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Are you running from, or running toward, your giants?

You may know my parents were preachers, so I spent a lot of time in church.

Even if you haven't spent time in church, you've probably heard the story of David and Goliath…and how Goliath was a giant, while David was a normal-sized guy. (And actually, little compared with most guys.)

David was supposed to end Goliath, and nobody thought he could do it. A little guy going up against a giant, seriously?

But when it came time for David and Goliath to actually face each other, David literally ran toward him. A GIANT.

Why the HECK would he do that? Was he crazy?

Was what would happen if he didn't scarier than what would happen if he did?

Or maybe David knew that if he didn't literally RUN toward Goliath, he'd chicken out. He'd change his mind and run away from, instead of toward, the giant.

I bring all this up because most of us have figurative “giants” in our lives.

It might be the “giant” of losing your weight.

It might be the “giant” of keeping it off once you've lost it.

It might be the “giant” of getting started in the first place.

It might even be the “giant” of getting back on the wagon after you fell off and got dragged behind it.

What I find – and what I see all the time – is that the longer you wait to run toward your giant, the bigger and scarier it gets.

Fear has a way of multiplying when you sit around stewing in it…overthinking the thing you're scared of…and worrying about all the “what-ifs”…

Trying to ignore it, or numb it with self-sabotaging behaviors, is like trying to hold a balloon underwater. Not only is it exhausting, it doesn't work. You're better off just popping the balloon and being done with it.

So tell me…what are the giants you need to run toward?

Because whatever they are, running AWAY from them absolutely WILL NOT make them go away, anymore than Goliath would have gone away if David had run away from him instead of toward him.

In case you don't know the story of David and Goliath, David defeated Goliath. Against all odds, he won that battle…which would not have happened if he'd run away from, instead of toward, the giant.

It's time to stop hesitating. It's time to stop hyper-analyzing. 

It's time to run toward your giant.

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