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Rebel success story for the week of July 17, 2021

As a child Lisa became an emotional eater, which led to a yo-yo dieting cycle beginning at age 15. Back then Lisa was 4’11” and carrying 175 pounds of weight – a lot for her petite frame to handle.

➡️  Also back then, shame about food was a regular part of Lisa’s life.

➡️  She used to buy big candy bars at the store, finish them before she got home, and hide the wrappers until she could through them away without being “caught.”

➡️  Or, she’d make a batch of no-bake cookies, eat them out of a bowl, and clean the dishes before anyone else knew. But you know something? Even with decades of emotional eating and food shame built up, Lisa joined the Code Red Lifestyle™ at age 52, lost 50 pounds, reversed her Type 2 diabetes, and put an end to yo-yo dieting by healing her relationship with food.

Food shame is one of many reasons Code Red Rebels learn to see food as fuel. We still enjoy what we eat, but by seeing food as fuel instead of something to soothe emotions, we’re able to heal our relationship with food.

Hey, it might sound hippity dippity, but it’s a HUGE factor in whether you keep the weight off. No one should have to feel ashamed of eating. Ever. So if you do, join me for the 10 Pound Takedown at

You can lose 10 pounds in 30 days and feel better than you have in years, and I’ll also help you start to see food as fuel, so that like Lisa, you can leave food shame behind and feel PROUD of yourself and your food choices.


***DISCLAIMER*** Some weight loss results featured in before and after posts like this are not typical. The average person can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly following the Code Red Lifestyle™. Results vary because of many factors, including food eaten, water consumed, and sleep quantity.

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