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5 Code Red summer fun food hacks

Every season of the year, most people have certain foods they “traditionally” eat.

In summertime, those foods usually include cool treats and desserts, barbecues, and picnic foods.

When you're trying to lose weight, staying on track with all that summer food around may seem tricky, but it's really not.

A few simple swaps can make your summer fun just as enjoyable – or even better than ever, because you're also getting the weight off and feeling better than you have in years.

To help you see what I mean, here are five quick summer fun food hacks to help you enjoy your summer and still lose weight:

  1. You can have any meat. If you like grilling and barbecuing, you're in luck, because meat's a staple on Code Red. Grill up your favorites and enjoy (including seafood)! Just watch out for the sugary barbecue sauces. Don't be afraid to season things up, either! I love Redmond Real Salt's seasonings.
  2. Try an Ultima slushy. Ultima is a supplement we use on Code Red to replenish electrolytes. On a hot day, blend (in a blender) a scoop of Ultima with ice and water, and you've got a great-tasting slushy that will not spike blood sugar, trigger cravings, or lead to weight gain.
  3. Swap potatoes for cauliflower. When you make potato salad, use cauliflower instead of potato. It's delicious and SO much less starchy than potatoes.
  4. Go “naked,” or use cloud bread. On your hamburgers and hot dogs, skip the bun (i.e. eat a “naked” hot dog or hamburger) or make cloud bread to use as buns. You can also use Outer Aisle sandwich thins. They're DELICIOUS, and a lot tastier than cheap hamburger buns!
  5. Use frozen berries for a quick, cool dessert. My husband, Chef Miles, came up with this one a couple years ago. Put frozen blueberries into a bowl of heavy whipping cream and let it sit for a few minutes. The berries will freeze the cream. Add some stevia or monk fruit, and you've got a quick, cool dessert!

See what I mean? It's SUCH simple stuff!

Don't make “summer fun” and staying on track more complicated than they actually are.

Yeah, some stuff needs to change, but if you wanna lose weight and feel better, isn't that what you're going for, anyway–making some changes to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK?

The sooner you embrace the idea you're not ever going back to your old ways, the easier and more fun this gets.

In the meantime, start with these five simple hacks and see for yourself how simple and delicious losing weight – even while having “summer fun” – really is!

To grab your Outer Aisle Sandwich Thins, find Ultima and Redmond Real Salt, and see the stevia and monk fruit brands I recommend, check out my “shop” page here:

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