the burger and fries. That is a great example Cristy of how we take people along that journey.


Cristy  29:54  

Yeah, we really want to move you in a direction of better choices, right and it's 10 pounds. Take down as a perfect example of getting you off of Kool Aid. What's that? Oh, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  30:05  

How you doing? Oh, yeah.


Cristy  30:10  

We move you from kool aid to water with Ultima. Yep. 2.0 we just move you along. But my gosh, just that changed from Kool Aid two water with ultimate in it is going to be healing to your body is going to be huge. It's going to be huge. And we're so proud of you. And I'll be darned if we're going to let someone come in there and lecture us on the fact that ultimate might have some little whatever the bullcrap that thing they're coming to carry. Remember that story you told me about? Or maybe you've had a couple of these when you worked in the ICU. And you had people come in and only refused to have any kind of except for certain kind of bottled water, but then they were smoking out the window, the


Cari  30:50  

people, they'd be like, I have to have bottled water. I'm like, I'm getting ready to put you on a ventilator because you haven't saved COPD because you've been smoking for 50 years. But let me go grab that. bottled water for you? I mean, come on people. It is. And the other thing I was gonna say was about the person that's off the Oh yeah, to the ultimate. And maybe someday you'll have a glass water bottle. But you know what? For now, just drink it out of a plastic cup. Nobody's gonna judge you.


Cristy  31:15  

Exactly. Exactly. Just the fact that you got to look at the harmful effects of all that sugar in Kool Aid versus drinking water with ultimate out of a plastic cup. We are moving in a direction. Yes, sir. places and I protect the people on the challenge from getting shamed at all. Because as long as you're eating off the food list, and you're drinking your water and we're tracking I mean, my gosh, we celebrate what you are doing because you're not having the lean cuisines and the hot pockets and the karma macchiatos and cake pops anymore. Talk about a huge step for you,


Cari  31:50  

Chrissy we have a I believe I made it into a wristband or a sticker and it says better than before. Yes, better than before. That's all guys. It's not about all the craziness. However, if you are, let me just say this though, if you are a code red rebel, and you have been doing this lifestyle for a while and you're looking to up your game, and you're like, Oh, I like what Cari and Cristy are saying about this, that the coffee the creamer, the water, the plastics. There's a great book out Dr. Mark Hyman. And I don't know if you can see this, but it says what the heck should I eat


Unknown Speaker  32:24  



Cari  32:26  

What the heck should I eat? And I love at the top Cristy it says a clear roadmap for the confused eater. So let me just kind of give you a quick overview of why I like this. This book will help you in ways that Cristy and I do not have the knowledge it's a little bit out of our wheelhouse. It'll help you deep dive into how can you up your eating game. And what I like about the book is he does talk about things like organic, not organic, but he'll list like vegetables 25 vegetables, and he'll say if you can just try to buy the first five organic if you can. If you can't do that, then Good food wash or make your own food wash out of hydrogen peroxide and just wash your food. And so I like that he gives, but he gets into, for instance, fish and seafood, which we all know there's a big problem with big tuna and mercury in the water. However, like Chrissy said, If you read in Taco Bell crunchy tacos, five them for dinner, I just want you to eat a canned tuna. I don't care. Like that is not a big issue, but maybe down the road. It's something to consider. So if you're ready to up your game, he talks about what kind of seafood gives you the science behind it. What gives you the best bang for your buck. Eight things you should know about fish. Talking about these varieties are high in Omega sixes, these writers and deep dives into every food group, every food group. This is a great book. So if you want to go Gosh, I'd like to up my vegetable game. How do I start? Do I just buy organic? Do I buy he talks about frozen versus canned versus all the nutritional values? Grab this book by Dr. Hyman. It's super helpful. But again, not for the person just starting out on Code Red, I don't want you to worry about this. But if you've been doing it for a while and you want to start, you're like, I eat a lot of green beans, I want to look and see if I can get them from a farmer down the road. Maybe, maybe I can go to my farmers market and get that, you know, I love my bacon. How can I make it better? Oh, Bob raises pigs and he'll sell me a half a hog and I'm gonna have my own bacon made. That's a way to go from good, better to best.


Cristy  34:29  

Such a great example. And again, I what I really love about Code Red, is that we are right for everybody. Yeah, you know, like they say, well, not everybody is your target niche. That's true. We have a target. But the proper human diet real food, water and sleep. Those are the foundational beliefs of code, read real food, water and sleep. We believe that's right for everybody. And I love the way we bring people in CES and we have bring them along so carefully and so in a steady way and nobody feels overwhelmed. nobody feels like I can't do this. It's I love the way we bring people through 30 days on the challenge, then you move to a custom program. And then when you lose your weight, we move you into a maintenance program and we introduce you to exercise and then we start upping the game even further.


Cari  35:15  

Right. And I think it's really, it's really unique in that we really try not to exclude anybody from any socio economic status. Anybody in any situation really has an opportunity to make better choices and they're simple. Like if all you have is hot dogs and pepperoni and can green beans, then eat hot dogs, pepperoni and gray and green beans. It is fine if that's where you are over eating the hot pocket. You know what I'm saying? It's okay, so we are not taking anybody out of it. That's what I don't like about other programs. Like I've said in other podcasts, Cristy when we were growing up, mom put me on Jenny Craig. I think it was Jenny Craig. It could have been Weight Watchers, and she had to buy fish. I didn't even like fish. We didn't have the money for So immediately, mom bought it, I knew that mom and dad didn't have the money. It excluded me from that, requiring me to eat fish excluded our family and we didn't have a lot of money. You know, as we've talked about, it excluded me from doing that program because I couldn't eat Melba Toast by the way in and fish. So we don't want to exclude anybody from Code Red at all ever. You don't have to eat mashed potatoes, so don't worry.


Cristy  36:28  

I'm just racking my brain trying to remember right kind of what what that is. But what I brown really hard, right? That's right. Yeah. Don't worry. You don't want to waste your on that. It's not worth it. Some people are gonna be like, Oh, dear god read Melba toes from the mobile toast Association. Yeah. Yeah, right. I do like the fact that on Code Red if our food list if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. But we offer certain foods that do your health, no good. They do nothing but harm for your health like grains. like sugar, we do take you off the foods that are going to be nothing but tear you down and ruin you. But as far as force, you'd eat something like the tilapia. I mean, that's just not us. And it's so funny to me. I remember that story says, and I love that about Code Red. I just love that we're so inclusive, and we bring people along. So we do it's a perfect example of good, better and best the good is the challenge better as a custom program. And best is our maintenance program where we really fine tune everything and get very granular with it.


Cari  37:28  

Yeah, and it's really the best of it's really a great progression for everybody. Like you said, it really is.


Cristy  37:35  

We want to move you in a direction of better choices, guys, I'm sure we've made that clear by now but a 10 pound takedown is the perfect entry point. For this. It is getting to where you are cleaning out your cupboards and that you're that we're starting to drink our water. People always ask me You know what, if I can do nothing else, what can I do? You can start drinking water because I know all of you guys do that, you know? It's gonna start crowding out. The great thing about drinking a gallon of water a day is it Crowds out the bad. And eventually you start replacing it with good stuff, but it's crowding out the bad. And that's what's great about water. Everybody needs to drink their water. Everybody needs to track their sleep and you need to track your weight every day. And just those simple, simple things that we introduce you to on the challenge is the perfect starting point. Don't worry about a custom program. Don't worry about maintenance. Don't worry about your loose skin. Don't worry about muscle tone. Don't worry about any of that stuff. don't borrow trouble. Let us ease you into this lifestyle with a challenge with a 10 pound takedown challenge. Any final thoughts about good better and best CES?


Cari  38:33  

It just reminded me of somebody said to me the other day,


Unknown Speaker  38:35  

I just


Unknown Speaker  38:38  

can't do coke right right now.


Unknown Speaker  38:40  

And I said, Can you drink your water every day?


Unknown Speaker  38:43  

Yes. And they were like,


Cari  38:44  

yeah, Cari, I said then just commit to me that you're going to drink your water every day. Just do better than yesterday, Cristy just better than before. That's all I ask.


Cristy  38:56  

Hmm. I love that just move in a direction of better decisions. Guys, we I personally am feeling encouraged and you know, I gotta tell you this if I can just Can I just say that I'm embarrassed after coming home from your house to know that I store everything in plastic containers? And I didn't even know I didn't even know that I didn't I don't judge you know, you don't I know you don't judge me but I am judging myself like wow Cristy you could be doing a bit better. So I'm going to be heading over to Costco and getting those really neat containers with the snap on lids that you had. I think that was excellent. And I guess I just never really knew about the BPA I knew about it from the journal you know,


Unknown Speaker  39:35  

yeah, I kind of heard you know, like the movies and stuff you know, like I just never even thought about it. And I'm so glad that you said that because I can make better decisions now for my my health. You know what it also is is something that we can't see in the mirror. So we don't know that there's damage being done until somebody says something and then but Chrissy remember when we were growing up I just everyone out there that's old school. Can I get an amen who grew up with the moms and dads that rinsed out the butter containers, wash them. And that's it. We sorted our food in. See, I didn't know there were actually separate containers until I was out of the house and married, that you didn't store things in butter containers. There were me You go to the store and buy containers. I thought if you want to containers, you used up butter. And you watch that and you use it. So we come from humble beginnings.


Cristy  40:23  

Come on now. Come on country. Cari. We were raised on margarine. I can't believe we're not dead. Oh my gosh. And we're both okay. And we both have we're both healthy. And we're both healthy. So well. We care about each and every one of you. We really do we love you. Thank you for the ratings and reviews and 10 pound takedowns calm we have monthly challenges. That's where we want to see you that's the best place to start and moving in a direction of better choices. You do not need to be overwhelmed because the great thing about challenges. Our average weight loss is 12.2 pounds for the month so you can lose a lot of weight and start to heal your body. And get off your diabetic medication by just doing the simple challenge rules and following the foods list. So you don't need to go all the way to the extreme in order to see results and have healing in your body. So join our next challenge. We'll see you guys on the next episode of a rebel weight loss and lifestyle. Thank you, Cari. soon. Bye, everybody.


Intro  41:23  

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