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It’s time to knock this off

Look, I get it. The events of the past year were traumatic.

A lot of people went into full-on reactive mode because it's all they knew how to do.

But living in reactive mode means living a life that jerks you around and wipes the floor with you, instead of a life you love and feel like you have a say in.

As you know, I was a pro boxer for eight years, and during that time, I was in fights where I was reactive, and fights where I was proactive. Many fights were a mix of both.

What I figured out pretty early-on is that the fighter who's proactive more than their opponent usually wins the fight, especially when there's no knockout.

See, knocking someone out isn't the only way to win. You can also just “perform” better than your opponent (meaning, you hit them more than they hit you). Being reactive in a fight, instead of proactive, will get you creamed.

In life, it works the same way. If you sit around waiting for things to happen, instead of going out and making them happen, you're at the mercy of whoever or whatever comes along.

Am I saying you can never take a step back and just relax?

No, that isn't what I'm saying. If you need to catch your breath and recharge, do it. I've got WAY more capacity to get stuff done than most people, but even I need recharges.

What I'm saying is, sitting around doing nothing, and then having to scramble around and react, is a surefire way to be a victim of any and all outside circumstances.

How much control you actually have will vary. In some cases, it'll be almost none.

But no matter what's happening in your life or in the world, you ALWAYS have a say in yourself and what you do.

The sooner you embrace that, and the sooner you act on it, the sooner you get to have the results you want…

Results like getting and keeping your weight off.

So yeah, you can keep waiting for the diet industry to come out with another pointless quick fix that won't teach you anything about how to keep the weight off (which is being in reactive mode)…

Or you can get proactive and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK.

The decisions is yours. What will YOU decide? And what are YOU gonna do about it?

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