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4 mainstream weight loss lies keeping you obese

Every time someone tells me one of these mainstream weight loss lies, I get SO fired up.

These lies have a huge segment of the population trapped in their own personal 24/7 obesity prison, and it needs to stop NOW.

Some of them are even blurted out by doctors, which boggles the mind.

You've probably heard all four a million times, and even believed them about yourself or other people. Time to set the record straight. Here they are:

#1 – It's hard to lose the baby weight.

That is absolutely NOT true when you eat real food, drink water, and sleep like we do on the Code Red Lifestyle™.

If you eat crap and drink soda, on the other hand, it's true. If you try to exercise it off while eating and drinking crap, it's true.

But that's also true of ANY reason someone has a weight problem.

When you give your body the right fuel in the right amount for YOU, and eliminate the stuff contributing to obesity, your body drops weight. Doesn't matter if it's baby weight or weight gain caused by poor diet or overeating.

#2 – Weight gain is a part of getting older, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Nope. Age can affect your metabolism, so if you keep eating like you did in your 20s, then yeah, you may gain some weight.

Plus, decades of eating crap catches up with you in one way or another, via obesity and/or disease. But that's because of food quality and food intake over a long period of time, not “because you're older.”

I have Rebel clients in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s who weigh less now than they did 30 (or more) years ago.

Real food, water, sleep. They work no matter your age.

#3 – It's just how you're built.

When someone doesn't know what else to tell you to do about your weight problem – or they're just being mean – this is a line they whip out.

Even some medical professionals believe this about people.

But then, most medical professionals only get a few hours of nutrition training that's based on debunked “guidelines” from the 1970s.

If you follow the Standard American Diet, full of inflammatory grains, and can't lose weight, then yeah, you might draw the conclusion it's “just how you're built.”

It's still a lie. It's not “just how you're built,” it's how you're eating, whether you're hydrated with water (Pepsi doesn't count), and whether you get enough quality sleep.

#4 – It's genetic. You'll always be fat.

No, it is NOT genetic. Your genetics are ONE factor. ONE.

How much sleep you get, how much water you drink, and the foods you eat (and avoid) are all factors, and they are WAY more powerful than genetics when it comes to whether you get and stay at a healthy weight.

I'm curvier girl than most women, and naturally carry a lot of muscle. I gain muscle more easily than most women, but I also gain fat more easily than most women. Obesity even runs in my family.

Yet with real food, water, and sleep, I conquered my genetic “fate” and maintain a healthy weight for my body shape and size. So have thousands of people on my program.

Your genetics do not determine whether you can get to and stay at a healthy weight for your particular body type. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or misinformed. Genetics determine your shape, not your size.

Listen, if you're as tired as I am of these mainstream weight loss lies holding you prisoner, join me for the 10 Pound Takedown at the link below. TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK from obesity, disease, and weight loss lies like the ones I told you about here.

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