3 tips to survive the holidays without gaining weight

The average American gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Worse, even with yet another “New Year, New You” commitment to lose weight, most Americans do not lose that 10 pounds…or if they do, it's temporary, and they gain it back plus more.

So what can you do to prevent holiday weight gain and start the new year weighing the same (or even less!) and feeling better, instead of heavier, bloated, gross, and embarrassed by your total lack of control?

Here are three simple tips to help you manage the holidays and start the new year with out 10 or more extra pounds of weight to lose.

Tip #1: Drink more water!

Unless you're already a Code Red Rebel who's faithfully drinking your water, it's highly likely you're not getting anywhere close to the amount of water you need.

Rebels drink a gallon of water a day, because that amount is safe for most adults.

Drinking a gallon of water a day reduces hunger, gives you energy, flushes gross toxins building up in your fat tissue, and reduces “room” in your day for drinks that are likely to lead to weight gain, like soda, energy drinks, sugary coffees, alcohol, and so on.

Drink a gallon of water a day, every day, starting in September (so you have time to get used to it before the holidays actually start).

Tip #2: SLEEP!

Sleep is the #1 rule in weight loss. Not my rule, THE rule.

Lack of sleep puts your body in a state of stress, and when your body is stressed, it holds onto fat and water weight to protect you from the “danger” it thinks you're experiencing.

The holidays are pretty stressful already for most people, and not sleeping only makes it worse.

Lack of sleep also causes hunger and sugar cravings. Your body is telling you, “I need sleep,” but you're ignoring it. So, it figures going to sleep right now will put you in danger, so it sends hunger and sugar cravings, so you'll eat something high in glucose (sugar) and get instant energy.

When there's holiday sweets and baked goods around all the freaking time, the last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed by hunger and sugar cravings. Get your sleep!

Tip #3: Make healthier alternatives (they're EVERYWHERE).

There are SOOOO many healthy versions of “traditional” sugar-soaked, crap-carb foods available on the Internet. It is not as hard as you might think to make healthier alternatives and keep your waistline from exploding.

Do a little research and you'll be blown away by how many healthier options are available (some of which you'll not only love as much, you'll love MORE than the “traditional” version, because it'll be more filling, taste great, and won't leave you with the aches, pains, bloating, upset stomach, and headaches you get from the “traditional” version).

To get started, click here to watch a video from me about five holiday food swaps you can easily make.

Preventing holiday weight gain is completely doable with water, sleep, and tweaks to the menu.

Try it for yourself this year, and start the new year off weighing what you do now (or even less)…

Instead of with 10-plus extra pounds you probably won't get around to losing (unless you finally get fed up and finally join the Code Red Lifestyle™).

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