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110: Instagram Q&A – Raw, Real Answers To Code Red Lifestyle Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This Episode About…

It's time for an AMA (ask me anything) where Instagram fans and followers sent in a dozen questions, and you get raw, real, honest, unrehearsed response from me! I love these, so I hope you love them, too.

Every once in a while, we do one of these Q&As and give our listeners and fans the opportunity to ask me any question they have about anything. So, thank you to all those who sent in their questions.

The questions are quite interesting, as you'd expect from Rebels and also from other people keen on the Code Red community. The topics range from my mohawk to my dream vacation, carnivore and vegan lifestyles, goal setting and staying motivated, and much more.

It's always fun to get these questions and answer them, so I hope you learn something about the Code Red Lifestyle from them and my candid answers. Listen in and enjoy!

Key Takeaways

  • Will Cristy change her mohawk from blue to bright green? (01:56)
  • How many electrolytes should one drink per day? (04:36)
  • Can Code Red be adjusted for an athlete in maintenance? (09:02)
  • Does Code Red accommodate people on the carnivore lifestyle? (11:17)
  • Cristy's dream vacation (13:32)
  • Why does a person crave sweets, chemical imbalance, or habit? (16:58)
  • How does Cristy stay motivated? (19:30)
  • Goal setting – mini and big goals (23:56)
  • Can Code Red be tailored to someone who is vegan (25:04)
  • Why Am I freezing cold all the time? (27:02)
  • Cristy's 3 biggest influences (28:38)
  • Is pomegranate a Code Red Approved fruit? (31:14)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released on April 28, 2021

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

I asked Instagram who wants to be featured? What kind of questions and I had a couple of quite a few interesting questions come through. I haven't really read these ahead of time. All I've done is just collected a screenshot of the questions, and then I'm going to be able to post them up. As they get answered. I also have a couple of video questions for you too, which are pretty cool.

Intro  0:25  

I'm Christy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poison, and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.

Cristy  0:51  

I'm Christy Code Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer and hello to you. Hello. Yeah, hey, check out my fancy new camera. Can you guys tell a difference? Can you guys see a difference? I got me a fancy new camera rush I am Gosh, I'm I'm I'm what am I? What am I like I'm stepping on my game. Now I'm, I'm on fleek. I'm flexing all those words. No, you know what, I'm just trying to make it a better viewing experience for you and making this just a better podcast all the time, always trying to improve, always trying to evolve. You guys get it. So this is gonna be a solo podcast today. And what I am doing is I asked Instagram, who wants to be featured? What kind of questions and I had a couple of quite a few interesting questions come through, I haven't really read these ahead of time. All I've done is just collected a screenshot at the questions. And then I'm going to be able to post them up. As they get answered. I also have a couple of video questions for you too, which are pretty cool. Alright, so shall we start. And I'm just going to start at the beginning and then work my way through. I think we have 1-234-567-8910 1112 12 questions plus two videos. Pretty good. And these are just kind of random questions that people have asked me. And I'm gonna be authentic and real and honest and raw with you, because I haven't looked over these questions ahead of time, like I said, and so it's gonna come out as very real. I hope that's Alright, here we go. First question. I know this is the person that asked us is Liz, lightning Liz, one of my rebel for life rebels, who has been with the program for a long time. And she's in my maintenance group now. So congratulations to Liz for reaching goal weight she asks, Christie, your blue Mohawk is my favorite. But how about trying bright green. The problem with these fashion colors that you see me doing is fading. It doesn't matter what it looks like when you're sitting in the chair of the salon. Because when you're sitting in the chair, the salon, it will never look like that again ever. It starts to fade, the second you wash it, it will never ever ever look like that, again, people don't realize that. And a lot of times people see like something on Instagram or Pinterest, or some other cool hair color. That's not even the real hair color. It has been enhanced. It has been photoshopped it has been the color correct. It's not really what the real color is. So even if I could get a green to that bright color, or whatever sitting in the chair, the second I walk out of the salon and the second I go home and the second I wash it for the first time even though I wash my Mohawk in ice cold water only once a week to prevent the fading. The green is still going to fade and it's going to fade into gangrene. Okay, it's gonna fade into the ugliest color green ever show. It doesn't matter how great it looks sitting in a salon chair. What is it going to fade to because doing this is expensive. When I turned my hair from red to purple, it was $500.05 and a half hours. And that was with Mallory who was willing to take on such a huge project. Very, very, very difficult to do this kind of stuff. Show. It's not what it seems I have no interest in going to green. That's a color that I won't go to simply because of the way it's going to fade. It's going to fade ugly and I'm not going to have busted stripper. prostitute colored hair. All right. Next question. How many electrolytes should one drink per day? Good question one I get all the time. The amount of electrolytes you need to add is according to your symptoms. So on the code red lifestyle, because we don't eat foods that hang on to water And we also drink a lot of water. We happen to be flushing a lot of electrolytes and minerals out a lot. So we want to replenish those electrolytes by either one of three items Redmond Real Salt, or Redmond relight powder, your Ultima or the caged muscle, hydro charge. Those are the three approved electrolyte replacements. You can also just put Redmond Real Salt, salt, one teaspoon per gallon, shake, shake, shake and drink it, you can do that. There are other ways to replenish your electrolytes you can replenish, you can bite by drinking apple cider vinegar cocktail. And remember, the opposite of vinegar itself doesn't have the electrolytes in it. It's the acidic acid in the opposite of vinegar that helps mobilize the pinned up and the bound up electrolytes and minerals in your body. So that's what's so great about electric Anyway, you could do other things that help but the point is, what are your symptoms? Are you drowsy? Are you fatigued? Are you dizzy? Or do you have a general feeling of delays? Are you cramping? If you're having those symptoms, then add more electrolytes. Now me I don't have cramping, dizziness, fatigue, I don't have any of those stuff, those things, but I drink a scoop of hydro charged with every 40 ounce Code Red water bottle. All right, I don't need and I do have my apple cider vinegar drink. I don't need much more than that there are people that need a ton more electrolytes and I do it all depends on you and your symptoms. However much you need is how your symptoms are manifesting themselves. If you're doing everything and you're still not getting enough if you're still having those symptoms double it means you need more if you're having Morton's table salt that crap over processed Morton's table salt. And you're putting that in your water. No wonder you're not getting any relief. That's a crop is an absolute joke. It's a joke. So make sure that you just go by way of symptoms. Are you having symptoms? Are you having no symptoms? Are you craving sugar? When you're craving sugar? That's a very strong indicator that you're not getting enough sodium, are you you know And anyway, I named up the symptoms already. We talked about this on our help desk, you can always go to our knowledge base, support Code Red and use the search bar to search for what you want to learn about the next question. Hi, Christy, I see that your husband is an avid road cyclist as he also mountain bike. We both do. Yes, I know that I don't talk about this very often. And I don't mountain bike much anymore. But we have we're both avid cyclists. Um, he has a lot more than me nowadays. We have ridden our road bikes and our mountain bikes all over the world. We've ridden our mountain bikes through the Dolomites and ultimate da Italy, we've written through the Pyrenees mountains in Spain. We've ridden all through Bend, Oregon, all the trails in Bend, Oregon, through Moab, Utah, we've been everywhere, riding our mountain bikes, so yes, he probably enjoys mountain biking nowadays, a little bit more than road biking. He does road bike on Saturday and Sundays, mostly Saturdays with the cycling group. Because you really don't mean road road riding is dangerous being that you could get hit by a car. But if you're in a group of, you know, 35 people, the chances of you getting hit are a lot less because it's a bigger moving like beehive going down the road. So I get nervous when he rides by himself when he rode rides by himself. He wears an ID bracelet called the road ID. And he always carries his phone and I have a tracking, we can track each other. And I track him just because if he goes down, I need to be able to find that man. And it's a scary thought. But yes, we both mountain bike and rode bike I don't so much anymore. But he does every day, every single day. Okay. And we've ridden our road bikes all over the world to Italy, France, Germany, all over all over United States we've ridden through, you know, Hebrew. So we did that I really just did a lot of stuff. So can code read be adjusted for an athlete and maintenance? Yes. So what happens when you get to maintenance is, I mean, wait for let me back up and say that listen, your if you are in weight loss mode, and you're an athlete, you're a fat athlete, okay? You're a fat athlete like I used to be. So once you get your weight off by using Code Red, and you get moved to the maintenance group, and you are now in the maintenance program, we incorporate exercise. Now, if you've been exercising the whole time that you were in weight loss mode, that's fine. That's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. But now we need to talk about what do you need adjusted? What is going on? What are you feeling like you're missing? You know, because you were fat before because you were making a lot of food mistakes. If you made the mistakes that I made before when I was a fat athlete, I was giving myself more food because I thought well, I just rode my bike. 75 miles, I can eat more, or Well, I just did CrossFit for an hour, I can eat more, and I was fat, I was fat, there's no way to add to be able to exercise off your weight problem, your excess weight. So now that you're down at where you should be on your weights.

And now that you're in maintenance, we got a deep dive into what's going on with you and what you're trying to achieve. And find out how to give you whatever you're missing in your athletic performance without putting weight back on. So yes, to answer your question, yes, it will be adjusted, you have to adjust it, everybody is different. And we have to find what works for you, that's going to work for long term, you have to remember that you ain't never gone back to your old ways. All right, that's what got you in trouble in the first place myself, I'm not judging you, myself to meet you. But so there are rules that you're going to adhere to no matter athlete or no athlete. So we have to understand that your life is going to look a little different now. But if we're switching to foods that are going to cause you to perform better than that's fine, we can switch to that. And we can we can explore that everybody's different. Everybody needs a personalized program. And so we will work on that in maintenance totally.


Do you do carnivore people? colon out have bag? No vegetables. Okay, so I think there is no punctuation in this. I think that that's what this person is trying to say do i do i do carnivore people? Do I? Do I allow carnivore people to come into the program? This person I guess he or she has a colon out. And they have a colostomy bag. I think that's probably what she means by bag, and she cannot have vegetables. Okay. So what is carnivores there is this way of eating, which is the same way our ancestors ate, which is called carnivore. And that means basically animal protein only. It's no sugar, no carbs, no fiber diet. And it's basically it's animal protein only. Because if you look back on earlier, man in our ancestors, that's all they ate. They used vegetables as fallback foods. They only ate vegetables and fruit and honey when it was in season, or if they couldn't have access to organs or any kind of animal, you know, muscle meat. So if you have a colostomy, and you can't have vegetables, but you're on Carnival, I'm carnivore, I'm wondering, do you have a wipe? Or do you have a weight problem? Because it's really hard to have a weight problem if you're on carnivore. I would bet not knowing anything about you that you're eating junk food and you're eating Carnival, you're carnivora with junk food. You're carnivora with junk food. So yes, I mean, we can certainly, we can certainly help you but you need to, what you're going to do is you're going to take the food list, and you're going to not eat the items on the eat side that you don't want to eat. That's what we do for vegetarians and vegans. But under no circumstances are you allowed to have anything on the do not eat side. So when I say no legumes, and no lentils during weight loss mode, because they contain lectins, and they're high in carbs, and they stall your weight loss. I don't want you to have those. So you just omit the things on the eat side that you are unable to or do not want to eat. That's how we adjust code read to different circumstances like this great question. Great question. What would be your dream vacation? Oh, I don't really have a dream vacation. Because any place I want to go, I go. Nothing holds me back. I have been to Europe 11 times I have been to Beijing. I've been to Costa Rica. I've been all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. I have never not gone somewhere that I want to go. So I don't dream of certain vacations. There are places that I just are on my list of places to go. I mean, up until March of 2020 it was just basically just a list of places I wanted to go. Nothing holds me back money, time. Fear, I have no problem with any of those. You know, as long as I have a place to put my dogs as long as miles is as long as we will we're gonna go nothing holds me back from going to where I want to go. So to rephrase this question, I don't really have a dream vacation. I don't dream of like, Oh, I dream of going to this place. But on my list of places to go would be I want to hike through the Andes Mountains in Peru. I think the Andes Mountains like 1000 kilometers. I mean, they're huge. I want to go to Cambodia, Vietnam. I want to go to Thailand. I want to go to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands. I want to go to Oh, where else do I want to go? I don't really want to go to Australia. Now, I don't really have that like a big desire to go there. So there are places that are on my list of places to go. But it's just a matter of just right now at this point where I'm recording this in April of 2021, we're still heavily regulated on our travel. And so the only thing that's keeping Miles and I from going to our next place on our list is just travel mandates and travel regulations and in restrictions, not knowing if we can get back out of the country not knowing if we can get back into our country, not knowing what they're gonna do to us when we get there, you know, the government can change his mind at any moment's notice. So that's the only thing keeping us from going I absolutely love traveling to new places, you know, I've, I had a dream wants to swim in the Mediterranean, in that, you know, like, in and I got to do that I jumped off of a yacht in the Mediterranean with our dolphins and swam it outside of I think karpathos Greece. And so there are so many really great things. I've been all through Italy, France, I rode my bike up the Tourmalet, gosh, so many great things that I've done. And I don't really like right now I just dream of going places without being so heavily regulated without being so you know, being able to get open for the world to open back up for us to be able to go to other countries and stuff because everybody has their restrictions right now on travelers and foreigners. So that would that's kind of my answer on the dream vacation. I just don't have I don't sit and dream. It's just a matter of opening the world back up so I can go and I definitely love love love to travel. I'm a good traveler. I'm calm. I'm I keep a level head and nothing much freaks me out. I love it. I really, really love to travel. I love to travel to new places. I'm excited. I'm excited to get to travel again miles an hour just trying to hunt out. I want to go to Antarctica. Oh my gosh, so many great places. All right.

Why does a person crave sweets after eating chemical imbalance or habit? It could be a little bit of both. Um, a lot of times people are craving sweets because of a lack of sodium in their in their body. So if you're craving sweets, that is a really strong indicator that you're not getting enough good quality salt. Of course, we're a big fan of Redmond Real Salt. You can get a discount by using the code Code Red 15. I would suggest you go to Redmond and get some It's a family owned company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We love them. They're very good to code read very good are rebels. They love us they support us. So I would first of all say you're probably not getting enough salt. Yeah, so that would be my I guess my my definition of a chemical imbalance. The second thing is out of habit. Absolutely. We are so conditioned. We are so conditioned to have certain things. Well, you just you just have dinner, you just have dessert after dinner. I mean, that's what everybody kind of thinks, well, why why is that? So a lot of what we do when it comes to eating is out of habit. You know, you have breakfast at eight, you have lunch at noon, and you had dinner at six. Well says who says habit says society says everybody else. That's not necessarily what works out best for you. So a lot of this is just conditioned behavior. We're just habituated to it. Oh, I agree with you on that. But I would definitely if you are having cravings of sweets. First of all, you need to get strict on Code Red like get all the way on Code Red don't dabble in code red. There's a lot of people that like I eat Code Red. Yeah, you eat Code Red and you're having Haagen dazs ice cream. You're reading Code Red and popcorn. You're reading Code Red and you know a popsicle. Like just don't do the and do Code Red or don't do Code Red. The problem was when you eat Code Red and that other you dabble into other sweets and other sugar. You're not giving code read a fair shake and you're saying that code red doesn't work. bullcrap you ain't working it you're not doing the program the way you're supposed to do it. Same thing goes with doing Code Red and cutting low and sleep doing Code Red and cutting low on water that's not fully doing the program. Don't half ass it don't half ass it. That's why you're craving sweets. It will go away the sweet craving will go away if you give it just some time. Once you detox but if you have got your toe dipped in the other, the sweet pool you're going to crave sweets because you're just going to be all it's always going to be lingering in your system. How do you stay motivated, motivated for what motivated to walk my dogs motivated to stay faithful to my husband motivated to get do my hair and makeup motivated to eat clean motivated to do my workouts motivated to to write my thank you notes motivated to do my okrs for my business what we what do you get motivated for what what are your time I mean, there's a lot of areas in my life. But I'm assuming that you mean I guess motivated To eat clean? Is that what you're saying? And to that I would answer I'm not motivated. I'm not motivated. Motivation has nothing to do with anything I do. Do I want to get up and drink my water? No, I'm not motivated you did to do that? Am I motivated to get up and walk my dogs twice a day for at least 30 minutes? No. Am I motivated to fill out my spreadsheets so that when I have my business meeting with my coach, they're already know, I'm not motivated to do that. I'm not motivated, go to CrossFit. I'm not motivated to eat my veggies. I'm not motivated to go to sleep early. I'm not motivated to do any of it. Motivation has nothing to do with anything. Motivation fails you. Motivation, discipline, willpower, they're going to fail. You gotta change your environment. In order to ensure that you do the things you know, you need to do. environment. That's what really environment and I would say discipline. But I have routine set in place. And I have a very strong why that keeps me doing what I do each day. Motivation has nothing to do with it. Because most of the time, I don't want to do it. But my feelings have nothing to do with anything. Doesn't matter if I want to do it or not. Doesn't matter if I feel like it doesn't matter if I have a headache. Doesn't matter if my leg hurts. It doesn't matter if I'm tired. I show up and I do the hard thing. No matter what. Am I motivated? No, that word gets thrown around and it shouldn't. And I hope you guys hearing this will realize, yeah, no, I'm not motivated. No.

Because motivated, I'll be looking to my Instagram and scrolling. And I'll see a really muscular CrossFit chick. And you guys know I love muscular chicks, doing CrossFit throwing up a 195 overhead snatch. And I'm like, Yes. But then as soon as I start, I mean, at that very second, I might be motivated and want to go to the gym. Yeah. Can't wait for CrossFit tomorrow morning. Yes, yes, I'm gonna work on my overhead snatch. As soon as I scroll right past that, the motivation is gone. It's gone. When I get my email from my business coach, from his assistant, saying, hey, fill out your paperwork, make sure you're ready to go by Friday's meeting. I'm not motivated to do it. I don't feel like doing it. I don't want to do it. I want to sit on the ground and pet my dogs. I don't want to do my work. I do it because it's the right thing to do. I do it because that's my job. I do it because I show up I do the hard thing. So motivation has nothing to do with anything in my life. I don't even think about motivation. It's just you do it or you don't, you're disciplined will I don't know, I don't wait for the willpower to come along. I don't look for willpower. I don't look for the motivation. I don't it's none of that my environment is set up in a way to make me succeed. And I have the discipline. And I have a strong why. But motivation had never comes into play for anything that I do. Well, adding electrolyte powders to like redmon to water break the five hours in between meals, no, make sure that it stays under 10 calories, and you'll be fine. What we're looking for is we're looking for us to avoid things that elicit a metabolic response. And even if the 567 calories that you might be getting are eliciting some kind of small metabolic response, which I don't think they are, then is still the benefits of those electrolytes are going to outweigh any kind of a possible metabolic response, which I just don't think that Yeah, I just don't think it's going to yield one. So I would say no, I would say no, just keep it under 10 calories. I think you're fine. Do you personally and other long timer rebels? find it harder to set mini goals plus big goals? Hmm. Do you personally find it harder to set mini goals plus big goals? I don't really know what this version means. Okay, I don't really know what this person means you guys know a very black and white person. So I take things at face value. But so I'm not sure if I'm going to answer this right just because I'm not really sure what they mean. I don't find it harder to set many goals or big goals. I'm a very goal oriented and goal driven person. I set them all the time I set daily goals, weekly goals. I set hourly goals. I set goals constantly. I mean I'm always setting goals. big goals, little goals. I want a goal for the year ago for this month. The goal for this quarter. I mean I'm always always working towards goals I wrote write things down I hang them on my bathroom mirror. So no I don't find it hard to set mini goals plus big goals. I don't really know if that's what you meant. But no, I don't know. I don't really know what you're trying to say. So I hope I answered that. Okay. Can your program be tailored to someone who is vegan? I have pretty strong feelings about vegan. First of all, maybe I shouldn't say that. I don't Hmm. Let me just tell you personally, from my personal standpoint, I don't think that being vegan is a healthy lifestyle. But same thing I said about the carnivore question, all you do vegan person, is you take the what to eat list, and you do not eat anything on that list that you do not want to eat. Now being vegan is gonna pare it down. It's gonna be a pretty less scarce list for you once you take out all the animal products. But let's find what you absolutely cannot do, like I said, with the carnivore person is you cannot go over to the do not eat side and say, Well, I'm taking out so many things here. So I'm going to go ahead and add in some grains. No, no, no, no, no, no, the do not eat side is the do not eat side. No exceptions. Bottom line period, no exception whatsoever. You cannot eat anything off the do not eat. I don't care if you're freaking I don't care if you're if you're a Tibetan monk, the list is the list. And you don't get to change or alter the list ever, ever, ever. So yeah, you can be vegan. It's not tailored, all you do is not eat the crap. You don't want to eat vegan person. You don't eat the crap you don't want to eat, don't eat it. Nobody's working guys, this is not prison, nobody's forcing nobody's got a gun to your head, forcing you to eat eggs. If you're vegan. Alright, look, whatever, like whatever.

If you don't want to eat something on the list, don't eat it. But you absolutely in no way shape or form get to alter the list and eat off the do not eat side simply because you're bored with your few selections of food that because you're vegan, that's not my problem. Do not eat off the do not eat side ever. Just don't eat the crap. You don't want to eat vegan person. Is it normal to be freezing cold all the time, and it will go away after weight loss show what we're finding is people all they always think that they're cold, because they have less body fat. And that's not true. That's not necessarily true. A lot of times when you are in between meals, which code right rebels eat two times a day. So you're talking 16 hours a day that you're awake, maybe 30 minutes for one meal and 30 minutes for the other meal. So the other 15 hours out of the day, you're not consuming calories. When you're when your blood sugar drops in between meals, which is what we want it to do, that's where you're going to notice being cold. And so it's not because your body fats coming down, it might be a small bit, but that's usually not it. It's because of the fact that your blood sugar drops down in between meals. And that's why you're getting cold. I get cold too, you know, but, and I take Babs and stuff, but it also could be a thyroid problem. So if you have been cold if you've been doing code read for months and months you've been at goal weight or whatever, I would definitely suggest having your thyroid checked. Make sure there's no thyroid problem. Okay, the thyroid is pretty easy to fix. Sometimes all you need to do is take iodine, sometimes you're just on a mild thyroid medication. It's really not a bad Not a big deal. Okay. All right. Our next two questions are video questions sent in one of them was sent in by Katie and Katie. Let's listen to Katie's video right now.

Unknown Speaker  28:38  

Hey Christy, just wondering who are the three people who have influenced your life the most and how always wondering who are your biggest influencers? Thanks. 

Cristy  28:47  

Alright, my my three biggest influence people that have influenced my life.

Mmm hmm.

Probably Gary Vaynerchuk. Grant Cardone and David Goggins. Gary Vee. He I've been following him for years, I've read all of his books, she doesn't have very many, but I've read him I've read him twice. And I really like his approach to building a personal brand and building your company building your business. He does it from a point of empathy and love and to not worry so much about haters or worry so much about followers or likes or something to do it you love, put it out there and stop worrying, Have some patience, and he's really I like his approach. I like his method of communicating. I really have learned a lot from Gary Grant Cardone I have also read all of his books twice, sell or be sold, be obsessed or be average 10x the 10x rule. I've gone to the 10x growth con both February of 2019 and February of 2020. And I like Grant Cardone he's really overcome a lot in his day. He is great at taking on The haters and not letting them influenced him. He is really good at communicating what he believes. And I like his method of communicating. I like his direct approach. And I've learned a lot seller be sold was life changing. For me, it learned me It taught me to love sales. And it taught me to really lean into who I was and who I am. And double down on it, you know, anyway, yeah, Grant Cardone. And the David Goggins. His book can't hurt me really changed me. I wish David would post more on social media because he's absolutely incredible. And that whole book, completely changed my outlook on everything. I mean, I look at everything different because of David Goggins. And because of what he's been through and what he demanded of himself, and what he continues to demand of himself now, and what he refuses, his mind is so strong, He's incredible. He's an incredible man, that I hope someday I get to meet and he was she's been very good to help shape my idea on a lot of things. All right, our next video comes from Marley, Marley, what have you got to say, Christy, from

Marley Jaxx  31:14  

what I know, berries are the only Code Red approved fruit but I was wondering, is pomegranate also approved? I googled it,

it said that it's keto friendly. I don't know if that means that it's Code Red friendly. But it has so many seeds in there that I was wondering if that's in a fiber, that it would still be considered Code Red.

Cristy  31:33  

Okay, Marley asked about pomegranates. No, I'm gonna have Code Red rebels stay away from pomegranates. They are high in carbs and sugar. And I just not that they're bad. I don't want anybody think they're bad by any means. But they are. They're high in carbs and sugar, and they're gonna stall your weight loss, and it's easy to overeat on them and you just don't get a lot of bang for the buck. Yes, they have some fiber in them. But I would rather see you use those calories, carbs and sugar on a much better like an animal protein product or some other product that's going to give you more bang for your buck. Yeah. Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we got to go through people's commonly asked questions people sent in questions. I hope you loved it. I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. I enjoy being very candid, open and honest with you and upfront and raw and real. All those things you love about me, and that I love about other people. And I hope you learn something. Our 10 pound takedown challenge is going on every single month. So if you missed last month's challenge, you can always get in on the one coming up. I suggest you start there if you are interested in becoming a part of the Code Red rebel community 10 pound takedowns calm you guys. Have a good one. Thank you, everybody. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. Do you have a question that you'd like me to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? Then all you have to do is head over to Apple podcast on your phone or computer and do three simple things. leave a rating and review telling me what you think of the podcast. And in that review, ask anything you want related to help weight loss or mindset. And if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name, that's all. Then listen in to hear your question answered live raw and uncut on the next q&a episode, so I'll see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.




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