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You’re trapped and you don’t even realize it

Read this comment someone posted in one of my coaching groups:

“I feel bad when people say they could never give up their carbs. I'd love to share with them how it feels to not miss it one bit. What it's like for that craving to be gone. How it feels to not only NOT feel deprived but free from that feeling I get from carbs. Here is my breakfast. Smoked tritip, egg, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. It was amazing. And what's also amazing? Being . 2lbs from goal. I haven't weighed this little since right after high school. What an amazing journey this has been.”

If you're still convinced you “can't” give up “your carbs,” this Rebel's remarks about them may surprise you. You may dismiss them.

This Rebel's not the only person on the Code Red Lifestyle™ who feels this way.

High-carbohydrate foods taste good in the moment. Some even have useful nutrients.

The problem with high-carb foods is the way they spike blood sugar, which requires your body to produce a lot of insulin.

So why is that an issue?

Because one of insulin's jobs is to store energy, in the form of fat.

Constantly eating high-carb foods constantly triggers a lot of insulin, which means your body's constantly storing fat instead of burning it.

In other words, weight loss will be extremely difficult, if not outright impossible.

Plus, carb (and sugar) cravings feed on themselves. I'm not talking about the carbohydrates you get from veggies, obviously. I'm talking about anything from donuts, chips, and ice cream to things like rice and potatoes.

The more of them you eat, the more of them you crave.

They're feeding into inflammation as well as forcing your body to produce a lot of insulin and store fat.

Since inflammation is the root cause of most disease, that's another serious problem.

“Your carbs” have got you trapped in a nasty cycle of cravings, endless hunger, obesity, and other problems.

So before you once again blurt out that you could never “give up” high-carb foods, think about the other things you're giving up by choosing those foods over your own health and wellbeing.

You're giving up being able to climb one flight of stairs without feeling like you're dying.

You're giving up being able to clothes shop and find things you actually like, that also fit.

You're giving up being able to take a trip without having to bring 8 bottles of medication you have to keep track of and remember to take.

You're giving up a LOT more than you're getting from “your carbs.”

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