3 habits keeping you obese and sick

“I don't understand why I can't get the weight off??”

I hear that one a lot from people who haven't buckled down and done the Code Red Lifestyle™.

I get why it seems like you've “tried everything” to get and keep the weight off. I'm sure you've tried just about all there is!

So what the heck keeps happening?

Why does it seem like no matter what you do, you just can't get the weight off (or keep it off if you do lose any)?

Here are three habits you keep repeating that are keeping you obese and sick.

Habit #1: Treating healthy eating like a temporary change, instead of a permanent one.

This is also known as the diet mentality. It's where you make a temporary change to lose the weight, then go back to what you were doing that caused your obesity (and probably, disease) in the first place.

Temporary changes lead to temporary results.

If you temporarily brush your teeth, then go back to never brushing your teeth, they'll rot.

If you take a shower to get clean, then never shower again, you won't stay clean.

If you trim your fingernails once so they're not absurdly long and gross, but never trim them again, they'll grow and stay absurdly long and gross.

Do you see what I'm saying?

Temporary changes lead to temporary results. If you want all that extra body fat to not just drop, but stay gone, permanent change is required.

Now, does that mean you can “never” eat a slice of pizza or drink a margarita again?

No. It means that you cannot keep repeating the same food and lifestyle habits that you were doing when you gained your weight, and expect to get – or keep – different results than what you've already got: Obesity and disease.

Permanent results require permanent change, and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant, or telling you what you want to hear to get you to do something THEY want you to do, even if it's not what's best for you.

Habit #2: Not getting enough sleep.

Sleep is the #1 rule in weight loss (not my rule, THE rule).

Not only is sleep when your body does its best healing, LACK of sleep triggers hunger and sugar cravings.

That's because your body senses a lack of sleep as stress, and stress (the bad kind) means danger.

When your body thinks you're in danger, letting go of body fat is not a priority. The opposite – your body will hang onto fat (and water) in order to protect you.

What's more, when you don't sleep, your body figures that falling asleep will put your life in danger, so it sends hunger and sugar cravings so you'll eat something high in glucose to help you stay awake. (Glucose is a source of instant energy.)

Putting good quality sleep on the back burner makes consistent weight loss impossible, because if you ain't sleeping, you ain't losing!

Habit #3: Sugar.

To be clear, you can get fat eating anything, if you eat enough of it.

But sugar in the quantities and frequency most people eat it today are packing on the pounds, and stacking on the diseases.

When I say sugar, I don't just mean cane sugar found in baked goods and candy.

I'm also talking about foods that turn to sugar (glucose) once you eat them, like grains, fruits, and even certain vegetables.

If your body is strong and healthy, and you work out a lot, and eat super clean 95% of the time, some occasional glucose probably isn't a problem (though it depends on the person – some people are super sensitive to it, and develop health problems even from occasional sugar consumption).

If you're metabolically broken, on the other hand, your body needs a serious break from the glucose, especially in the form of sweets and grains. Even high-starch vegetables like potatoes, and high-starch grains like rice, are good to steer clear of while your body is recovering.

The human body is not equipped to handle the amount of glucose most people consume in today's society.

The sweets, the breads, the processed foods with added sugar…even so-called “healthy” foods often have added sugar if they come in a box, can, or bag!

If all the sugar you ate was fruit and raw honey, the rest of your diet was spotless, and you got in a lot of good movement every day, it probably wouldn't be a problem for most people.

Unfortunately, what I just described is not most people.

You live in a world that makes weight loss and health REALLY freaking hard.

But please understand: All hope is not lost. Step one is to wake up to the world you're really living in, which this post is helping you do.

Step two is to do something about it. Stop repeating the habits getting and keeping you obese and sick, and implement NEW habits that will get the extra fat off and facilitate wellness.

If you're not sure where to start doing that, do it my way for 30 days on the 10 Pound Takedown Challenge, which you can join at www.10PoundTakedown.com.

We eat real food, drink water, sleep, and follow a few simple rules.

I also train you on the mindsets you need to see the obesity trap this world lays to keep you sick and circling the weight loss mountain; and what to do instead.

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