You spend HOW MUCH on sugar?

Twice a year, I speak at an online event called the Quit Sugar Summit.
Recently the QSS folks sent an email citing some pretty astonishing facts about how expensive sugar addiction can be.
People who do one of their sugar detox programs are given access to an app that allows them to track how much they spend (and save) on sugar.
According to the email:
The range was between $107 dollars a month savings (everybody that comes to us spends at least $25.00 a week on SOME type of sugar) all the way to over $650+ dollars per month!
We found that five or six high-end sugary binges a month could run $20 and $30 dollars each. And a simple two Starbucks concoctions a day starts you out at $7.00 to $10.00 per day…
The average of all the folks who plug their info into the app is right at $377.00 dollars per month. Or over $4,524.00 dollars per year! For a lot of folks that is a nice car payment!
Yeah. Wild, but at the same time, I'm not at all surprised.
A junk food habit, an alcohol habit, a sugar habit…they're all costing you big bucks, and not just when you buy them.
The health consequences are pricey, too.
Gas to fuel your car for trips to the hospital…
Surgeries and procedures…
Then there's buying more new clothes than you really want to, as your weight either swings, or keeps climbing.
And those are just a few examples of the financial costs!
The costs to your time and mental bandwidth are staggering, too.
Being heavy and/or unhealthy costs you time on this earth with your loved ones, by shortening your life expectancy.
It costs you the physical ability to sit on the floor with your grandkids.
It costs you being able to participate in activities (instead of sitting on the sidelines because you're too embarrassed, too heavy and sick, or both, to participate).
I could go on and on, but you get it.
“But Cristy, change is hard!”
Sometimes, but other times, NOT changing is even harder.
On the Code Red Lifestyle™, we pick our hard.
It's hard tapering off the sugar, and it's hard being obese and sick, and worrying if you're gonna get Alzheimer's, or drop from a heart attack at any moment.
Either way, you pick your hard.
Some hards keep you obese, sick, and miserable, living as a prisoner in your own body.
The others set you free.
If you're ready to be free, here's how I can help:
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