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Why do carbs make you sleepy?

Energy slumps are the worst, aren't they? 

Suddenly you’ve gone from alert to sleepy, and desperate to stay awake because you have “a lot to do,” it's tempting to reach for whatever food or beverage you think will give you a quick boost.

If you've been a Code Red Rebel for more than a hot minute, and you're getting your sleep and balancing your electrolytes, energy crashes like these are probably a thing of the past.

But if you're new, it's a frustrating cycle you may still be trapped in: Crash, eat crap, crash, eat crap.

It may not even be straight-up sugar you turn to. Even clean high-carb foods can make you sleepy.

And there's a very good reason for it, which I'll talk about in my video below.

I'll also tell you which foods will keep your energy levels high AND consistent.

If you're ready to have consistent energy, vs. keep riding the aggravating energy level roller coaster, click below to watch my latest video (and leave the rollercoasters to the amusement parks):


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